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home documentary

I can’t remember the last time a film with epic visuals like HOME was released to the masses online — for free. YouTube, in a post on the company blog, said the event “marks the first time a global audience can watch a movie online, in movie theaters, on TV stations, and on outdoor screens around the world at the exact same time.”

And what a treat it is. Besides the Planet Earth series, you would be hard pressed to find another visual feast like this one. More than eye candy, however, HOME will get you thinking about our relationship to the planet in ways few documentaries can. As the director Yann Arthus-Bertrand said, “From the sky, there’s less need for explanations.”

The film will be available online until June 14th. I’d embed it below, but for the full experience, I recommend clicking thru to Youtube here and hitting the HD button on the bottom-right. Trust me — you won’t be disappointed.

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  • Eva

    I just finished watching this. It is amazing! Definitely one of the best movies of the year. A must-see for everyone.

  • Pleasant

    This was a beautiful film – our Earth is so generous and precious and we should treat it as such!

  • Pete

    I knew the images were just too good. I was thinking “man, these sure would be awesome images to have captured”. Then I read the director is also a photographer hehe

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  • M.E. Lilly

    Who’s the narrator? Is she a TV/Movie actress?

    • Tom

      The narrator is Glenn Close.

  • http://idon'thave kavi_205

    i am NOT being able to watch this documentary in YOU TUBE, saying that “This video is private” Can you help me please ? I am from Mauritius(Indian Ocean)

  • Luke

    The narrator is the lady from 101 Dalmatians.

  • Lance

    I’m having the same problem, it’s been removed for some reason?

    On the wikipedia article it says it was removed for unexplained reasons.

    • Michael d’Estries

      I believe the video was only available for free until June 14th. That being said, if you type something like “Watch Home online” I’m sure you would be able to find it. (wink)

  • Mudrad

    Its clear that we need to stop eating meat and fish to start with and seriously look for renewable energy. we can imagine what would happen to the earth if everyone started living like in the developed countries.

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