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Mariah Carey’s luggage arrived at Heathrow Airport in London on a flight from the States last weekend. In total, the singer reportedly managed to bring with her 23 bags — which were then loaded on to a truck for delivery. And you thought your packing skills needed work! Jeesh.

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  • Kathy B

    I have a feeling that the red 1 isn’t hers.
    it’s probably her whole crews not just hers. Besides global warming is a bunch of BS propaganda by non god believing whack jobs. Tell me how both Cameron Diaz & Leo DiCaprio can be “green celebs” & smoke like chimneys. So its OK 2 give people 2nd hand smoke but not OK to recycle 1 little paper product? give me a break & get a life!

  • steph

    Wow…maybe Kathy B who obviously trolling this GREEN LIVING blog is the one who needs a life…SHE should find something better to do the troll about.

    But that aside…..i absolutely HATE Mariah Carey….strong word yes, but I do. Stuck up, self centered jerk….

  • Kathy B

    @ steph don’t know y I gotta say a name cause only 2 of us cared enough 2 come on this site. actually 1 cause even though i DO RECYCLE & YES BUY GREEN NOT ALL BUT @ LEAST 1/2 THE TIME I COME 2 THESE SITES BECAUSE OF THE HYPOCRACY OF MOST “GREEN FOLK” SOORY I MUST SHOWER EVERYDAY & MUST NOT USE Recyclable TOILET PAPER. Wow strong words 4 somebody who never met Mariah. If she’s so self centered tell me why 4 the last 10 yrs or so she’s always been Make a wishes top celebrity wish maker? not behavior of somebody self centered. not to mention her spokesman ship 4 both The Fresh Air Fund since 1994 & Operation Smile. P.S. also I’m saved so I have alot 2 “troll about” There was no “thou shall be green” in the 10 commandments. I only care about the word of God not the word of man. So should you before time runs out. I’ll pray 4 you.

  • Whoever…

    Kathy, Kathy…

    A lot of people come to Ecorazzi.

    Not all comment though, either because they don’t want to or because they really are not in the mood to waste time with comments like yours…

    However I love to refute certain arguments, so here it goes…

    “global warming is a bunch of BS propaganda by non god believing whack jobs”

    I’ve read a lot of anti global warming comments but at least most of them present data and information to back up their arguments.
    You, on the other hand use the statement above to say that global warming isn’t real!! Okay…

    Then please write like an adult… those abbreviations are very nice when used among teenagers or to send text messages but they’re a bit immature when used by an adult (I’m assuming you’re an adult) to make a comment about something!

    “There was no “thou shall be green” in the 10 commandments. I only care about the word of God not the word of man. So should you before time runs out. I’ll pray 4 you.”

    What about “Thou shall not kill”? Isn’t that one of the most important commandments? Are you by any chance a vegetarian? Or do you truly believe your god meant to be ambiguous on purpose regarding that commandment? Yes, because one has the right to ask – not kill what, only humans or animals as well?

    If you only care about the word of god and not the word of man, then you have been living a lie for many years. Who do you think wrote the bible? God himself? Or men? And have you ever seen the original scriptures? NO! What we all have access to are the translations of the original texts! Do you know anything about translation? Do you know that no matter how good a translation is, it’s never exactly the same as the source text and therefore there might have been some changes in it? So, what assures you that what you read in the bible hasn’t already been changed many times?

    You know, a renowned botanist in my country did a study about the plants that were mentioned in ‘our’ bible. Do you want to know the results of that study? Well, some plants that were mentioned in the bible’s translation (done into our language) never existed in the area where the ‘action’ took place ‘back in the days’ of christ! What about that? What else has been altered? What else is wrong?

    Do you want to live your life by a book that was probably written, rewritten and surely translated many times by men? Well, then that’s your problem but don’t come here with religious fanaticism trying to pretend you’re better than any of us!

    One more thing – why is god a male figure and not a female figure? Interesting… maybe because god was created by men to undermine women and other men as well, and thus control them!
    And you do know that other cultures believe not in your god but in allha, buddha and so on…? So who is right and who is wrong? Or is everyone right and we only have one god (not male or female, but a divine energy) under many different names? Uhhh… this is hard isn’t it? When it comes to religion, there is no right or wrong (unless you use it to make wars or to control people), there is only belief!!

    So let’s just it leave it at that shall we!?

    Oh and by the way, blessed be!


  • BanTheFurTrade


    Amen to that comment! In my opinion, the people who believe every single word of the Bible are the true “wack jobs”.