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Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays/played the beautiful Dr. Juliet Burke on ABC’s hit drama LOST, is gracing the pages of this month’s Coco Eco Magazine. The actress talks about her love of living the eco-friendly life in Seattle, biking everywhere, and her upcoming new sci-fi series V. Here are some highlights:

On living the green life in Seattle and having access to green products and clothing:

There are several places that specialize in just that, and I do enjoy that. I also buy a lot of reused things, thrift store things. I like the idea of completely reusing what you have. My husband’s giving away aall these used shirts and I’m going to make them into a quilt because I don’t want to just have them be gone. Lately, it’s becoming really easy to buy gree. Not everywhere, but deinitely in Seattle.

On what inspired her to become a more environmentally-conscious person:

I’ve always thought about it really. It’s not something I did consciously and I felt we were consuming a tremendous amount and that it was easy to consume less. And also where I moved to, and the little town where I live, everyone feels that way. You see the trash cans here and they are just so huge, and the trash cans we have you could put your arms around them for the most part. And we have huge recycling bins and there are place all along the way where you can take your kitchen scraps, and it’s just kind of a way of life. It was a pretty easy transition.

To check out the rest of the interview, hit up the latest issue of Coco Eco Magazine here.

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