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We already knew Jason Mraz was a green guy at heart, but now the singer has revealed that his pad grooves to the same tune. The wordplay raw vegan was interviewed by MNN’s Gerri Miller during the American Idol finale and talked up the eco-renovations he recently added to his home.

“I became environmentally aware when I bought a house and had my own patch of earth to care for,” Mraz said. “I started to notice the trash and the amount of waste and the energy I was consuming. This year I went full out and went solar — everything runs on solar energy. We feel that our little piece of the earth is well and if that can rub off on my neighbor or people who ask me about it, great.”

We’re not absolutely sure if Mraz’s home is off-grid, but it appears that whatever array he’s rocking is definitely more than enough. According to Miller, the guy also composts — so for those that continue to worship at the alter of Mraz, your adoration is not undeserved.

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  • http://n/a John

    I have looked and there is not a single website that helps disabled people that want to go solar. I find this discrimitory and a shame. If I were some young athletic person, I could do some of those things talked about. I can find no government or private project aimed at solving this problem. I would gladly let someone use my house as a test bed of the industry and install the necessary water heaters, electiic grids and other ways to make my small amount of money to go farther. To make it clear to you, I can pay only 12 dollars and a dime and two pennies each month toward any project. When I try to collect the necessary gear or raw materials to do anything, I have to look in dumpsters and garbage only to have the city to make me throw away all I have collected because of Ordinances I have to comply with and recently had to scrap all my collected gear and pay a fine. What is there for someone who doesn’t have the money for toilet paper, let alone a solar solution to my delima?

  • Sophie

    will you marry me?