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cameron diaz, eco, marie clarie, environmentWhile Cameron Diaz’s environmental passions were less probed in the May issue of Vogue, the actress certainly didn’t hold back for this month’s feature in Marie Claire. The magazine not only got some great quotes out of Diaz on her eco-cred, but also tagged along for some filming of her new low-budget documentary on “our relationship to the planet”. From the article,

“Inspired by the annual TED conference that she’s attended—a kind of smarty-pants consortium dedicated to the spread of innovative ideas put forth by speakers like Bono, Al Gore, Jane Goodall, and Samantha Power—Diaz felt the urge to start a far-reaching conversation about the environment. ‘I was like, I’m going to get a camera, and I’m going to mobile-home it across the country, and I’m just going to find out what people are thinking. What would it take for the common person to become engaged?’—in the catastrophe that is the state of our natural resources. Most of all, she wants to help raise consciousness. ‘There’s a lot of great minds out there who are thinking about this,’ she says, who are coming up with solutions. Not to crash anybody’s party, but to actually make the party better.’ She laughs. ‘Really, that’s what it’s about—that’s my participation in it.'”

There aren’t too many celebrities that take it upon themselves to get out there and get people talking about the environment. Diaz is truly engaged in getting the issues front and center — though she admits it can be a bit of a depressing challenge.

“‘I’m sad,’ Diaz says later, in the car on the way to a Mexican joint for dinner. ‘It’s just sad.’ She drains a plastic water bottle and tosses it on the floor of the car. ‘And I’m unhappy about the waste I just produced.’ Diaz and Dylan, sitting next to her in the backseat, conclude that we as a people are summarily, environmentally ‘fucked.’ In fact, that quickly becomes the leitmotif of the trip, and it cracks them up every time. Diaz, out of the blue: ‘You know what we are?’ Dylan: ‘Let me guess—fucked?'”

I’m sure we’ve all thought that at one time or another.

Want to view the 5-minute film? Check it out after the jump below — or continue reading Marie Claire’s feature on the actress.

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  • Livin Veg

    That’s really impressive that she’s doing what she can. I teach kids all the time about environmental issues and it’s amazing how much they want to help. Adults are a little harder to persuade. But once they understand, they do their part. It’s just about getting the information out there.

  • http://Ecorazzi LolaK

    I don’t want to poo-poo her for doing good things, but it seems a little foolish for her to say she is unhappy about the waste she produces as she finishes a plastic bottle of water. I’m sure she can affor to buy a reusable container for her water, which is one very simple way we can all help the environment.

  • Stephanie

    Can’t she afford to make a high budget environmental documentary instead of just throwing together a 5 minute film that not that many people are going to watch?

  • David

    I sure wish that people would quit saying that the Martians and Muppets need to be part of the solution. The Martians and Muppets are simply trying achieve the standard of living that we have enjoyed for years. They didn’t create the pollution we have now, we should stop blaming them.

  • Michael Andre d’Estries

    @David: Hilarious!

    @Stephanie: I kind of like that she threw together a crew to go and shoot this small doc. The fact that she probably knew ahead of time that this wasn’t going to be some massively viewed effort shows me that she’s in it for more than just personal attention. She’s genuine on this topic.

    Who knows? Perhaps her success with this small project might inspire her to tackle an even larger one in the future.

  • Brian Johnson

    If Ms Diaz had a brain she would realise that being Green means to ignore scientific facts and accept media hyped falsehoods. Polar Ice Caps are not melting, other than seasonal variations. Remember that the Vikings colonized Greenland and grew crops for 400 years. Chinese War Junks circumnavigated the North West Passage in the 14th Century. No SUV or fossil fuels around then. Adapt to climate variation as happened in the past. Politico/scientific gobbledegook is going to cost billions with no perceptible gain. 3rd World countries will lose the most. Sea levels are not rising above the rate begun after the last Ice Age!

    Get real Cameron and see the wood for the trees. CO2 is Not a poison or a polluter. Without it we would die.

  • Whoever…

    Come on people, at least she’s doing something about it!

    Give her credit for going out there and actually talk to people about environmental issues…

    Like almost everyone else who always uses scientific arguments (from not very serious sources or scientists) to try and debunk global warming, you bring up the fact that climate has always changed throughout the history of our planet…

    What you people always very conveniently forget to mention is that those variations were part of the normal and natural cycle of the earth’s climate. However, humans with all their activities have disrupted that equilibrium. Therefore, by dramatically increasing the release of CO2 (at an abnormal rate and thus making it dangerous) and other greenhouse gases to the atmosphere we have actually contributed to the rapid increase of the global average temperature of the planet. This doesn’t mean that it will be hotter everywhere though .

    “had a brain she would realise that being Green means to ignore scientific facts” – maybe you’re the one who needs to get a brain!! Being green means someone does his/her best to protect our planet and to have the least impact on the environment as possible! What’s wrong with that!? So as far as you’re concerned, pollution, extinction of species, destruction of ecosystems, deforestation, acid rain, the ozone layer, etc., are just “media hyped falsehoods”?

    “CO2 is Not a poison or a polluter” – why don’t you roll up the windows of you car, put a tube in the exhaustion pipe connecting it to the inside of your car, get in and turn the engine on? Then let me know if you still believe that CO2 is not a poison!!
    The atmosphere is composed of many gases; when their quantities are balanced they are harmless, but when that balance is broken they can be dangerous and extremely pollutant – that’s what’s happening with CO2.

    I always get freaked out when I read comments like yours! When I think people can’t get more ‘zombified’, someone like you comes along and surprises me… in a negative way!!!

    Who will save us from people like you!?


  • Livin Veg

    I also think people are being a little harsh. With all the people mindlessly taking their private jets around and ignoring the environment, she’s actually doing something about the problems. She’s not perfect. Neither am I. But the fact that she’s out there promoting a more environmentally friendly way of life is something to be commended. Not poo pooed.

  • http://Ecorazzi LolaK

    @Whoever That was beautifully said…thanks for saying it.

    @Livin Veg, that is exactly why I started my comment off by saying “not to poo poo her”.I agree at least she is doing something about it, but seriously there is no reason for anyone to still be using plastic water bottles. It is such a simple way to help the environment, and to recognize the waste you are creating and do nothing about it, to me, seems a little foolish.

    @ Brian Johnson I feel so sorry for you and your ignorance, but I won’t give up hope that one day you will see the error or your ways. Ignorance really is bliss isn’t it.

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  • Gary

    Whoever… says
    Complains that Brian ignores science then makes the following dumb ignorant statement.
    “put a tube in the exhaustion pipe connecting it to the inside of your car”

    Hello; High school science a little beyond you?

    It is Carbon MONoxide that kills not Carbon Dioxide.
    CO2 is harmless plant food and we have barely enough to sustain a meagre life cycle now. We would all be better off with about three time the current level.

  • Gary

    It is very discouraging to see the pathetic level understanding most people have on this topic.
    Most of you probably actually believe CO2 is a polutant.
    We have come so far yet the masses are still so ignorant and gullable.

    Greenies will believe almost anything….

  • http://Ecorazzi LolaK

    @ Gary & Brian-

    I don’t understand why you two come on a site like this…is the Rush Limbaugh site down today or something?

  • Michael Andre d’Estries

    There are natural processes that produce CO2 and man made processes that do likewise.

    It’s idiotic to use the first as a rationale for doing nothing about the later.

  • Livin Veg

    @Lola – I was more talking to Stephanie…

  • Gary

    “I don’t understand why you two come on a site like this”

    Good point.
    It is sort of like wandering into an Amish village and trying to teach people about the wonders of basic Science.
    Never let facts get in the way of a cool agenda.

    Sorry for foolishly thinking tree huggers could have measurable IQs.

    Won’t happen again.

  • Whoever…

    @ Gary:

    ‘Mea culpa’

    You’re absolutely right! I do apologize for my gross mistake. I am ashamed of it… It really was an ignorant remark of me. I don’t know how I got confused. :(

    Have you never made a mistake before? How great it must be to be you – so perfect, knowing everything, never making mistakes and possessing the ultimate truth… just like Brian!!

    Contrary to people like you, we Greenies (as you referred to us in an ironic and insulting way) are humble enough to recognize when we’re wrong!!

    It’s in fact carbon monoxide (CO) that would kill Brian in that case… and not carbon dioxide (CO2).

    CO binds very strongly to the iron in the hemoglobin in the blood. Once carbon monoxide attaches, it is very difficult to release. So if you breathe in carbon monoxide, it sticks to your hemoglobin and takes up all of the oxygen binding sites. Your blood loses all of its ability to transport oxygen, and you suffocate.

    But in case you don’t know, our body also produces CO as part of our normal metabolism. Among other things, it provides cardiac protection in the circulatory system. You see, as everything else, when the levels of a substance are in perfect balance they are harmless.

    That’s what’s happening with the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.
    The natural balance has been broken. “we have barely enough to sustain a meagre life cycle now” – that’s not true!

    From my ‘huge ignorance’ and the little research I did (I don’t have that much time), allow me to correct you:

    – Carbon dioxide CO2 is present in the atmosphere today at 385 (more or less) parts per million (by volume) or 0.039%. 50 years ago it was 280 parts per million. The increase is caused mostly by people burning things, especially fuels – coal, oil and natural gas. Burning wood also releases CO2 to the atmosphere;
    – CO2 is not a pollutant but it’s also not harmless;
    – Because carbon dioxide displaces oxygen, it is a health risk since we need oxygen to live. CO2 is an asphyxiant.
    – Regarding concentrations of CO2 in air, amounts above 5,000 ppm are considered very unhealthy, and those above about 50,000 ppm (equal to 5% by volume) are considered dangerous to animal life. At levels above 5%, the concentration of CO2 is directly toxic.

    “Sorry for foolishly thinking tree huggers could have measurable IQs.” – How ‘big of you’ to be so respectful (not!) of people who only want to protect our planet and all the creatures who inhabit it!
    You know, truly intelligent evolved people respect others and don’t insult them just because they’re trying their best to be better people – something that you, with all your knowledge, are not very familiarized with!

    Nevertheless I would like to thank you for pointing out my mistake and make me do some research and thus educate myself a little more. You could have done it in a respectful way, but apparently you think you are superior to anyone who is different from you!

    At least this made me realize I evolved a little bit during these past months – a few months ago your comment would have upset me a lot. But now it actually doesn’t! Everyone makes mistakes (except you and Brian of course!) and I for one know I’m far from being perfect or an expert in this matter!

    Please feel free to correct me again if you think I made more mistakes…!

  • http://Ecorazzi LolaK

    @ Whoever I think I kind of want to kiss you right now. I need to have you on my speed dial so I can call you on the, oh so many occasions I run in to people like Gary. Thanks for making my day a little brighter. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  • Gary

    Wow … I am impressed.
    Articulate, and mostly accurate.
    And quite insulting as well.
    I think I like You.
    Bravo for doing some research. (MANY people mix up CO2 and CO BTW)
    Keep going with that, you will find it fascinating. Particularly when you look at crop yield increases and CO2 levels. Did you know that 1000 to 1500 ppm are best for crops?
    Did you know that 280 ppm is just about the lowest level in history.
    And did you know that there is no proof that the current rise is caused mostly by mankind? That is just speculation.
    And there is no danger that .038% CO2 will displace the 21% of oxygen. (of .05% or .15% for that matter)
    As for being insulting and rude, I learned that from Al Gore. Like he said You need to exaggerate and intimidate to get people to notice. Worked for him.
    You know what burns me most about this AGW scam?
    When it is over (soon) Environmentalism will take decades to recover to any useful level of credibility.
    There are so many really good causes that need people like you and nobody will listen because they will remember the Global Warming Scam.
    Too bad.

    LolaK – You could learn a lot from Whoever. Start learning about what you are preeching and one day you will be respectfully listened to.

    Oh and just BTW – Diaz is an airhead.

  • http://Ecorazzi LolaK

    @ Gary:

    Wow, coming from you, I find that hilarious. When you say learning about what you are preaching, you mean learning about the side that you believe is correct, right. Since that is obviously what you have been doing. I still just don’t understand why you come on here? If we are all so uneducated why even bother posting on this site. Surely you can find another place to pick fights.

  • Gary

    I am happy just that sombody is willing to go looking for knowledge.
    Open minded research will lead to truth any which way you figure it.

    What I believe is not relevent or important.

    The fact that I had some small part in getting someone to look, IS.

    Picking Fights? Not me. If you look back up the thread, you will see the instigator was you:
    “@ Brian Johnson I feel so sorry for you and your ignorance,”

    Anyway I just find it amusing to poke sticks and fundamentalists of any kind.

    Don’t tell anyone but I am an environmental advocate myself. I just happen to believe in real science as opposed to AGW junk science.

    Have a great weekend LolaK.

  • Whoever…

    Lolak :) have a great weekend too *


    Thank you!

    “Did you know that 280 ppm is just about the lowest level in history.” – No, but don’t forget that in just 50 years it increased to approximately 380 ppm! Don’t you think it’s too much of a coincidence that these last 50 years have also been the most active decades when it comes to human activities (industry, farming, transportation, etc.)?

    “there is no proof that the current rise is caused mostly by mankind” – Well that’s ‘your truth’. I’m sorry but from all I’ve heard, seen, read and experienced, ‘my truth’ tells me that there is more than enough proof that this dramatic increase is the result of human activities.

    But even if there is a possibility that global warming isn’t real, why shouldn’t we massively invest on clean renewable energies for instance?
    Do you know that 20% of Denmark’s energy ‘comes from wind’? And that there’s an entire town in Germany completely self sufficient in energy produced from solar panels? Why shouldn’t we use geothermal and tidal energy as well? And what about so many others out there? Why should we remain stuck in fossil fuels, which by the way as you well know are finite?

    “When it is over (soon) Environmentalism will take decades to recover to any useful level of credibility.” – Why? Environmentalism isn’t just global warming! Environmentalism is more than NGOs fighting for the planet, it’s a way of life! I’m an environmentalist and I don’t belong to any group – I’m a vegetarian, I reduce, reuse, recycle, don’t waste water or electricity, walk as much as I can or use public transportation, use as much environmental friendly products as I can, etc. This way I’m healthier, I save money and the natural resources. Actually there’s not one single downside to it.

    “Diaz is an airhead” – There you go again! Why don’t you give people credit for trying to improve themselves? I also thought that about her in the past but this video she did made me respect her for actually getting involved and learn more!
    And no I’m not a fan of hers!


  • Gary

    Good rebuttal! Doing some research are we?
    Good for you. Keep going.
    I will be as brief as I can.
    1.“in just 50 years it increased to approximately 380 ppm”
    Agreed. It may be all caused by humans. It may not. The human contribution is so small it may turn out to be statistically insignificant.
    The carbon cycle is not as well understood as once thought.
    2. The concept of “my truth” belongs to religion not science. There is one truth. You may or may not believe it. It depends on you understanding.
    3. “that global warming isn’t real”
    Never claimed GW is not real. The question is not “did it happen” but rather what caused it. Big difference. My view is similar to the emerging scientific consensus that is was nearly all natural and BTW stopped 7 years ago. Look it up.
    See Maunder minimum then lookup current solar cycle activity. Then review ENSO, PDO and AMO ocean cycles and compare. It should scare you. Cold is MUCH worse than warm.
    4. 20% of Denmark’s energy ‘comes from wind’
    Denmark is lucky to be small and where they are. Look up what it will take to generate even 10% of North America’s Power with Wind. Note that wind generation produces less that 20% of rated output so it takes 5 times the capacity. Solar MIGHT be a better choice.
    5. Why should we remain stuck in fossil fuels?
    We should not. However the transition will happen no matter what as the resource runs low, we don’t need to cause global economic hardship to force it out now based on a false premis.
    5. Environmentalism.
    There are so many REAL problems that need resolution. After years of alarmism from Gore, Suzuki,…… people will lose patients with the constant cries of impending doom and simply switch off. I am already sick of the term Green.
    I’m an environmentalist and I don’t belong to any group – I’m NOT a vegetarian, I DO reduce, reuse, recycle, don’t waste water or electricity because it cost money. I walk as much as I feel like will never use public transportation, use as much environmental friendly products as I can, etc.
    I short I do what I believe will have positive effects. I don’t pay attention to CO2 cutting measures because they are not relevant to anything.
    6. “Diaz is an airhead” –
    That was just for fun. I don’t know her, she may be normal.
    But she is a celebrity from Hollywood…. Well most of them seem pretty air headed.
    So anyway, LolaK; you have (unwittingly???) provided the debate my initial stick poking comments were designed to generate.
    I hope you enjoyed it as much as I and I hope you will continue to research this topic. I am convinced that understanding will soften your fears of impending doom.
    Try not to get too angry as you discover the underlying agenda. It can be infuriating to realize how we have been manipulated.
    Take a valium, then review some of these quotes from famous Global Warming activists:

  • RemyC

    Anyone has $4000 I can borrow so I can attend the TED conference next year?

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  • Lucky

    Stop bashing Cameron. I dislike people who just can’t keep their mouth shut when they should. GROW UP.

  • shannon

    If CO2 is so debatable, let’s NOT talk about it. Let’s talk about dirty lakes and rivers and the toxic sludge choking waterways, that industry — unchecked — has caused. Let’s talk about an oil slick the size of a continent pushed below the surface with poisonous dispersants. Let’s talk about the plastic vortex (several?) in the Pacific and dead zones in coastlines of the world. Let’s talk about marine life choking on plastic particles. Let’s talk about toxic residue falling from the sky. Let’s talk about babies (all of them) born toxic with heavy metals at already dangerous levels. Let’s talk about genetically modified organisms mixing with organic/natural ones — creating frankenfood that only Monsanto pesticides/herbicides can sustain. Let’s talk about one cow requiring 20 barrels of oil to reach maturity — to butcher for fast-food burgers that don’t decompose after 20 years. Let’s talk about pumping milk full of antibiotics and superbug epidemics. There are so many countless/critical environmental issues to discuss why get hung up on trying to look smart?

    P.S. — I don’t know CD, but if I did — we’d totally hang!