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Bill Maher knows what’s up. Plain and simple.

On Friday’s episode of Real Time, Bill chatted with author Michael Pollan about our extremely effed up food industry.

From dairy to tuna, Bill and Michael dissected the foods that were not only hurting our bodies, but our planet as well.

During the interview, Pollan said:

“What happens on your plate represents your most important engagement with the natural world and the biggest impact you have on climate change. Meat-eating in particular represents a tremendous amount of greenhouse gases.”


Check out the clip below and get your learn on!

Real Time With Bill Maher For May 29, 2009 :: Michael Pollan
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  • erin

    posted this on my facebook profile over the weekend for people to see. VERY important message for sure! :)

  • Stephanie

    This is a great video!


    People don’t care unfortunately. I know because I tried to influence people by showing them the information without coming off strong or pushy. It is too hard for people to make a mental adjustment. We cater to laziness and a lazy lifestyle. People may have ambition for a few weeks but the just don’t care that much to do something about it. Most of these people just live a life that is too busy to worry. This should be the most important issues because this affects everything else daily.

    I try and I try to show the truth. Only the few see the light. It is like everyone is walking into a black hole and there are only a few who manage to figure a way out. Sad but true. I will keep trying…

    Hope is on the way.

  • jamie lynn

    maher came across as more knowledgeable and more fervent about the issue than pollan. yikes. talk about “what makes a bad guest?”

  • Kristen’s Raw

    Happy to see that although I wish Michael Pollan had been a little more passionate about some of the issues. When the opportunity arises to have a discussion like this on TV, it seems almost a waste to not really take advantage of it.

    However, maybe he was trying to connect with the masses and not come off as radical. OR… maybe he’s more of a moderate regarding these issues, which goes to show how bad the system really is if a moderate feels that way.

    Go Bill Maher!

  • Mike G.

    I wish Pollan and Bittman would make a distinction between factory farming of cows and the sort of farming — organic, pasture-raised, grass-fed, i.e., “sustainable” — done by, e.g., Joel Salatin of Polyface. Then they might not reach the conclusion of “eat less meat” but “eat GOOD meat.”

    The enemy is not meat-eaters; it’s the factory farming industry.