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queenIn a move that hasn’t happened since World War II, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth has planted an organic vegetable garden on the grounds of Buckingham Palace. The patch includes beans, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, beetroots, potatoes, and more — all grown without chemicals and using traditional methods to deter pests.

Vogue is wondering whether Michelle Obama’s organic White House garden (which had its first harvest this week) may have been an inspiration to the Queen — especially as the two women have grown close with multiple visits over the past few months. Either way — how cool is it to have so many families doing the same thing? I can’t remember a year when “home gardening” was such a buzz word.

But back to Michelle Obama’s garden — Matt Drudge, editor of the blog Drudge Report, earlier this week accused the First Lady of “faking” her vegetable garden — saying there’s no way she could have harvested plants that fast. Seriously? We’re now going after the White House garden?

Thankfully, one conservative stepped in to set Drudge straight saying that a little googling on the growth rate of Michelle’s plants would have saved him from “making a complete ass out of himself.”

Happy growing!

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  • Erik van Erne, Milieunet Foundation

    Of course not. The first veggie garden at Buckinham Palace is from 1918 and the 14-year old Princess Elisabeth was working in that garden!!

    See this video:

  • Caroline

    Awww, that is wonderful that the Queen has her own organic garden! I hope is was Mrs. Obama’s inspiration…fantastic to see the unity there. It is awesome that so many are talking and walking the path of natural vs. synthetic in their lives. We changed our ways when our little boy was so severe with Eczema and allergies. Our prayers were answered when, after three long yrs of suffering, he was helped dramatically with Vidazorb probiotics! This whole circumstance has changed our life and the way we view our surroundings….going green in our home! Thanks for the fun article…I will be back here for sure :) Caroline (smilinggreenmom ***tweet me!!!)

  • krissy

    No, her organic gardener son Prince Charles probably did! Hes eben an advocate of that for a long time.

  • VeggieTart

    Whoever was the influence (maybe both Ms. Obama and Prince Charles), it’s good to see her planting an organic vegetable garden.