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In a new video posted to MySpace, Tori Spelling is opening up about getting dirty in the kitchen — by making her own organic baby food. “People are probably like, ‘Tori Spelling doesn’t do that. She probably has someone that cooks for her,'” she says. “No, actually I don’t. … And I actually make my own baby food!”

When Liam Spelling, Tori and husband Dean McDermott’s first son, was ready for solid food, the actress says that she only served him jarred organic baby food. With her new daughter Stella, however, Tori went straight to the food processor — and she says the results were eye-opening. “She’s an eater. Like, she loves her bottle. She would take the [jarred] food and she was fine with it,” Spelling explains. “But once I made my own baby food … I literally gave it to her that first day, it was a spoonful, and her face lit up. She had this huge smile.”

Since then, Tori says she hasn’t gone back to the jarred food, which she notes “contains preservatives and is often bland.” Check out her full video below. Anyone else out there make their own baby food?

Tori Spelling: What would fans be shocked to know?

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  • Allison

    When I was a baby my mom used to just take whatever she made for dinner for her and my dad and toss it in the food processor. Instant, natural baby food. Looks like she was ahead of her time. :)

  • PureMothers

    I made my own baby food. It’s not hard. It’s just time consuming. But so is trying to get your toddler to eat later when they got used to bland, nutrient-deprived jarred baby food. I wouldn’t eat that stuff, so I certainly wouldn’t make my baby eat it!

  • Jen Hamilton

    I am planning to make my own food when I get pregnant. I saw this website that frozen the food processed fruits and veggies in ice cube trays. That way you can always have something on hand to give a hungry baby in a pinch.

  • Randi

    I made my own for my now two year old and I loved it. sure it takes some time and some space in the freezer, but I loved knowing that his Acorn squash/apple or beets/kale was fresh and inspected by me. plus i got to make fun combos.

    And it’s not something you have to do everyday. Every 3 weeks I would buy a mess of produce. then after Brooks went to bed I would take about 4 hours that one night and I would have something like…
    Broccoli and pears steaming in the microwave
    Asparagus and apples steaming over the oven with some couscous being made on the third burner.
    Beets, yams and acorn squash inside the oven.

    then let everything cook, cool and puree. then pour some into ice cube trays and some into fresh containers for the next few days. once you get the hang of it, it’s easy.

  • deena

    I don’t have kids but I make my own laundry detergent. Does that count? ;)

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