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This is kind of an odd story — but the gist of it is this: Jessica Alba hooked up with a shark conservationist last week, flew him to, of all places, Oklahoma City — and together the two of them plastered posters of sharks all around the city. Apparently, the posters didn’t even say anything — they just had a picture of a great white shark on them, leading anyone to wonder what the hell they were there for. (My guess would have been promos for Shark Week on Discovery Channel.)

It gets worse.

Apparently, caught up in the “craziness” of their stunt, Alba and Co inadvertently plastered over a United Way billboard. Ouch. A rep for the non-profit organization told that although the billboard was donated, they’ll probably have to pay out of their own pocket to replace it. Double ouch.

Now, we’re all for shark conservation, but this is one of the more odd examples of celebrity activism I can think of. I mean, what are we supposed to take away from these posters? Why not show a picture of a shark being killed or something and, at the very least, a website name at the bottom for more information? Meh — we’re sure their hearts were in the right place, but this certainly didn’t end up working out to the benefit of any organization — especially the United Way. via TMZ

Thanks, Erin!

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  • AP

    Considering the CEO of the United Way of America makes $530,667 in salary alone, I think they can afford to replace the sign.

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  • Stimp

    Heart was in the right place, brain wasn’t firing on all cylinders.

  • Tracy Warner

    WOW. Really?

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  • Tim

    Thanks for vandalizing our city. B!tch.

  • ll

    If you’ve checked, she’s already apologized and her reps have indicated they’ll pay the $250 to replace the billboard. I agree with you, completely: completely ineffective message for a very real point. I wish Alba had seen through it – though I don’t think she flew him out. I’m totally surprised anyone thought these posters would be effective.

  • Erin Raw Foods

    You’re welcome Michael :) Yes it is true as the poster says above.. she has apologized. Here’s a link

    It’s one thing if you’re on a ship trying to stop whale killers but just to go and vandalize stuff? Not cool. Gives a bad name. Alba is less smart than I thought already..


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  • Jim

    “White Mike” is Michael Muller, a California photographer. His website is here:

  • Whoever…

    ‘Maybe’ this wasn’t the best planned action, but the truth is that now ‘everyone’ is talking about it.

    They should use all this attention to educate people regarding this matter!


  • Sharklover

    Yeah, sharks are really on the endangered list in OKLAHOMA! I mean, I haven’t seen a shark in Oklahoma in years!

  • Matthew

    I am a resident of OKC and I totally support her in this. Who cares about posters when there is an entire species that hangs in the balance?

  • Andi

    Uh, of all places, Oklahoma City? Not any kind of news flash, but we are not any kind of COASTAL state!! We are in the middle of a bunch of other dry states. We don’t have anything to do with killing Great White Sharks, because in case you haven’t noticed, THEY DON’T BOTHER US!!


  • Whoever…

    “Yeah, sharks are really on the endangered list in OKLAHOMA!”

    Environmental and animal rights problems have no borders.

    If someone eats shark fin soup at a local restaurant in Oklahoma, then they’re contributing to the slaughter of sharks!!

    It’s people thinking that way that leads to the problems we face nowadays in the world!!

  • cc

    Each city has their own United Way and the OKC United Way CEO doesn’t make a $530,000 salary.