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Australian model/eco-activist Miranda Kerr has hit the front cover Rolling Stone’s new green issue. The 26-year-old told that she decided to go au naturel for the cover to raise awareness of the environment, specifically koalas. Which, coincidentally, is also on my list of things to do before I die. From the article,

“I feel strongly about the need to protect our natural environment because it supports our life – it really is that simple,” Kerr said. The day-long shoot also included a real koala named Koral, as Kerr is the face of the Australian Koala Foundation’s No Tree, No Me campaign. The campaign aims to protect koalas’ natural habitat, hence Kerr’s only prop for the shoot is a chain locking her to a tree. “It’s a sad thing – there are only about 100,000 koalas left in Australia,” Kerr said. “Something like 80 per cent of the koalas’ habitat has been destroyed since Europeans arrived in Australia.”

Look for Rolling Stone’s first-ever green issue to hit this month.

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  • Stephanie

    Is posing naked the only way you can bring attention to environmental issues? I think the nudity draws attention AWAY from environmental and animal rights issues. It also trivializes them. Many people don’t take those issues seriously because all the activists are always models, actresses, and porn stars/ playboy bunnies posing nude. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with nudity in itself but I think there are better to draw attention to these issues and have them taken seriously than with skinny naked chicks. Maybe the cover could show her in a bikini holding a koala bear instead of just naked touching her vagina. When I see that picture, I think “hot naked girl” not let’s save the environment!

  • Eva

    I’d be really excited with this cover had it not been for the extreme photoshopping. I absolutely love koalas and can’t wait to see one in real life (not just in a zoo…). But this cover makes me so upset. Miranda Kerr is so beautiful, but you can’t even tell in this picture. I don’t know when over-photoshopping became so normal and accepted.

  • maelstrom

    I’m not suprised that this magazine included midnite oil as “eco-warriors”…I’m not going to bother reading the fluff. Any love affair greenies had with these idiots should have been over when baldie became enviro minister…since when do “eco-warriors” advocate cutting down trees and mining for uranium??? As for the naked chick I couldn’t care less…if she really wanted to save koalas she’d be battling her fellow “eco-warrior” Peter Garrett since he’s allowing the destruction of their habitat.

  • maelstrom

    I don’t hug trees…I spike them.

  • Johnson Rogers

    Stephanie, Koalas aren’t bears. Female Koalas have a pouch (bears don’t), and therefore are Marsupials and their closest relative is the Wombat.

  • herwin

    stephanie , she isn’t “touching her vagina”…

    and your proposed “Bikini Kerr Holds Koala” would involve some poor koala unnecesary exposed to transportation and handling on a photo set.
    Koalas should be in trees,not draped on somebodies body for their “cuteness”.

  • Whoever…

    Although the methods of this kind of activism are discussable, they are not much different from cosmetic commercials… where nudity is a constant.

    I don’t know if this draws attention to or from the environmental issues but she is entitled to ‘use’ her body as she wishes.

    I mean, have you ever seen a fashion show? Sometimes models, walking the runway, are almost naked and they’re just selling clothes, so I don’t see much harm in this.

    However, I wish it wouldn’t be necessary to ‘use’ women this way…

  • Rachelle

    Kerr looks great! LOL!

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  • tim maguire

    I was wondering about the zombie stare (what is wrong wih her eyes?!?) until I read the quote. I will wonder no longer.

  • Nunya Bidness


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  • Burton Urbaniak

    Holy crap! That is one hot babe, where can I see more of her?