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Paul McCartney is singing the praises of Meat-Free Monday and getting the whole gang to join in. 

Stella, Paul and the rest of the McCartney clan is asking everyone to do their part for the environment and drop the cruel stuff for at least one day a week. 

In a video on Channel 4 news, McCartney said: 

“Basically, it’s just to encourage people to not eat meat for one day in the week — Monday — when they’ve overdone it over the weekend, possibly. And the idea is that it’s very beneficial for the environment.” 

Yoko Ono has also joined the campaign and is hoping that she can encourage her fans to go flesh-free as well.

Check out the video below and tell us your thoughts on Meat-Free Mondays. We think it sounds swell!

  • VeggieTart

    Okay, nice sentiment, but I would have loved it had one of them said that if you feel like going full-time vegetarian, even better. One day a week is a starting point, not a goal to which one should aspire.

  • Marie

    Veggietart – most people don’t go vegetarian overnight. Easy to start and get people interested in it this way. Scarey militant believers in anything chase people away. Much better to approach it gently.

    • herwin

      i so completely agree with you.

  • Erin Raw Foods

    I too wish people would go vegetarian full time but sadly I can’t convince one single relative to do so BUT I have convinced many of them (and I have a huge family being adopted) to go veg a few days a week… which if I can convince 100 people to go veg 3 days a week that’s actually better (in MY opinion) than convincing 1 to go veg 7 days a week.


    • herwin

      thats really great that you actually go talk and can convince people to eat some days no meat, thats truly a great gift that you can do that. :-)

  • sissi

    I think it is avery smart idea, when you start pointing fingers poeple turn away cos nobody wants to be told what to do the preaching methods do not work

  • Annie Tickell

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  • Sue

    Bunch of wallies. More vegetarian propaganda. Being a vegeterian is not the healthiest and the methane emissions is a load of bull!
    We are omnivores – eat meat and plant. Let’s campaign for the humane treatment of animals – pasture fed rather than factory farming. We need to eat clean foods from pasture-fed animals, real butter, vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruit. Most vegetarians eat fake meats and believe it to be healthier than meat.

    • herwin

      are you yourself actively campaigning for the humane treatment of animals ?
      is the only meat you eat from “pasture fed animals”?
      are you walking your talk ? If yes, respect for you ! or are you just hotairing some fuzzy slogan to impress us ?
      Omnivores ? get undressed and spend a week in the forest, ten bucks say that the only thing you could catch and eat are roots, forest veggies and yuicy insects larvea. Oh , and a bird nestling maybe.the rest is just too fast.
      ever heard someone getting cancer of eating too much carrots ? um,no. ever heard of someone getting bowl cancer because eating meat ? um.. yes. why ? because its unnatural for us.
      Dont believe the veggie propaganda (i certainly don’t because much IS propaganda i agree with you on that one :-P ) but its just a mouse click away to find scientific articles about the subject by scientist who themselves arent veggie.

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  • kathryn

    too bad my first introduction into this was Stella insulting hippies. (What hippie can afford to wear hemp? As the textile of the future, it’s way to expensive and doesn’t end up in resale shops). Her original statement was much worse then the ones quoted here.
    My feeling was, “Gee, I’m not welcome to participate in Meat Free Mondays for being a hippie. Okay. Guess I’ll just eat meat on that day.”
    If she had insulted any other group, blacks, Jewish people, the handicapped, there would have been an uproar.