by Michael Parrish DuDell
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Oh Andy Dick — you so crazy! 

Andy recently suited up in his best clown outfit and joined a team of PETA members outside the Clark Street McDonald’s to convince the fast-food executives to switch their current method of chicken slaughter. 

McDonalds currently uses electric immobilization which is the pretty damn cruel conventional method of slaughter in North American poultry slaughterhouses. PETA is pushing McDonalds to switch to controlled-atmosphere killing —  A U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)-approved slaughter method that emoves oxygen from the birds’ atmosphere while they are still in their transport crates. 

Sounds a bit more humane to me!

Check out the video below and to see Andy Dick getting his protest on!

  • Kelsey

    Andy Dick makes such a great McCruelty spokesperson – this is great!

  • Erin Raw Foods

    Yes he definitely does. I wish they hadn’t had him disguised at Ronald McLoser (though he makes a GREAT Ronald) but he might be even more of an eye catcher had he been just plain ole crazy Andy Dick who definitely stands out in a crowd :)


  • Stimp

    Is he sober these days? I can never tell.

  • Whoever…

    Gather all the fast-food executives in a slaughterhouse and give them the same treatment animals are given…

    That would do the trick…

    *evil laugh*


  • http://ecorazzi Lola

    So this USDA approved slaughter method removes the oxygen from their atmosphere while in transport……so they can suffocate to death slowly? I’m sorry but this doesn’t sound humane at all. It may be better than the other method but still…….methods of slaughter… sick!


    End killing animals… PERIOD! There is no kind way to kill.

  • Stephanie

    According to the link, removing the oxygen slowly causes a painless death. They supposedly don’t “suffocate”. I have no idea if it’s actually painless or not since I’ve never died that way! lol.

    I’m a vegan and I don’t think it’s okay to kill animals any way. I wouldn’t eat animals regardless of who they were raised or killed. I believe in animal rights and liberation but until we achiever that, I would rather know that animals that people eat were raised humanely and killed in a painless way. Animal suffering is plain wrong.

  • maite

    Animal cruelty will stop when people
    cease killing and eating animals.
    Maite Kropp
    Newspaper and WEB columnist.

  • brock

    shark eat fish. wolves eat deer. snakes eat mice, and i eat juicy cows. there’s a food chain here people, and i happen to be on the top.

  • DinaCristina

    the transport tanks remove oxygen in a way that the animals actually fall asleep before they die. its a gradual process, so that’s why its not painful or inhumane. and its not just about how the animals experience death. if they have all these terrible injuries while they are alive how are the companies sure that their animals are not infected? it would be very easy to miss and to be passed on to humans and it would easily become an epidemic. even if you dont care for the animals you eat, i hope you care enough about yourself to be conscious about what you put in your body.