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Get those eyes ready to roll — this story is a doozy!

So Audrina Patridge (that chick from The Hills) is the latest celeb to team up with Carls Jr. to promote their fancy line of crappy burgers. Patridge recently shot her first commercial for the company and told People magazine:

“I had an absolute blast shooting. It was my first experience shooting a spot with food, and when I pulled up, I was literally salivating looking at all the rows and rows of perfect burgers waiting for me!”

“I was cracking up because I would take a bite, and almost immediately a food handler with white gloves would have a brand new burger ready.”

Oh awesome! Wow! So not ONLY were you promoting the least sustainable food on the planet, but you were also wasting tons and tons of it at the same time? You’re soooooo cool!

Sorry, I don’t mean to sound like Bitter Bob over here, but this chick is the worst! Let’s not forget that she recently lent her image to PETA’s adopt an animal campaign where the tagline read: “Buying animals means killing animals.” 

Perhaps someone should let Miss Patridge know that eating animals ALSO means killing animals. Just because you can’t snuggle with a cow doesn’t mean it’s any less of a being than a dog.  

For Audrina’s ignorance, she gets 10 minutes in the corner and has to wear the dunce hat all day. BOOOOOOO!!!


  • Steph

    Wow she’s such an idiot. I hope she’s see the light and becomes a REAL animal activist one day….

  • sonia

    I know you love her Parrish, but isn’t Carrie Underwood kind of the same as she is a leather wearing vegetarian? And then there’s Hayden, Gwyneth, Ellen, Pink(possibly), I could go on and on. They’re all pretty much hypocrites. Some more than others.

  • Michael Parrish DuDell

    Well I suppose, but I think it’s important to look at the level of hypocrisy. Of course I don’t love that my girl Carrie wears leather, but she isn’t going on television hawking the stuff.

    When Hayden debuted that calf skin bag I freaked the eff out. Nobody is perfect, but when a celebrity starts pimping the stuff is when I lose my cool!

  • Erin Raw Foods

    I recently had someone say to me that it’s ok to keep pigs in tiny stalls where they can’t move and then kill them and eat them because humans are superior and much smarter than pigs.

    When I see mediocre looking chicks like this who don’t have two brain cells to rub together I actually have to question the person who said the humans are smarter.

    And when it comes to this woman I think the countless cows she was eating might have had more talent and personality than she.


  • herwin

    now why would she be a hypocrite ? she is just an ordinary meat eating person who joined Peta (unpaid) for a day to raise awarenes about shelter dogs. i would say thats very good of her.
    and before becoming vegan i also weared leather boots and a jacket while being vegetarian. I fail to see why that would make anybody a “hypocrite”.
    i suggest we put our baseball bats back in the closet for at least one day.

  • Whoever…

    This doesn’t help the AR cause at all!!

    PETA seriously needs to be much better at picking people for their campaigns.
    What are they thinking!? I actually don’t blame Audrina Patridge because she evidently isn’t very smart or honest with herself!

    This is the same as someone, for instance, promoting a campaign against the slaughter of sharks and then goes and eats a shark fin soup! Pathetic…

    And yes, I’m sorry but vegetarians (I assume people who become vegetarians do it to spare the lives of animals) who wear fur and leather are being hypocritical.

    No one is perfect but at least people have to accept to be called hypocrites when their actions are contradictory in cases like this one.
    There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes as long as one admits it and learns from it.

    Next time someone tells you a similar thing (it has happened to me countless times) just give them the example of the nazis. They also considered Jewish people to be inferior and thus they forced them to do hard labour, experimented on them and used parts of their bodies to manufacture products (wigs)… sounds familiar? That’s basically what humans do to animals. What about people who have severe mental incapabilities? What about people who are not very intelligent? Should they be considered inferior? Well, hitler (oh and BTW he was not a vegetarian as many people think) thought so! This kind of arguments usually shuts people up :)

  • Andrea

    Maybe all this means is that she’d endorse anything for a paycheck. That in itself is pretty gross.

    @whoever: Comparing animal rights to the holocaust is disgusting, even if you’re joking.

  • herwin

    o yeah, great idea,to talk with normal people and start raving about Nazi experiments and Herr Hitler and expect them to take animal rights seriously.
    And yeah, its a risk that peta takes, to use non veggie people for raising awarenes about animal issues. Its great that non veggie people donate their time to that cause. Since they never pretend to be veggie i still failto see why we should call them hypocritic and stupid.

  • sonia

    It is kind of pimpin the stuff when a veg celebrity is in a magazine sporting the newest leather (insert label here) bag. But I get your point and you get mine. No harm done P!

  • Whoever…

    “Comparing animal rights to the holocaust is disgusting”

    What I find disgusting is animals being skinned alive, having their fins cut out and thrown back to the water still alive, farm factory, animal testing, animals being tortured for the entertainment of ignorant humans, etc.!

    And when people use the argument of humans being more intelligent and thus superior to animals, I don’t see why my comparison is so far fetched!!!

    I’ve used it before and will continue to use it when arrogant humans argue that we are more intelligent than animals and therefore there’s nothing wrong in using them as we see fit…

    You know, I’m a little tired of diplomacy and trying all the time to convince humans to, at least, respect animals.

    Meanwhile hundreds of millions of animals are being tortured, abused and killed as we ‘write’… Who cares about them!? Who speaks up for them!?

    I don’t give a shit if people get shocked when I use the nazis example!!!

    ‘bitter emotional activist’

  • Erin Raw Foods

    Ok I remember when PETA used the photos of the Holocaust (some quite graphic) to compare it to the meat industry. Many were outraged. But I must say I see Whoever’s point. I mean.. there are many similarities. Same with slavery in America (or elsewhere)

    I remember someone getting angry when the PETA ads came out and they were saying but those are PEOPLE! These are “just animals” But when did we decide that humans were more important than animals OR that it’s ok to treat animals like crap from birth to death but not humans?

    Wouldn’t it be great if some day animals were treated as equals? I mean hell, I know many people who treat their dogs and cats as equals.. lol. (ok guilty ;) but then many think it’s fine to treat pigs terribly. It’s all how we’ve been raised. My parents didn’t raise me any differently BUT as a child I saw right form wrong and realized it was WRONG what we were doing to them. I’m not saying I’m special because I think most children do.. but then it’s drummed into their heads it’s ok to treat pigs cows chickens and animals in general like crap.

    One day maybe we’ll talk about how great it was they abolished factory farming. Kids would learn in school what a travesty it was.. Maybe George Bush could be like Hitler and they’d show him hunting and hangin with the huge factory farm f*ckers he supported. Kids would learn that he was a bad man who was the quintessential animal hater/factory farm supporter (and he wasted all of the country’s money, put us in a stupid war for oil and was convicted of treason and is in prison now at age 98. Oh wouldn’t that be nice. I’ll go wake up from my dream now ;)


  • Erin Raw Foods

    PS and ASScroft and Karl Rove and Rumsfield would be locked up there with him in jail eating vegetarian diets (no meat allowed) they’d have to grow it themselves and have to watch daily educational videos on the importance of treating animals humanely (and eco movies about our fragile planet and finding peace on earth and within themselves) Now I wouldn’t mind if my tax dollars were spent on that :)


  • D.

    I wish AR activist will stop afraid to speak the truth on behalf of those who can’t speak for themselves.

    For the nonhumans animals in labs and in factory farms, humans are Nazis.

  • Chloe

    Can’t we just support every little thing people do towards helping animals/the environment, instead of shunning them for not doing enough?

    I mean.. The Carrie/leather thing… good for her that she’s veg! That’s one more good deed for the animals. The leather thing sucks, but would you rather she eat meat to avoid being a hypocrite? Yes, ideally, she’d do neither, but let’s applaud the fact that she’s doing anything at all, which is more than most.

    AR activists get bad reps because of these kind of extremist mentalities (ex: Nazi comparison)… we have to keep in mind that 2 people who cut down on 1/2 their meat consumption are equal to a vegetarian. It’s much easier to convince people to decrease behaviors than eliminate them, which is why it’s sooo important to be supportive of anything people are doing in the right direction, instead of calling them hypocrites for not doing enough.

    Extremist attitudes turn people off AR/environmentalism. Everyone taking baby steps together is better than a few leaping.

  • Get Technical

    It is important to support every little thing a person does. That’s why PETA works with celebrities on the issue they are comfortable with supporting-not everyone has to be vegetarian.

    However, if we praise all the time and never draw attention to the moral schizophrenia that often occurs in people who claim to love animals and be against cruelty but buy leather, eat “free-range,” animals, etc., then an opportunity is missed to educate and change.

  • herwin

    yeah , we must draw attention to these issues but calling people “nazis” or “hypocrites” isnt “drawing attention”, its merely ventilating ones anger and frustration in a slight histerical way.
    btw, the Peta Holocaust posters refering to the animal factory farms were brilliant, a real shame they gave in and stopped that campaign.

  • Whoever…

    “AR activists get bad reps because of these kind of extremist mentalities (ex: Nazi comparison)… ”

    “we must draw attention to these issues but calling people “nazis” or “hypocrites” isnt “drawing attention”, its merely ventilating ones anger and frustration in a slight histerical way”

    Well, if you say I’m being extremist by comparing what the nazis did to millions of people with what we do to animals, then that’s because you think humans are superior to animals. That’s why it shocks you! Therefore you believe we shouldn’t compare animals with humans… Why? How different is that from people who believe that the purpose of animals is to serve all our needs!? They wouldn’t even think about doing to humans what they do to animals would they? Of course not, because they see them as ‘equals’. See where I’m getting at? That’s the point I wanted to make. Humans do all these horrible things to animals because they see them as an inferior species. That’s what the nazis thought of Jewish people, gay people, gypsies and people with disabilities… that they were inferior!

    Do you understand now?

    And do you want to know what’s really extremist?
    I’ll tell you…
    I volunteer at my local shelter, doing a little bit of everything.
    I went there yesterday and do you know what the person responsible for the shelter showed me?
    They have surveillance cameras 24/7 and last Thursday they captured a man arriving in his car… it was 7:30 a.m., no one was there; he parked the car near the entrance door, got out of the car, didn’t ring the bell (because as the coward he is, he knew no one was there and thus could get away with what he was about to do), opened the trunk of his car and grabbing 5 or 6 dogs, one by one as if they were bags of trash, pulled them out and threw them to the floor…!
    Then he drove off running over one of the dogs!!! The people who work at the shelter found all of the animals except the one WHO was run over – (S)HE probably died in agony in the woods (the shelter is on the outskirts of the city, near the woods).

    It’s all very nice and cosy to write on our computer keyboard (away from the ‘reality’) saying we shouldn’t point fingers or call people hypocrites, but when we’re in the field and see things like the one I mentioned above (which are terrifyingly common), it’s hard not to get emotional, angry and ‘extremist’!!! So please don’t come here and lecture me okay!?

    Going back to the coward ‘who’ did this, the problem is that the law in my country (as in many others) regards animals as, literally, ‘things’. As far as the law is concerned, that man didn’t commit any crime! A person is only guilty of such a crime if (s)he hurts or kills an animal who has an owner. In that case it’s considered as an attempt to damage private property. Animals are considered their owner’s property! I don’t really know if these are the technical terms but you get the point, right?

    Now you tell me, how can’t I compare this with what the nazis did to so many people?
    It shocks you? GREAT!!!

    What shocks me is hypocrites who don’t admit who they really are!!

    How does someone who claims to be a vegetarian and wears leather, or someone who promotes a campaign for animal rights and afterwards promotes a burger company, help AR activism?
    Then we have people who say things like: “Well I barely eat meat, therefore I’m practically a vegetarian”… or something similar!

    “Can’t we just support every little thing people do towards helping animals/the environment, instead of shunning them for not doing enough?”

    “It’s much easier to convince people to decrease behaviors than eliminate them, which is why it’s sooo important to be supportive of anything people are doing in the right direction, instead of calling them hypocrites for not doing enough.”

    I agree that doing a little bit is better than doing nothing. And I have nothing against individuals that choose to start changing their habits even if they’re only taking baby steps..

    However, we’re talking about celebrities. They are role models who people look up to, so don’t expect me to pat them on the back and say they’re great just because they promote one lifestyle (which is not even their own) or if they say they’re vegetarian and then wear leather, and so on…!

    I believe everyone here has already seen ‘Earthlings’, but in case you haven’t, please (pretty please!!) watch it and then you’ll understand my comparison:

    Watch all 10 parts. I promise you won’t regret it and maybe (just maybe) you’ll learn something and change your opinion regarding your ‘beloved’ humans!



    Sorry for the extension of my comment…

    I’m off, I’m beat… It has been one LONG weekend!!!

  • NattyBumppo

    @Whoever…: I was so moved by your rhetoric, I very nearly unable to finish my filet mignon wrapped in a savory strip of bacon. I consoled myself by purchasing a brand-new leather jacket for me, and a new and VERY RARE splendid fawn light fox coat for my wife. Afterwards, we took a walk over to the Pike Place Fish Market and watched the fishmongers throw fish. Fortunately, that relaxed me enough that I was able to sleep like a baby!

  • Rocco

    Oh goodness….she is no more brainless that anyone who would call themselves a vegan/vegetarian. Getting upset over H’Wood’s hypocrisy is a damn waste of time. When will you understand those nitwits will say or do anything that will make them money. I’m sure most people reading this crap are all for killing human babies but against eating burgers. When you start calling what is wrong right and what is right wrong is when you know your society is coming to an end.

  • RemyC

    Is that a puppy meat burger?

  • veganerd

    Seriously, she is a disgusting hypocrite for this after doing a animal adoption ad. She only has a concern for her bankroll which she might perceive as her actual worth with as depressingly misogynistic and shallow as the modeling cult is.

    Additionally, the screams from the agonizing cow who provided that cheap, subsidized burger aren’t fully represented in this sex-driven message which says “speciesist murder is sexy & healthy” (maybe healthy for Carl’s Junior’s profits).

    The reality of meat is that the world is being deforested, and many species going extinct, to provide the least healthful meals for the growing human population. Most obviously culpable are over-consumptive, parasitically privileged cultures of the “first world”, typified with direct exploitation of the people and environment of the “third world”. Consider that a cow has been brutally slaughtered for it. How is that appetizing, it’s heinously cruel. Their pain comes back around, it won’t be forgotten!
    The corporate media channels exist to program us into drone consumers and generate more profits for fat cats who guiltily lounge in the exorbitant spoils of selfish oppression at other animals’ and other human beings’ expense. Please understand that “meat means animal abuse”.
    Going vegan is as easy as eating salad and being concerned for the wellness of each sentient being. Don’t sleepwalk through your lifetime, wake up and smell the roses! Ethically, there are no excuses for continuing the devastation of our environment and innate suffering involved in exploiting animals for “food” or any other purpose to us. See or or