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Heidi and Spencer Pratt have become the first celebrities to leave NBC’s new reality show “I’m a Celebrity . . . Get Me Out of Here” — but not because they were voted off. The two actually quit because they couldn’t hack it in the jungles of Costa Rica and wanted their imaginary self-important lives back. “We’re the most famous people in the world!” yelled Spencer at one point. Raise your hand if you have no idea who they are.

Mother Nature, 1 Narcissistic Celebrity Wannabes, 0

[UPDATE: Turns out, Spencer and Heidi are still in Costa Rica and will be returning to the show tonight. The whole sheet thing at LAX was a ruse. More info here.]

Photo: Heidi and Spencer Pratt arrive at LAX from Costa Rica, covering themselves in black sheets after quitting the TV show “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here” in Los Angeles, Califonia today. | Photo credit: INF Photo

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  • http://Ecorazzi LolaK

    Okay, as embarassed as I am to admit that I watched this, I am so glad it was brought up on this site, because I feel like venting.
    I couldn’t believe some of the things this delusional duo was spewing out of their giant mouths. I’m not sure what was more obnoxious Spencer yelling out “I don’t volunteer, I get paid”, or Heidi saying that what she really wants is to be like Mother Teresa and travel the world helping some of the most unfortunate. These two have to be the most stupid and most self absorbed people I have ever heard of. I don’t even think I can watch this show if they come back, which I am sure they will. We would all be better off boycotting anything involving the two of them. It is our fault this twit is so famous, and I am sick of it. He has done absolutely nothing to deserve his “fame”, if that is what you want to call it. He is actually content that his fame stems from the hatred that the public has for him.
    I actually feel sick today after seeing so much of that creepy flesh-colored beard.

  • Mymsie
  • Mymsie

    P.S. I too loathe Heidi & Spencer. ;)

  • Stephanie

    Does anyone like those a-holes?

  • hil

    I think the word “celebrity” is used pretty loosely these days ;)

  • Carrie

    hand raised

  • http://Ecorazzi LolaK

    Oh Carrie, tell me your not raising your hand in support of these imbeciles….

  • s

    who are these people and why does anyone care about them??

  • erin

    Only the other day did I really bother to look who these incredibly self absorbed losers are. They are from a TV show that started as Laguna Beach about self absorbed spoilt kids who only care about themselves. Then it spun off into The Hills. It’s a reality show about the snobbiest, bitchiest, self serving bunch of aholes I have ever seen. I read the best review of the show that said the only people who watch it are people who hate them and want to see them fail. And that’s not healthy. It’s a show by MTV (a superficial channel owned by media whore giant Viacom) Mtv- who single handidly helped ruin music what it is today.

    The hills is superficial and senseless so is mtv. avoid them at all costs. Boycott their advertisers. Maybe eventually they’ll go away (along with this VAPID “couple”)


  • Whoever…



  • Erin Raw Foods

    lol whoever. Now THAT was the right response to the post! Be glad you don’t know who! :)


  • dholmas

    Are they even celebrities? If you can’t take the heat go have a real life. Yes, I do eat meat and they could be BBQ’ed. That is harsh but my husband and I are actually pretty self-sufficient and they would not know what to do. PS: I do buy organic, range fed and organic milk at the local market and I live in the boonies. Off of the grid for oil most of the year. I would love to see them go cut wood for the outdoor wood furnace and garden for their veggies.

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  • Lulu

    No staying power in high school dropouts.