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If ethical fashion is one road to take for a budding designer, then Emma Watson is basically walking in almost the opposite direction. There’s reason to hope, as I’ll explaing in a second, but first the bad news.

Watson, who plays Hermione in the Harry Potter series, is fronting the Fall advertising campaign for fashion house Burberry. As some of our readers know, Burberry does not have the most stellar credentials when it comes to animals. PETA even has an online game called “Bloody Burberry” where you run around a Burberry store spray painting fur coats and other tasks. Thankfully, Watson’s photoshoot does not contain any fur, but she’s still fronting for a company that still refuses to go with a faux alternative.

Meanwhile, the 19-year-old actress has also announced that she’s creating a new clothing line for teenagers — with all of the profits going towards children’s charity UNICEF. That’s fantastic news, but it comes with a bit of trepidation. Apparently, Watson has been getting design advice from Karl Lagerfeld; the same guy labelled by PETA as a “fashion dinosaur who is as out of step as his furs are out of style.”

Now, obviously, we don’t expect Watson to start designing t-shirts with fur lining, but for someone who takes the environment seriously, we also hope she’ll consider more ethical realms of the fashion world — and steer clear of advice from those who continue to dabble in cruelty. That charitable clothing line definitely gives us hope!

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  • Kelsey

    That’s disappointing; maybe she’ll drop them, ands Karl, when she learns about their cruelty.

  • Erin Raw Foods

    Yes I hope she drops Furberry and that outdated ancient man. I can’t believe he’s even still alive… :(


  • Stephanie

    Wow she looks so gorgeous in that pic! I always thought she was just cute. But no, really, she needs to quit that ad campaign and do an ad campaign for a cruelty free designer like Stella McCartney!

  • herwin

    its a nice commercial slogan but what exactly will be labeled as “profit” and go to unicef ? probably the leftovers after everybody including miss Watson did get their salary.

  • marta

    Hey, Watson was in Teen Vogue – and well, is this real fur in the pics? I’m not sure, but it looks quite real to me! See here:

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