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Kitten-Sacrificing Vegetarians and Ed Westwick's Meaty Cooking

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vegetarian, hell, drag me to hell

It’s not often we get a vegetarian moment in a horror movie, but director Sam Raimi’s new flick Drag Me To Hell decides to go for it. Opening this past weekend, the film involves a gypsy curse on a loan officer (for turning down her extension request, no less) and demons, naturally, dragging her to hell. Of course, our protagonist doesn’t want to be taken away that easily, and she fights to save her soul before it’s too late. The Vegetarian Star fill us in on the details:

Before her demise, Lohman tries to undue her curse and save herself from damnation by sacrificing her pet kitten. Uncool. Very, uncool. She again does something against her convictions, replying, “But I’m a vegetarian,” when told the evil spirits are kitty soul hungry.

That outta do it. (For the record we might recommend seeing Pixar’s new film UP with the family instead…)

In other VEG news, it appears that actor Ed Westwick has a way with converting the ladies. No, not in that way, but with his cooking. Apparently, the actor’s is so convincing in the kitchen that his girlfriend — actress Jessica Szohr — is back to eating meat again. Szohr, who met Westwick on the set of the hit show Gossip Girls, quit eating meat as a teenager, but was tempted back to flesh during a recent cooking session with her beau. And it was so good, she’ll never quit again.

She tells Men’s Health magazine, “After 10 years of eating vegetarian, I tried my boyfriend’s (food). I was overwhelmed. It was orgasmic.” Uh huh. PETA would argue that veggies give the better “pop”.

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Protesting Kylie Jenner’s Use of Fur Doesn’t Help Animals

Campaigns against fur, whether that’s at the PETA level or a small mobbing like this, don’t work because they promote the use of other animal products.

Collaborating with animal exploiters won’t help animals

The two sides claim to both have the “health and well-being of animals” in mind in this partnership, but one likely said “after profitability” under their breath.

Exploitation for art is no worse than exploitation for dinner

It always seems to come back to a confused juror deciding when animal use is justified.