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We are pleased to announce that from now until June 7th, the Sirani Gallery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania will be displaying 180 pieces of work by iconic painter Peter Max.

If you read Ecorazzi closely, you might have noticed that I seem to spend A LOT of time at Max’s gallery. Besides being an out-of-this-world painter, Max and his wife Mary are passionately dedicated activists who freely donate their space to animal and environmental causes.

How do they have the time to be so rad? Yoga and vegetarianism, yo!

“I feel like I’m 22 years old,” Max said. “I have 100 people who work for me. I’m involved in animal rights. My wife and I are involved helping hundreds of organizations.”

Pretty frigin badass, right?

So get your butt in the car and go and support a man who so generously supports your cause. Visit the Sirani Gallery from now until June 7th and feast your eyes on some awesome art!


  • erin

    Honey you would just LOOOVE Sublime vegan restaurant then in Sunrise (Fort Lauderdale) on US1.

    I know they were shut down after hurricane Wilma but I think their Peter Max pics were unscathed. I’ve been a fan for years and the only place I’ve ever been besides a museum or my aunt’s house (yep she owns several originals!) that has this many Peter Max paintings in one building is Sublime restaurant. They don’t have enough raw dishes for my taste but it’s 100% vegan and 100% yummy ;)


  • Bob Evick

    Great Exhibition! Seeing that many Max pieces was a thrill! Also meeting Peter and having a couple of things signed wasn’t too shabby either! Kudos to Sirani Gallery!!