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Really PETA?

According to TMZ, the animal rights organization has thrown some criticism at President Obama for his killing of a fly yesterday during a media interview with CNBC’s John Harwood. “That’s the most persistent fly I’ve ever seen,” Harwood said, just before the president slapped his hand like a ninja, killing the fly that fell on to the carpet. “Nice!” Harwood said. “That was pretty impressive, wasn’t it? I got it. I got the sucker,” Obama responded, asking the CNBC film crew to get a shot of the fly on the carpet.

PETA, however, was none too happy with Obama’s action. “He isn’t the Buddha, he’s a human being and human beings have a long way to go before they think before they act.”

Sigh. I’m all for the relocation of insects over killing them, but I think PETA should pick their battles a bit better. Check out the video of the crime after the jump.

[UPDATE: PETA has clarified their position. Jump here.]

via TMZ

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  • Listless

    Seriously? Come on now PETA. I find it VERY hard to believe that none of them EVER swatted a fly or stepped on a bug in their life; give the dude a break.

  • Rachelle

    This is just plain fekn silly…Has anyone in PETA never swatted a fly or mosquito?? NEVER?? EVER?? Please. This is just pettiness on their part. Now had President Obama smacked the hell outta Bo the dog during the interview…I could see their point.

  • Livin Veg

    I’ll admit, I was frustrated when I saw he killed that fly. Flies don’t bite. They are just annoying. No need to kill. Just wave it away with your hand. That being said, I’m not sure it was the best move for PETA to make a stink about it…

  • Stooven

    Livin Veg – You’re right to be frustrated at the killing of a creature for merely being annoying. If this is a precedent, you may not have long left.

  • whitney

    This is why I choose not to associate with PETA anymore. They waste their time on this bullshit.. when there are FAR more important things to do. What about the alligator farm Hermes wants to open? I’ll protest that, not Obama killing a fly.

  • Elphaba

    PETA was only responding to reporters who sought their opinion on what happened, and their response was very courteous, I thought. By saying that he isn’t Buddha and didn’t think about what he was doing it actually sounds more like they are defending him.
    Typical…. make fun of PETA for answering a question in a diplomatic way and then use the quote you are ridiculing to further your own blog. Ugh.

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  • silk

    Livin Veg — Do you know how many germs do fly carry? Yes, they don’t bite, but they sure can transmit diseases. And I bet you have never killed a fly in your entire life, right?????? Give me a break!

  • Vegan

    Time to start Vegans who think PETA is a PITA.

  • Whoever…

    Here we go again…

    How predictable these people who are meat eaters, pro-hunting, pro-fur, pro-leather, pro-whaling, anti-environmentalists, anti-veg*ans, have become!!! I knew they would say it’s ridiculous to care about the life of a ‘simple’ fly.

    So, just because it’s a fly, it’s okay to kill the animal?

    I wonder if any of them would have the same reaction if someone killed their pets… Oh, wait a minute, dogs and cats are cute and fluffy and stuff…

    Therefore cute animals shouldn’t be killed, or at least people who kill them should be condemned, but it’s okay to kill those animals who are ugly and disgusting or ‘insignificant’?

    I wonder if you only like beautiful people as well…

    The point here is that he felt too comfortable killing a living creature just because it was annoying him. Well, all of those people I mentioned before are also very annoying to me and I don’t kill them for that!
    What I find disconcerting is the lack of any feelings by president Obama when he killed the fly. He actually felt very proud of it! What a great message he’s passing on to people – “hey, so what if I killed a fly? It was annoying me and it’s an inferior being… so I gladly killed it.”

    But what really upsets me the most is the worldwide media coverage of the president’s action. I mean, this really indicates the feeble credibility of the media in the world…

    And to finish, I really am sick and tired of all these anti-environmentalists, anti-veg*ans and anti-activists infesting Ecorazzi.
    If they are so smart why do they come to an eco-veg*an-friendly site? To provoke us? Don’t they have a life or something?

    Go do something productive and useful with your life instead of bothering people just because they happen to believe all life should be respected!!!

    Humans… go figure!!!

  • silk

    To Whoever..says on

    You know, you do not belong to this world because you don’t live in reality! Come out and say that you have never killed a fly or a living being in your entire life before you come and preach to other people. Don’t be a hypocrite! There’s a limit in the term of “do not kill living beings”. I am a meat eater and I’m not ashamed of it. At least I admit it instead of hiding behind saying do not kill animals, and then go out to have a steak, chicken, or whatever. Get a life!!!!

  • Snwbrds2922

    Really? You’re going to defend PETA on this. Even though I like the idea of PETA, some of their actions make me embarrassed to ever support them. This is a prime example.

    Flies are carriers of diseases, eggs, and are pests. I don’t see why anyone should agree with PETA on this issue. What would you do if YOUR house was infested with flies?

    Comparing killing a fly to killing someone’s pet is like comparing apples to oranges.

  • Matt

    PETA is just a bunch of nutjobs anyway. Dont pay attention to them. Animals should be treated humanely always, but they dont have RIGHTS. The bill of rights dont apply to animals. Damn hippies always raising a stink…no pun intended.

  • Glenn

    I don’t understand the comment about “picking their battles.” It probably took Peta about 7 minutes to write and send out the press release about this, which takes nothing from any of their other campaigns. It’s not like they stopped all other work to do this.

    Peta is always on the lookout for any opportunity to champion the cause of animals, whether or not you think these animals are worthy of concern.

  • Mike

    Who cares?

  • steph

    when will peta stop making animal rights people look insane :(

  • JohnD

    I think that due to the fact that it was during an interview he should be given a little bit of slack from the perspective that it’s a pretty annoying situation. He obviously isn’t THAT compassionate.

    But his bragging about it and getting the camera guy to get a shot of it… minorly disturbing. It reveals a bit of sadism that’s a bit familiar.

    Our last president blew up frogs and branded his fraternity brothers at Yale.

    Maybe it goes with the territory of having the audacity of hope to be the leader of the free world!

  • Bob

    What will they think of next? Lashing out at someone who killed a microbe?

  • GDavis

    Oh Come ON Peta and fly lovers! Flies are gross disgusting things. It probably came off the fresh pile that the dog left in the backyard. Flies vomit stomach acid on their food and then suck up the digested grossness through their straw-like mouth parts. They carry disease and breed nastiness.

    Isn’t there something more important you could be griping about here?

    How many members of PETA have pets? They are against that too. Should you be criticized by them if you have a pet? Even a goldfish?

    Why not save some pigs or something. Give the Prez a break already. JEEZ. Talk about annoying.

    I love animals, I have saved many. I’m against shooting wolves from helicopters and clubbing baby seals. But I will never join this bunch of whiners in a million years, for this reason alone.
    Ugh! I am SO over them.

  • Judy Nicholas

    I am a member of PETA and I can’t believe they even bothered to respond to President Obama killing a fly. Flies and mosquitoes carry diseases and I kill them when I can. Already too many people think that PETA is a group of crazy animal lovers and now they just added more to that group. It’s hard enough to get people to listen to you when you are out demonstrating for PETA. I don’t want to deal with fly killing too. Judy N

  • steph

    oh and PS….if PETA wants to get on a government official for killing animals, why don’t they start getting on the ball with MAYOR BLOOMBERG!@!@

    It sucks Obama killed a fly, but in NYC Bloomberg is killing THOUSANDS OF GEESE….

    Come on PETA….

  • Rob

    Sea kittens and dead flies. . .

    You know, if you simply focus your energy on significant issues you might actually impact the mainstream. It’s random silly issues like these that close minds to your message.

    Don’t give me “it’s a living creature too”. So are plants, and you stab and decapitate them. All life has but one certainty, death. Circle of life people, Simba gets it.

  • herwin

    what happened was TMZ asked Peta for a response of Obama killing a fly, and Peta just gave a short answer. And then TMZ makes it sound if Peta is going after Obama for killing a fly with some dumb headline.
    its not at all that Peta made an official statement or is going after Obama.

  • hs

    I saw these web headlines and went to the PETA site — you should try this! They were ASKED to make a comment (they seemed to think that was kind of odd) and the full comment they made — in a blog entry — was really quite humorous and light. Please check your facts before just repeating them.

  • herwin

    and anyway, it shows that Obama is just another dumb ass and a clown like Bush. Except being black he hasnt done anything worthwhile that i can remember, even to keep upon his promise to get a shelter dog was too dificult to keep..
    Michael, Peta isnt making a batlle over this fly killing, they merely answered a question from TMZ which took them 10 seconds, over and out.

  • Eric

    An official government report filed by the state of Virginia claims that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has set a new record in killing over 95% of the dogs and cats in its care last year.

    PETA has an annual budget of $32 million much of it spent on advertising and yet they refuse to embrace a no-kill shelter policy which save thousands of dogs and cats under their control.

    We call on PETA to adopt a no-kill policy in their animal shelters and immediately stop the pet killing.

  • eff that guy whoever

    Lovin Vag- Obama was just showing his innate prowess and power. Subtly revealing his superior stength to terrorist leaders. I bet he kills huge spiders in his big ol white house like it was his day job.

  • Mark C

    PETA is a classic example of what happens when you worship the creature instead of the Creator!

  • herwin

    hs, you are so right , and its a little dissapointing to see these misinformations about PETA on this forum, and how quickly (vegan) people see another opportunity to attack and ridicule Peta only based on misinformation.
    its just some misleading little Peta slur the whole article.

  • berlinda k

    Why Are They Makin A Big Deal Out Of This;
    He Just Killed A Fly; He Was Having An Interview And Didn’t Want To Be Disturbed;
    Wat He Was Supposed To Let It Fly Around Him;
    Give The President And Everybody Else A Break; Its A Fly Get Over It;

  • trg


  • Scrap Iron

    Flies only have importance when they reproduce. We do need the maggots (larvae), but once the adult has passed on the DNA, they are nothing but disease carries and annoying little pests.

  • John

    PETA has lost their mind. If they want to wave flies off allday instead of wacking them with their hand or a fly swatter, have at it.

    I have a fly swatter and I use it on a regular basis.

    Peta has become even more annoying than the flies. We need a Peta swatter.

    Be careful when you “open your mind” too much, your brains may fall out. Evidently that is the case with the nutjobs at Peta

  • Bud

    This subject is stupid. So Peta will send President Obama the fly capturing device, He will catch the fly and release it outside and the fly will immediatley slam into my windshield as I’m driving past the white house. Then what PETA is going to ask that everybody stop driving to save a flying insects. Stupid!

  • a bug and animal killin dude

    to whoever, we (normal people) come here just to piss you off. it’s funny to see a person get so upset over a fly. a disease infested poop eating fly. just so you know i’ve killed probably 1000 in my short little life. i shoot birds and squirrels on a regular basis, and might i mention i fish too. you say we need to get a life. but those of us who are not concerned over the killing of a fly do have a life. one that is much more fulfilling than yours. we don’t have time to worry about flies being treated fairly. we are busy making America tick. While pansies like you are concerned with flies instead of the fact that north Korea and Islamic terrorists are trying to kill each and every one of us. so i guess from your point of view we should help terrorists and help murders and rapists because after all they are people too. also i would like to remind you that you are human too. so guess what you are in the same boat as everyone else.

  • Rick

    Peta should move their headquarters to Africa because they love flies.You can see how happy people are having flies crawling in their ears,eyes,noses and mouths along with all the diseases they bring but Peta doesn’t care about that because they are those nasty humans.Peta=Moonbats.

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  • Heidi

    PETA runs its a kill shelter for cats and dogs. Who is worse? PETA killing cats and dogs or President Obama for swatting a fly buzzing around him?

  • carly

    I think PETA has lost it. There is a related post at

  • tobo

    This is misinformation as good as the tabloids found at the grocery checkout.

    Disappointment. Redeem yourself. Rewrite or remove:

  • Whoever…

    “While pansies like you are concerned with flies instead of the fact that north Korea and Islamic terrorists are trying to kill each and every one of us. so i guess from your point of view we should help terrorists and help murders and rapists because after all they are people too. also i would like to remind you that you are human too. so guess what you are in the same boat as everyone else.”

    Where on earth did I write anything that would make an intelligent person assume I meant that “we should help terrorists and help murders and rapists because after all they are people too”?

    “While pansies like you are concerned with flies instead of the fact that north Korea and Islamic terrorists are trying to kill each and every one of us”

    Maybe you should wonder why they are terrorists and why they pose a threat, mainly to the USA. I live in a country which no other culture hates or is even trying to attack. I wonder why… It’s not a perfect country but at least we don’t go around robbing other nations’ oil or meddle in their elections!!

    And from what I read, the statement of PETA was used out of context. I don’t support PETA or any other NGO (although I admit that at least they’re doing something to fight for what they believe in), exactly because of their ambiguity – namely the fact that PETA spends millions on campaigns instead of spending that money on directly saving animals.

    “i shoot birds and squirrels on a regular basis, and might i mention i fish too.”

    Oh what a brave ‘man’ you are!!

    Regarding diseases, many animals carry viruses and diseases! Should we kill them all ? Do you know anything about the HIV Virus? Do you know who transmitted it to humans? Non-human primates! What about H1N1? Let’s kill all the infected humans as well!!

    My point is that people are all in favour of killing ‘disgusting’ and ‘insignificant’ animals but they oppose it when we’re talking about cute dogs, cats, dolphins, etc.

    From what I can gather is that real veg*an people care for all life and are peaceful and tolerant humans, while non-veg*ans are all in favour of killing and are potentially dangerous people who are extremely fast to judge and insult those who don’t think like them. These are a few examples:
    “PETA is just a bunch of nutjobs anyway.
    Animals should be treated humanely always, but they dont have RIGHTS. T
    Damn hippies always raising a stink…
    PETA is a group of crazy animal lovers
    PETA is a classic example of what happens when you worship the creature instead of the Creator!
    He Just Killed A Fly;
    Be careful when you “open your mind” too much, your brains may fall out. Evidently that is the case with the nutjobs at Peta
    Then what PETA is going to ask that everybody stop driving to save a flying insects. Stupid!
    to whoever, we (normal people) come here just to piss you off”

    How tolerant and open minded you all are…

    Funny how no one even bothered to mention the media coverage about this!!!
    No one would be talking about it if it hadn’t been for the eerie interest of the media in the action of the president killing the fly – with an enormous satisfaction I might add!

    That should have been the main argument for this discussion!!! But no! What people really want is to bash animal rights activists!

    “You can see the level of evolution of a people by the way it treats ‘its’ animals.”
    I completely agree with this statement. I think it actually reflects very well the level of evolution of humans and their actions!

    P.S. Oh and if there are so many more interesting and important things to talk about, why did all these people take the time to come here to post comments!?

  • Whogivesa$hit……

    PETA – what a bunch of pansy idiots! Outrage over a fly – what a senseless waste of time, this is simply an idiot killing a pesty insect. So now is it People for the Ethic Treatment of Insects?

    Lame – how do I get this waste of time back??

  • I killed a carrot just to watch it bleed

    “My point is that people are all in favour of killing ‘disgusting’ and ‘insignificant’ animals but they oppose it when we’re talking about cute dogs, cats, dolphins, etc.”


  • NoneYa Business

    Relocation of insects? Are you a total moron or just in this one instance?

  • Dennis Welch

    For Livin Veg,
    What planetary system did you drop out of? “Flies don’t bite!” INDEED!! Flies will bite the unholy s__t out of you if you give them the time. I’m not an Obama fan, but give the man a break.

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  • On behalf of all the normal people…

    I suppose PETA prohibits their faithful from using flea collars on their cats and dogs as well… Maybe we should ban insect repellent so the mosquitoes can be cared for too. What a waste of human DNA these people are.

    Oh, and by the way – Whoever Says, (whoever you area) you are pathetic…

    Enough said.

  • William

    Whattaya wanna bet that literally evry last one of the PETA group voted for Barack Obama, and are liberals?

    Wanna bet that every last one of them is pro-abortion?

    So it’s OK to kill a human baby, but somehow wrong to swat a fly.

    I’m gonna go out and find me a critter, kill it and grill it!

  • Seattle Rescue Services

    Every time the secretary at PETA moves she kills small microbes.

    Where do YOU draw the line?

  • fly swatter

    terrorists exist because they do not believe people should be free to chose how to live their lives. they are willing to kill if we do not believe as they.

    how the hell do you know know one dislikes or hates your country. trust me islamic terrorists will get to your country soon enough.

    as far as viruses go im quite sure im more educated than you as per years of medical training. what about you

  • fly swatter

    what most people want is for the animal rights whack jobs to shut the hell up

  • splat

    i would kill a cute and fuzzy animal to survive or make my life better. so splat the fly goes. it made his life better what matters more our (bugs and insects and animals and fish) comfort or theirs.

  • Anon

    Imagine if Obama had asked for someone to compassionately “catch and release” the fly and that were videotaped! The hard-core killers out there would have loved it!

  • Aggregat

    Imagine PETA outraged over killing a fly while they killed over 21,000 pets they told people they’d find a good home for. Did some of them in the van even before they left. They just posture to take money from the gullible. Google PETA kills animals and read for yourself. The gullible will of course deny it all.

  • Reasoner

    I’d guess that a large majority of Americans feel some sympathy for animal suffering. But insects that invade your home are another story. The people who wouldn’t swat a fly in their home are definitely in the minority. I’m surprised there are any at all. Those who posted here in favor of relocation might be responding theoretically and didn’t think it through. Termites destroying your home – happily abandon your home as a gift to them, kill them all with pesticide, or remove the drywall and get out your padded tweezers? Come on people!

    Some made the point that PETA was asked their opinion and gave it and I think that has some merit. To officially want to respect the natural world as much as possible is admirable. But the delivery of the trap does make them look too wacko. This small incident unfortunately will make too many people embarrassed that they are supporters and will not write that check again.

  • BellBiv

    It was a freaking fly. Get over it!

  • For the whoever nutbag…

    It is very amusming listening to your ridiculous view of the world. You really need to crawl out of your basement once in a while to see the real world where “humans live.” It seems very much like you are trying to act like some kind of god or “greater being.” So let me be one to tell you, since I’m probably not the first. Go ahead and keep acting as you do, and enjoy your time in Hell. Along with every fly I smack and send straight down there with you!

  • rosy

    More to the point… Obama, did you wash your hands following this incident?

  • herwin

    from the TMZ website:
    “When asked for comment, here’s the statement PETA released:”
    that should be clear, right ? Peta merely answered a question from the media who already started with “breaking news” headlines like “Obama Swats Fly”
    and just was looking for some ANY comment from Peta to feed their own bullshit news.
    Gossip is nice and this is a gossip site, but theres a diferenrnce between gossip and just downright gutter lies.

  • Rob

    One fly is not an infestation, and no I don’t agree that ‘everyone’ kills flies, most people just let them be.

  • sprybrry

    How many aphids died for your tomatoes?How many grasshoppers died for your beans?How many corn borers died so you could have nice corn on the cob?How many worms,grubs and nematodes died when the soil was tilled?Me thinks you should stop eating.

  • IH8PeTA

    OMFG It’s only a Poop sucking Disease carrying, garbage can loving,FLY!!! Give it a rest PeTA you vegan noobs, you’re trying to give rights to a dispicable little pest who’s the enemy to all sanitary & healthy people?? Shows you right there when you find PeTA in the evolutionary chain they rank way lower than amoebas & microscopic life forms!

  • Elphaba

    Here we go again. Has it ever occurred to any of you who like to throw around the whole “PETA kills” business without knowing anything about it that most of the animals PETA takes in are from cases of extreme neglect and/or abuse. PETA’s policy is actually such that they do NOT take in adoptable animals (though there are some exceptions, such as the dog I adopted from PETA), instead referring those who can be saved to a local open-admission shelter. These animals who actually are adoptable are never in PETA’s custody, get your facts straight before you go running off at the mouth!

    BTW, petpac is a front group for breeders who don’t wish to accept responsibility for the overpopulation crisis that they contribute to each time they have a litter.

  • Aurora

    I myself do try to relocate all creepy crawly things I find in my home, or I tell them to hide if they want to live, (which oddly enough, they seem to understand) but I am sorry PETA people, whereas I love the care and attention you bring to ending the needless suffering of animals everywhere, flies are not just a minor annoyance, they do transmit disease, as per the CDC. Conversely, nobody bats an eye at Lysol or Listerine for the thousands of germs they kill each day that also transmit disease. Are these germs not living things?

  • lllllllllllllll


  • lllllllllllllll

    If you drive long distance, you have dead insects all over your windshiled. Duh? What about flies? Would you put a flea colar on your dog, or let him be eaten alive? If a flea bit you, would you just put it outside?


  • lllllllllllllll

    of course, i meant what about FLEAS on my previous comment below…

  • Ramand

    Daniel T. Oliver wrote an in-depth study on the ‘animal rights’ movement. It revealed the consistent pattern of the greed, hypocrisy and violence carried out against animals and people by PETA and others like PETA. It’s called “ANIAML RIGHTS: THE INHUMANE CRUSADE,” Merril Press. I encourage everyone to get a copy and read it. It will make you think twice about keeping your membership active with PETA or any other group that rakes in millions of dollars on the backs of animals and those who love and respect them. Ingrid Newkirk wakes up each morning looking forward to feeding dogs and cats to the convenient gas chambers she had installed at PETA headquarters. Is there a “humane” trap for her and her ilk of animal exploiters? Not only do these animal activists hate animals, they hate people who welcome them into their homes and friends and family members. I used to support this until I grew tired of the consistent pattern these people have of overextending themselves with their greed and hypocrisy. When a fly is more important than an animal that is valued as an assistance animal, such as a dog, Ingrid Newkirk and her pals need to stop deceiving other people out of money they have not earned. They are a part of a political welfare system that caused me to ask myself with terrorists like these, who needs Osama, or Obama?

  • gooniebird

    Hey PETA dolts get a life it was a fly and their too many flies why dont you just go out to some area and let the bugs chomp you all to peices

  • Wally

    Hahahahahahah! That’s some mad skills Obama has! i think all you PETA people should get in touch with reality for a second here. I am an avid hunter and can honestly say that it takes more guts to kill your meat than to not eat it at all. But since you are all brain-damaged anyways, I won’t even start to try explaining that to you. -Aurora- Did I hear you right? you try to relocate creepy crawly things? (otherwise known as insects or arachnids, for all those with an I. Q. above room temperature)You tell them to hide? And they understand you?
    Tell me- did your mother drink while she was pregnant with you? Go and ask her.

  • Hello

    2012…here we come. This is absolutely crazy.

  • Laxmana

    Maybe PETA should recruit more Buddhists.
    What could possibly be of more interest to a fly than reincarnation…….. a feces burrito?

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  • dogflea

    I remember how much this drew controversy. I personally relocate more bugs than I kill knowingly.