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The only thing particularly green about this photo is the background, but I wanted to throw it up there anyways since Johnny Depp’s take on the Mad Hatter looks brilliant. As you’ve probably guessed, this one of the first promo shots for Tim Burton’s trippy take on Alice In Wonderland. After seeing what Depp looks like, would you want to take a fall down this rabbit hole?

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  • Erin Raw Foods

    Well if no one else is going to take the plunge I am… Honey I’d slide down any rabbit hole for that man! :) My one opportunity I had to meet the guy I was too nervous to say anything – wouldn’t let that happen again!

    Just wish he’d get a bit more healthy eco friendly with his diet…


  • http://none Tony

    He looks like Madonna in this shot.

  • http://ecorazzi Lola

    I do absolutely love Johnny Depp and find him to be extremely attractive, but he looks like Elijah Wood in this picture, which whom I could live without. Of course I am sure the acting will be great and the other actors I have heard are in it are wonderful too! Is there still an Alice character? I thought I heard this takes place 10 years after the original.

  • steph

    he looks awesomely terrifying!@! i can’t wait…

  • Nibblespps

    That’s Johnny,always venturing for the darringly outragious roles. Who better to pull them off though.

  • Insomnia

    I’d go down any hole Johnny Depp is in.

    I’m just saying :-|


    But seriously, I really want to see this, as well as Public Enemies that comes out July 1st (Can;;t wait! Wait for meee Johnny! Haha ;-})

  • Caroline

    Oh wow! He looks crazy :) Wondering if this will be cute or scary for the kiddos! Tim Burton is one big weirdo- respectively of course- does great films! Caroline

  • Burton_Superfan

    Johnny Depp as “Carrot Top…”

    Separated at birth?

  • Simone

    I agree, this is really Madonna. Was that done on purpose?

  • Timothy

    Madonna is in the house!

  • kelly g.

    Johnny Depp’s Mad hatter looks like Uma Thurman’s Poison Ivy.

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  • Poe

    Not impressed with the look.