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Last year, the Jonas Brothers were the top fundraising group on the site — bringing in over $500,000 for their personal charity, Change for the Children Foundation.

For their new 100-city tour about to kick off, the boys are once again hooking up with the site and offering 4 VIP tickets to meet-and-greet backstage. All of the money raised will go to programs that motivate and inspire children to face adversity with confidence, determination and the will to succeed.

Initial bidding is set at $2,500 for the VIP package. Jump here to find out more info!

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  • kim

    In regards to the meet and greet with the Jonas Brothers set up by Charity Folks, here’s some advice. Understand that this is not a private meet and greet. I paid $10,000 for my two daughters to meet them in Houston in March, set up by Charity Folks. Although, the money goes to the boys charity for children and makes you feel good, we feel it should of lasted at least a few minutes donating that kind of money. It lasted 10 seconds, a quick hello and handshake, turn around for your picture and goodbye. Yikes! Be prepared