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Last year, just as Sea Shepherd was getting ready to launch the Steve Irwin and head out to sea, we received reports that Daryl Hannah would be joining the crew. In fact, Captain Paul Watson told Australia’s AAP News Agency, “Daryl is joining our group. She’ll be on board — she’s joining us at the end of the month.”

Then we got word that Hannah would only be involved for a week — with the potential to join the vessel at a later date. Based on this video of a deleted scene from Whale Wars Season Two, it looks to us that the actress was only on board for a day or so — and definitely nothing out at sea. Even so, it seems that the crew got a kick over having her around. “Being in the media profession, there’s really no use for it other than being able to take the light that shines on you and shine it people who are really doing the work on the ground,” she says.

Whale Wars Season Two launches his Friday at 9pm on Animal Planet. Check out the clip below:

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7 Responses to Whale Wars Video: Daryl Hannah Visits Sea Shepherd Crew

  1. Whoever... says:

    I hope they do some serious whaler ass kicking!


    Oh and Daryl Hannah is an amazing woman.


  2. erin says:

    Agreed with whoever. I remember how she was one of green people before it was cool (she got a lot of flack as did I and others who worked for the green non profs in the 80′s) but she kept it up. I’m proud of her. SUPER cool woman.

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  4. Matt Schoewe says:

    I love the sound a butchered whale makes as it dies.

  5. Erik says:

    well, apparntly she decided NOT to go…
    I wonder why? could it be she actually had to live with them? or eat with them? or perhaps she saw the real truth in watson does at sea.
    She didn’t go
    watson didn’t say why
    hannah didn’t say why

    no music video….again

    how many of you lemmings donated just because hannah was “joining” them? did you get a refund?

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