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After getting caught in online photos defacing Oklahoma City property, Jessica Alba found herself in a bit of hot water with police. The actress partnered up with a shark conservationist to help promote the plight of the predators by gluing posters all around the city one night a few weeks back. Only when photos of the stunt landed online did the world go abuzz over the illegal activity. It was a bit unclear what punishment Alba might face — but now police have now told TMZ that they have no plans to pursue the matter further. Apparently, nobody wanted to press charges.

In response to the investigation, Alba did release an apology last week — and offered to pay for the damage she did to an United Way billboard. With the investigation now closed, one wonders how much the power of celebrity came into play here. Would any of us have been able to get away with this with only an apology?

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  • steph

    F**k no!@!@!@!@!

    I go to peacefully LEGAL AR protest often and they threaten to arrest us for all sorts of bullshite reasons that are totally unconstitutional, and have even heard them answer the question “what law does this break” and they say “we will think of something on the way to the station if you don’t do what we say”

    i’m not joking….so yeah…star power DEFIANTLY….

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  • Rueth

    Go Jessica GO!!! ;)