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I’ll take animal circuses blow the big one for 500, Alex.

Let’s be honest — animal circuses are the opposite of cool.  With a notorious record for serving cruelty on tap, organizations like Ringling Bros. are essentially traveling hubs of animal mistreatment. And The Wrestler Director Darren Aronofsky is sick and tired of it! 

According to our buds over at PETA:

“As a Brooklyn native, When Darren learned that notorious elephant abuser Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus would be setting up shop at Coney Island all summer long, he sprang into action faster than you can say RoboCop. He penned a powerful letter to the folks at Taconic Investments—who are donating the use of their Coney Island land to Ringling—asking them to reconsider their offer or, at the very least, impose restrictions that could reduce the suffering of elephants and other animals used by Ringling.”

What do you think about all this circus action? Are you sick and tired of seeing animal mistreatment glorified? Post a comment and share your thoughts!

  • Ned K

    alot of the same things could be said of the wrestling profession guess its all in where you point your finger

  • Livin Veg

    I’m a big fan of Darren Aronofsky’s work. And I love that he’s standing up against the circus. Kudos to you Darren for going right to the funders to tell them how bad the circus really is for animals.

  • Kelsey

    This is awesome! Animal circuses really do blow the big one – love this!

  • CJ

    Does he really have nothing better to do than go after circuses? Seriously. Pick a different worthwhile cause…

  • ccc

    Propaganda and attention seeking everywhere. If you want elephants in the wild, better start buying up their habitate before its all gone , but that wouldn”t juice the ego like the feeling of good guys versus bad guys. Grow up.

  • Whoever…

    The difference is that animals don’t have a choice Ned, humans do! It’s always the same crap…

    The biggest and most successful circus on the planet is ‘Cirque du Soleil’!
    Guess what? They don’t use one single animal on their shows…

    Yet they’re doing better than ever and their staff and artists are extremely well paid, trained and taken care of! So why do animal circuses keep clinging to the past!? Maybe because the people who own them are stupid and cruel!

    Why can’t people evolve and let go of things that belong to the past!?


  • Livin Veg

    I’m so confused by the people who come on this site just to put down celebs for doing nice things. Or those (CJ) who criticize the celeb for which cause they choose to invest themselves in. They are doing something! Something that is meaningful to them. And frankly to me too. Does that mean I’m just involved in one cause. No. I’m smart enough to be able to care about many things at once. And so are many of these celebs who have the voice and the power to have an impact. Go troll some place else.

  • Erin Raw Foods

    The only reason someone would stick up for the circus is if they were some greedy bastard who owned a circus. If they WORKED for the circus they should be glad because (like someone mentioned above Cirque has no animals and kicks Barnum and bastard’s ass) If they train the elephants (aka abuse them B&B has been in trouble with the courts more than once for this) then they’re evil anyway. So unless you are a circus owner or animal trainer/abuser I cannot imagine why you’d want them to be around unless you get off taking your kid to watch animals forced to perform awful tricks and treated like crap the other 23 hours of the day.


  • VeggieTart

    Ned, I’m no fan of wrestling, but Darren Aronofsky has a choice, and he chooses to step into the ring, along with everyone else who participates in this form of entertainment. Elephants, lions, tigers, and bears (oh, my) do NOT have a choice and are coerced into performing.

  • s

    i am totally sick of animal circuses. what’s so entertaining about watching tortured, terrified animals do seriously wacked out, unnatural things like walk on their back legs???

  • Whoever…

    You know, these people that often come here to insult us (or the people mentioned on the posts) and call us ignorant and ‘greenies’, are actually very afraid of people like ‘us’…

    Why? Because we’re different, we’re more aware and we pose a serious threat to their ‘nice’ life style! They don’t want to open their eyes and take part of the responsibility for what’s happening in the world.

    Therefore they present a lot of what they consider to be the real facts and claim that all our data and information are false or not credible. They tell us that we’re being manipulated by the media and the politicians… basically that we’re naive and can’t think for ourselves!!

    Thus, for ‘them’, there is no such thing as global warming, there is no pollution or deforestation, there are no endangered species, animals are not abused, there is enough water for everyone on the planet, genetically modified organisms are great and they will be the solution for the hunger in the world, alternative energies are evil, oil companies and big corporations only want the best for us, etc., and environmentalists and animal rights activists are just a bunch of nut jobs who want to cause destruction and scare people with scenarios of doom!!!

    By denying everything we believe in, they can sleep well at night and can continue with their life style truly believing we are all crazy hippies.

    I really wouldn’t care less about them, but the thing is that they’re part of the problem and are preventing ‘us’ from being the solution. This obviously makes it harder for ‘us’ to actually be able to change things for the better, and that I can’t tolerate.
    They can claim I’m being emotional (I say I’m being passionately rational) and not rational, but at least I have emotions (which doesn’t mean I can’t be rational at the same time). On the other hand I believe they don’t even feel that much at all! They are numbed with their alleged ‘cool reasoning’, which actually prevents them from seeing beyond their ‘truth’.

    Oh and by the way, I’ve always been told (and I agree with it) that real scientists never put aside anything just because they can’t prove it! They may not accept or agree with it but they don’t deny it exists or that it’s happening just because it STILL hasn’t been proven by science or because they don’t agree with it!

    I hate dogmas, whether they are religious, political, ideological, or for that matter scientific!!

    My only fear is that when the majority of people realize what’s really happening, it will be too late to do something about it… :(

  • Johnny from Ocean Parkway

    What does Darren Aranofsky do for his old neighborhood, NOTHING. There’s a huge fight to Save Coney Island from a developer who wants to turn it into a mall and luxury waterfront condos! Does he speak out against that? NO. Does he lend his name to that cause NO. He goes after a circus. A circus that is vital to bringing in people to Coney Island to get the amusements pumping again. Coney Island is suffering, the amusement businesses owners are suffering. No crowds is exactly what this developer wants so he can get his way. Hey Aranofsky get off your butt and help SAVE CONEY ISLAND! Go here and get involved.

  • reality

    >>>>You know, these people that often come here to insult us (or the people mentioned on the posts) and call us ignorant and ‘greenies’, are actually very afraid of people like ‘us’

    Here’s a question: Why are “people like you” afraid of dissenting voices? I posted a very reasoned and factual comment here that doesn’t appear on the site — I can only assume that’s the case because it pointed out (again, with facts) the hypocrisy of PeTA.

    Honest discussion of the issues is healthy. One-sided discussion of the issues is propaganda.

  • LMG

    I agree with “Whoever”, both posts, enough said.

  • Whoever…

    @Johnny from Ocean Parkway:

    When people see themselves between a rock and a hard place in such cases, then they want activists to do something to help them out… while accusing them of doing nothing!
    But when they do something anywhere, then they’re crazy hippies who are in the way of progress!!!

    Ironic, isn’t it!?

    “Hey Aranofsky get off your butt and help SAVE CONEY ISLAND!”
    Why don’t YOU do something, instead of waiting for others to act?

    “Why are “people like you” afraid of dissenting voices?”

    We’re NOT!!! I for one, and I think all of the regulars here at Ecorazzi feel the same, love good discussions with people who wish to share their ideas with us. What happens is that most of ‘those people’ come here just to insult us as well as the people mentioned on the posts… That’s not “dissenting voices”, that’s rude arrogant people who believe their truth is the ultimate truth! To understand my point just come here once in a while and you’ll see for yourself.

    “I posted a very reasoned and factual comment here that doesn’t appear on the site”
    Instead of making accusations, maybe you should send an email to Ecorazzi asking (politely) why your comment didn’t appear. It has already happened to me. I sent them an email and they fixed the problem – my comment had gone straight to spam…

    Before whining and accusing people, ask first okay?

    Regarding “Petakillsanimals”, I already know about that. But instead of trashing them on-line, I just sent them an email demanding an explanation. Maybe you should try that sometime… You’ll be surprised with the result!

    Oh and BTW, although I believe most NGOs do a great job I wouldn’t put my hand in the fire for anyone…

  • Johnny from Ocean Parkway

    Whoever… says on June 10th, 2009 at 11:16 am

    @Johnny from Ocean Parkway:

    “Hey Aranofsky get off your butt and help SAVE CONEY ISLAND!”

    “Why don’t YOU do something, instead of waiting for others to act?”

    Umm I am doing something but a cause has greater impact when a celebrity who is from Coney Island speaks out. It draws media attention. I would think you would know that based on the crux of this topic. Sorry if it’s not a cause you are interested in but Saving Coney is something that is big to people all over the world.

  • Michael Parrish DuDell

    I’ll be real honest – I’m not so sure Coney Island should be “saved.” I’m not excited to see it turn into a luxury market, but mediocre roller coasters, unhealthy food and a dirty beach doesn’t really excite me. Perhaps Darren feels the same way.

  • maelstrom

    As a former cizarn who worked flats at coney back in the day I’ll say this…good riddance!