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293mccarthycarrey06040821“There wouldn’t be a swine flu if we treated the pigs better!”

Jim Carrey speaking the truth during his acceptance speech at the MTV movie awards. Wanna see how your meat is treated?  Shake hands with the truth at You better preach it, Mr. Carrey!

  • VeggieTart

    But is HE vegetarian or just in favor of less cruelly raised meat?

  • erin

    I wondered the same thing when I saw it on TV (just randomly – I don’t watch MTV! :)

    I’m thinking he is not veg :(


  • beforewisdom

    This is not such a great endorsement for vegans or animal rights activists.

    In the picture above Carrey is standing with his partner, Jenny McCarthy, whose son has autism. Their t-shirts refer to a movement of parents trying to stop childhood vaccinations because they believe those vaccinations cause autism.

    The movement is so strong that it caused a number of prominent medical research organization worldwide to do a number of investigations, including the NIH.

    Despite no scientifically justified link ever being found for this claim this movement is still pushing hard to stop childhood vaccinations. If they succeed they can set the health of children in this country back by at least a century.

    That last thing vegans need to be associated with are more people without relevant educations who have not done research who think they know more than scientists.

    That is what we have raw foodists for.

  • erin

    Ouch “Before Wisdom”

    I’m impressed. You’re able to fit several insults in one tiny post. I’m impressed. Can’t wait to read your blog.

    Gabriel Cousens and Dr. Mercola (both Doctors – Cousens an MD) have done plenty of research that support a raw foods diet.

    Also, if you’re blind enough to think the FDA and the AMA don’t control what shit is spoon fed down your throat then I suggest you start getting informed.

    The NIH also halted successful chelaton therapy trials. You see they want to make sure BIG FAT Pharma keeps infecting kids (at ANY cost- even their lives or autism) with unhealthy vaccines so they can make a dime. So of course they’re findings came back it didn’t do any harm. LOL. You crack me up. They also don’t promote or believe in a vegan diet (so not sure why you’re a fan) NIH, FDA, AMA, they’re all the same.

    I’m sorry you swallowed the kool aid.

    Good luck to you

    Raw Foods center owner and proud of it.

  • BanTheFurTrade

    Erin, just so you know, that should be “their”. They’re = they are. Not trying to pick on you, you usually have good points. It’s just that improper spelling and grammar drives me nuts!

  • Erin Raw Foods


    Took me a sec as I used They’re twice in the post. But you are absolutely right. The first one should have been their not they’re. That’s what I get for writing something when I’m fired up.

    After reading someone (who is a vegan no less!?) post putting down people who are trying to clean our vaccines. Then they write something inaccurate saying that they are trying to stop vaccines when no, actually they are trying to clean and GREEN vaccines.

    THEN they write

    “That last thing vegans need to be associated with are more people without relevant educations who have not done research who think they know more than scientists.

    That is what we have raw foodists for.”

    So I suppose being an activist to green vaccines (and stop many that aren’t needed in my opinion) and to then read the insult (which was also inaccurate) about “raw foods” vegans I did make a grammar mistake ;)

    I do apologize for my grammatical error but not for my reply to the misleading inaccurate post by a vegan blogger who should definitely know better ;)

    I’m glad I sent this story to Michael and Parrish yesterday because whether they got my email or saw it on their own it’s nice this thread was started so some things can be clarified :)



  • Erin Raw Foods

    ps I also just realized I had an incomplete sentence above (or two) please forgive me. End of an extraordinarily long day here in Raw foods land.. Ready for a break :)


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  • Robin

    Amen for Jim, he is so right. Factory farmed animals are the most abused animals on the planet.

    I am so glad he said it!

  • Lisa85856

    Interesting stuff. Did you hear that there’s a new strain which is resistant to the anti-flu drugs? Tamiflu etc? Found a really good website for tracking it’s progress, seems to be updated every hour or so…