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Tell me a vegan can’t kick ass. I dare you!! 

Mac Danzig is proving that plant-power is the real deal in a hot new UFC Undisputed game that we think it pretty effing rad!

Danzig has rocked the vegan diet for years and previously told

“I just got to the point where I wanted to minimize my intake of animal products. I knew about factory farming and the theories that meat wasn’t safe.”

According to the site, the game has sold nearly half a million copies in just two short weeks. WOOO! 

To check it out for yourself visit!

  • pierre


  • Tracy Warner

    Too bad he sucks at fighting in real life. Not a big score for veganism there.

  • Pierre

    riiiight. how many people you know can step into a cage, much less go three rounds with clay guida?

  • Tracy Warner

    … a lot? Guida always goes three rounds.

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  • herwin

    riiiight, i guess the best thing ever for Veganism is called “Tracey” right ?