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“Kanye West is the person pissing me off right now. I was at Stella McCartney‘s Paris fashion show with the vice president of People for the Ethical Treatment of AnimalsPaul McCartney and Kanye West. The entire time Kanye is going, ‘They need more fur in this show’. He just wouldn’t shut up about how he loved fur. I mean, he’s saying this to me, the PETA guy and Paul McCartney! I was just so grossed out by him. I’m like, ‘You’re an idiot!’ There are so many people who I think are a waste of skin and he’s up there. I should wear him. Go on, donate yourself Kanye. People can wear your fur.”

- Pink spewing some serious fighting words in the July issue of FHM Australia. Sounds to us like Kanye needs a little PETA action all up in his biznitch. I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but fur is never, never, never, never, never, never cool. Don’t make us send the troops! 

  • Whoever…

    About Kanye West… one word: asshole!!!
    Oh, and his music… awful!!! :(

    Pink should have shoved a fur coat up his behind! Maybe he would have loved that!!


    Go Pink!!!

  • Carrie

    I actually think Kanye is really quite amazing lyrically/musically- but it does suck that he is so pro-fur. Hopefully he will come around….

  • erin

    Let’s just get the facts straight. Kanye’s mama might have dropped him on his head. The animals whose fur he wears were definitely smarter than he is. That wonderful episode of South Park (about Fish Sticks ;) said it all. The guy is a moron and I wouldn’t be surprised if his IQ is in the single digits. I don’t know if he’s as much of an asshole as he is straight up a dumb ass.


  • erin

    PS and by the way I honestly think his music sucks. He honestly sounds like he’s mentally retarded. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if he is..


  • Michael Parrish DuDell

    See, personally I like his music, but not enough to support his fur habit. Ban the man!

  • Rachelle

    Kanye was a colossal prick even before the whole fur thing…He’s just too full of himself to think of anything or anyone else. I’ve never seen anyone pat themselves on the back as much as he does…and for what? Lame-ass sampling and so-called music? What a joke.

  • David

    Went to You Tube to check it out for myself. Absolute Rap Crap…

  • Tracy Warner

    Is pink even vegan? Anti-fur people are just as stupid as Kanye. At least Kanye is consistent in his moral beliefs. If you’re anti-fur, you shouldn’t eat meat. End of story.

  • Tracy Warner

    She eats beef and cheese. And she’s a phony. So, now I hate her AND Kanye.

  • BanTheFurTrade

    I was already annoyed at him for his arrogance and his statement that he has “no respect” for books. This is just disgusting. Now I’m pissed off at him too! How anyone can defend fur is beyond me.

  • Secret

    Could have been a veggie burger or portabello mushroom burder.

    Pink is Cool.

  • erin


    Great post (now I hate her AND Kanye) love it! But sad too. I cannot believe she was sitting there eating a big beef sandwich. Ok maybe if she’d had a veggie sandwich with some organic cheese I’d not be surprised but a big beef sandwich!??? So sad :(

    Kanye is still a total idiot.


  • Whoever…

    “Anti-fur people are just as stupid as Kanye”

    I truly hope you’re being sarcastic or ironic Tracy…

    Because if you’re not, you’re insulting good people who are ‘simply’ against the cruel act of skinning an animal alive so some ignorant person can wear the animal’s fur.
    I agree that if a person is anti-fur she also shouldn’t eat meat, but if she does at least she’s still a better person than one who wears fur!

    And like “the insider” is a reliable source…! You can’t even see the picture that well!

    For someone who has a blog about veganism it seems that you’re not very well informed about veg*an food. For instance I can actually prepare a veg*an meal and a meat eater wouldn’t even realize (s)he were eating veg*an food!!

    So please let’s not jump to hasty conclusions without serious evidence.

  • Tracy Warner

    There’s a lot of controversy about whether she’s actually vegetarian or not. Check out some forums:

    And I don’t kid about logical inconsistencies. It is stupid to think it’s ok to eat one animal and not ok to skin another. That doesn’t make any sense logically speaking. So yes — anti-fur people are just as stupid as Kanye.

    But you don’t seem to make much sense either. Was that you trying to make fun of my blog? Meat eaters have tried my food and love it? I have several posts about it? I don’t get what you’re trying to say.

  • Tracy Warner

    **And when I say anti-fur, I mean anti-fur people who also eat meat.

  • Andrew Warner


    Your post doesn’t make much sense, but to one of your points…

    only unsophisticated vegan cooks aim to please the palates of meat eaters.

    I can make vegan food dogs like, but I don’t brag about it on vegan forums.

    So I’m sure you’re the big hit with the meat eaters when you grill a boca burger and slather it with vegenaise, but as someone who eats tracy’s food on a regular basis, I would take the Pepsi challenge between you two any day.

    And logically speaking, if you eat meat when it’s not necessary (and since vegans survive every day it’s never really necessary), that’s NO different than killing an animal to clothe yourself with it when it’s not necessary. Thus meat eaters who speak out against fur wearers are just one more group of hypocrites.

  • Carrie

    check out pink’s site:

    and you can see that she auctioned off a watch made out of her leather pants. so she wears leather but not fur?? she is not a vegan.

  • Tracy Warner

    Carrie —

    Thanks for that link! Now she’s a double poser.

  • Andrew Warner


    Nice catch! Now she seems really hypocritical.

  • griselda beauty =’îî

    kayne west look like cat pissing. NOT pretty!
    kanye west? maybe it would look just a little bit prettier if you pisst on you self! OR NOT!!!!!!!!!!

  • VeggieTart

    It would be nice if PETA would stop using nonveg celebrities in their anti-fur and other ads against animal exploitation that don’t involve the consumption of animals as food, which involves the vast majority of animal exploitation.

    Now, I’m going to say something that may make people a bit mad. I don’t condone eating or wearing pieces of animals one little bit. I am vegan, and I try to avoid products and services that result from animal exploitation. And if I heard someone say what that idiot Kanye said, I’d want to smack the living snot out of him/her.

    HOWEVER, people do eat meat, unfortunately (and ignore the fact that you don’t “need” to eat it). One can argue that humans who consume flesh do get nourishment from it, although it is, of course, far, far from ideal. People can pretend that the cows who died to give them their steaks are clothing them or covering their feet.

    When it comes to fur, however, people don’t eat the flesh of the animals killed for that. There’s an old adage about not wearing the skin of animals you wouldn’t eat, and maybe it applies. So while leather and fur certainly are both objectionable, leather is slightly less so.

    But I wish people would wear neither and stop eating animals, too.

  • Andrew Warner


    I appreciate the insight… But you give them a pass on ignorance (usually intentional ignorance) letting them think leather comes from the cows they eat since it’s simply not the case.

    Fur, like eating meat, is just humans fulfilling their base need of shelter. So morally, I don’t really view one as better or worse than the other.

    However, knowing that people can seek shelter without using fur, and people can provide nourishment without killing animals we as vegans know they are all categorically bad.

    To give people cookies and make them feel warm inside for abstaining from fur, while eating meat and wearing a leather jacket does nobody any good. It makes them feel like they’re making a difference and they’re not. It’s not helping any animals (unless you prefer certain species over others which doesn’t make sense). And it’s not helping the environment.

    I’m not trying to take a hard line here, I just want people to make sense. Reward behaviors that help your cause, not just behaviors that look like they help your cause.

  • Stephanie

    Pink is a vegetarian and really involved in animal rights. She’s awesome!

  • Whoever…

    Okay, obviously there’s a bit of misunderstanding (from my point of view) going around on this thread…

    So please allow me to clear up what I wrote on my previous posts…


    – on your first post you wrote “Anti-fur people are just as stupid as Kanye” – well, this would mean that all veg*an people would be stupid and thus my second post; you didn’t specify as you later did that “It is stupid to think it’s ok to eat one animal and not ok to skin another”; we both agree on that; okay, this is one thing that is clear now :)
    – regarding you blog, I wasn’t making fun of it; if it seemed so, I do apologise; what I meant was that one can’t see that picture very well, therefore she might have been eating veg*an food and a non-connoisseur (excuse my French) could easily have mistaken it with non-veg*an food;

    – no I’m not “the big hit with the meat eaters”!!! Have I ever cooked veg*an food for meat eaters? Yes I did, what’s wrong with that!?
    – “only unsophisticated vegan cooks aim to please the palates of meat eaters” – that’s absurd! Why can’t veg*an cooks try to please meat eaters with our food? Maybe that’s one way to convince them to go veg*an!
    – I’m sure Tracy can cook veg*an food better than I can… so!? Good for her! I never meant to say I was a better cook than anyone! And my post is the one that doesn’t make sense?
    – “Thus meat eaters who speak out against fur wearers are just one more group of hypocrites.” – I completely agree with you; I’m almost vegan (I only eat eggs from home-bred hens I know are very well treated, and occasionally some honey and that’s it), I’m an environmentalist, I don’t wear leather or fur, I don’t use products that were tested on animals, I volunteer at the local animal shelter and still I believe I could do much more; and no, I’m not bragging okay?

    From what I can gather we’re on the same side here… I hope we’re clear now :)

    Oh, and if someone can truly prove Pink (I’m not her fan or anything) actually eats meat and wears REAL leather, than I will agree that she is being a hypocrite!

  • Andrew Warner

    Seems to be mostly misunderstandings we’re arguing about…

    However, I don’t see anywhere on the net that has Pink claiming to be a vegetarian. I don’t know why we would just assume she is?

    I think a lot of people assume she is because she does PETA commercials against fur and wool, but PETA always hires non-veg spokespeople so it’s probably a fault assumption.

  • Tracy Warner


    Fair enough. Sorry I was unclear. No hard feelings. :)

  • Whoever…


  • VeggieTart

    Andrew, I’m certainly not giving them a pass, nor am I talking about rewarding anyone. And I can’t know for sure that their ignorance that the cows raised for food are not the same as cows raised for leather is willful. Maybe I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and then try to gently disabuse them of their notions.

  • erin

    I think that when people see things in the written form (as opposed to everyone talking in a room together) it can become misconstrued (God knows in person it can happen too but especially in blogs!) I think that Tracy and Whoever are actually on the same page (pun intended! :)

    Tracy, I don’t think many people who read this blog regularly are meat eaters. I’m not VT is not, whoever is not (if I might speak for the others.. .hope that’s ok) so I don’t they’re being hypocrites.

    Yes I don’t see that Pink has actually said I AM VEGAN! And Yes I’m sure she does wear leather. I’ll even go out on a limb (as Veggie Tart did) and agree that leather is not quite as offensive as fur. It’s sometimes hard to avoid. I go WAY out of my way to find non leather gym shoes/tennis shoes whatever you want to call them. I’m sure ya’ll do too. Most other shoes I can easily find non leather. I was also hard pressed to get a hybrid car with no leather (but I did)

    Bottom line FUR is really the worst of the worst. It’s totally unnecessary and only gluttons would wear it.

    yes the native Americans might have needed it over a century ago when we hadn’t destroyed the land and all they had were some tee pees for shelter (well it’s true!)

    But now we have so many ridiculously warm non leather non fur coats it’s silly!

    People look at it as a luxury… and honestly many luxuries hurt other people or animals (giant yachts, big fat Oprah private jets, fur coats, giant HUMMER cars huge oversized tubs for one person that could fit six people… you get the point.

    I hope our society is moving toward a more simple frugal way. You can still enjoy life and be happy and have the simple luxuries of a clean eco car, a nice sexy 100% organic hemp jacket, the great outdoors,a delicious gourmet prepared vegan meal (yum!) exploring areas in your own neck of the woods on an eco tour and avoiding big giant planes and cars..

    I’ve realized I have more in my own back yard than I realized. I am doing a local trip where I eat at vegan restaurants, go see my local eco tours available here in Florida and they’re all right here in my own back yard.

    Peace ya’ll (and I do hope PETA might try using some real vegans (or at least vegetarian) celebs in their ads. Not like there aren’t PLENTY out there!!!!


  • bunny

    If you follow her Twitter she mentions fish a few times, so she isnt vegetarian which is a damn shame. Also… there is an interview with her and she is wearing UGG boots (this was 2009 – australian interview on youtube)and therefore is wearing sheepskin!!!!!!!!