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Remember a couple weeks back when celebs like Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Robin Williams, and others hooked up with Prince Charles for a video promoting Rainforest protection? Well, the Prince is back — this time with something a bit drier: Corporate Leaders! <Swoon>

Sure, these behemoths of the business world aren’t much to get excited over, but their companies certainly have an impact on our world — and getting them on-board to help promote Rainforest protection is a good move by Charles’ foundation. You’ll see Sir Richard Branson (Chairman of Virgin Group), Sir Howard Stringer (CEO of Sony), Justin King (CEO of Sainsbury’s), Steve Easterbrook (CEO of McDonalds UK) and Eric Schmidt (Chairman and CEO of Google) amongst others. Like before, they’ve all got a digital frog sitting close by. Check it out below:

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  • herwin

    “and getting them on-board to help promote Rainforest protection is a good move ”
    Yeah, its a good move for greenwashing one owns dirty company.
    Its hilarious that a company like Virgin Air that boosted airtraveling (and airpolluting) with its rock bottom no frills cheap prices, and recently started test flying with BIOFUELS (the demands for biofuels to grow means rainforest are being cut for plantations) are now “on board” promoting rainforest protection, its good marketing. Less understandable and rather naive is it when a “green person” calls this “a good move”.
    McDonals is “on board” too, i dont even start talking about them..
    in fact, if big busineses are making such inteligent moves and are getting even praises from Greenies, thats when we know we should start to worry.