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Numbers for Whale Wars: Season Two on Animal Planet have been released — and they indicate a strong interest in the adventures of the Sea Shepherd crew.

The season debut on June 5th racked up 1.2 million viewers and put Animal Planet in first among all cable channels with men 25-54 from 9-10 p.m. From the article,

Whale Wars’ premiere had its highest increase in the M25-54 demo compared to last year’s averages, climbing 29% from and attracting 399,000 viewers. In the 18-49 demo, ratings increased 25% to 625,000, and the 1.2 million who tuned in from the P2+ demo marked a 24% jump. Compared to last year’s premiere episode, the show increased 73% among M25-54 and 45% in the 18-49 demo.

Looks like Animal Planet is doing a decent job roping in new viewers. More eyeballs means that season three is all but certain — much to the chagrin of the Japanese, who would probably rather not have their hunts on display in American homes. The question is, with the whaling fleet not meeting their quotas this year, will Japan deploy even more defense measures next year to counter a Sea Shepherd intervention?

For more on Whale Wars, check out the official site here.

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    great show … I love it. Think that some people just have not soul…. sucks but I guess that is just the way life goes.

  • Whoever…

    It is obvious that something bigger than whaling is behind japanese whaling!!

    This is extremely bad for Japan’s image worldwide!
    They have nothing to gain by continuing to hunt whales.
    Why do they insist on it?

    What’s the hidden agenda there!?

  • David Johnson

    I don`t think that the Japanese have a hidden agenda as such – they just don`t like being told what to do in my opinion. Commercial interests is the agenda if any exists. The whalers have government/Police or Military support about time the world sat up and took notice as the Japanese will escalate this action next season. OZ should send their Navy down and divert the whalers next time.

  • joel ecob

    The Japanese have a long history of ignoring and refusing to abide by international laws and opinion. Reference Bataan Death March, Rape of Nanking and Pearl Harbor for a few of the recent examples. They’ll continue whaling and consuming whale meat as they please, thank you very much.

  • linda lee pallotta

    idont like the disregard for human life but it is so refreshing, so simply wonderful to see someone DOING something about a problem. adults have decided to altruisticly save whales from being slaughtered.these human beings are amazing and i admire them. BRAVO!!!

  • Joe

    Yeah this great! In fact lets go harass inuit people and smach into their kayaks as they hunt whales! Those horrible inuit murderers!

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