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While this isn’t the first time we’ve spotted Christian Bale sporting a Sea Shepherd shirt, it’s great to see that the Dark Knight is still giving some spotlight to the organization. The actor was snapped with his wife Sibi at LAX yesterday en route. No doubt Animal Planet execs are happy for the free promo — the second season of their Whale Wars series documenting Sea Shepherd hit television yesterday as well.

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  • ForeverChristian?

    Wow,he’s representing Sea Shepherds,Way to go Christian!!! The Dark Knight is lookin mighty fine too,I must say.His sexiness is off the charts,even when he’s dressed down.He’s the HOTTEST MAN IN THE UNIVERSE!!!



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  • Lindus

    Good to see some more sensible moviestars. Martin Sheen cannot pull the train to change himself…

    With hopes to see more shirts on stars,

  • michele

    I must give MAJOR props to Christian Bale for repping the awesome plight of Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd Captian. Way to go Christian, amazingly handsome and you got a heart and balls ta’boot!