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Daryl Hannah has been arrested. Again.

The actress was charged this afternoon with about 30 other people — including were NASA scientist James Hansen and former Rep. Ken Hechler — for blocking State Route 3 near a Massey Energy subsidiary’s coal processing plant in Raleigh County.

The peaceful protest on mountaintop removal coal mining, organized by local residents and the Rainforest Action Network, was met with strong opposition by a surprising crowd of Massey Energy workers and coal supporters. According to police, tensions ran high and one Massey supporter was arrested and charged with battery during a brief confrontation with protesters. From the Charleston Gazette,

Speeches at the rally were often difficult to hear, drowned out at times by a large crowd of miners and their families who gathered around the stage and frequently shouted at and tried to argue with the speakers. Other miners blew air horns, revved motorcycle engines and blasted car stereos, at one point cranking up the 1984 song, “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” by Twisted Sister.

You know the shit’s about to hit the fan when Twisted Sister starts blaring!

Apparently, Hannah and Co. were arrested only after they dropped their initial plan to trespass on the Massey operation and sat down in the middle of the road, blocking traffic.

We commend all those at the rally for protesting this awful practice and drawing attention to the cause. Mountaintop removal is an incredibly destructive and irreversible mining technique that should have no place in America’s energy future. Unfortunately, there are some that fail to see the big picture — and how we’re related to it. Take, for instance, this awesomely ignorant and unbelievably real comment over on The Charlotte Gazette:

“What is the value of the mountain other than what is in it? Actually it is a thing of beauty when foliated, but not all that pretty when leaves are gone. They make some people sick to drive in and always impede transportation. They present danger during snow and ice. How many people, who live in the areas affected, really give a hang about the mountains keeping their original contour?”

“Just thought I would ask an obvious question that I have not seen posed heretofore. Would the people living in the area prefer a peak on a mountain or have it flattened out for alternate use. Make a place for housing, industry, schools, recreation, etc. Actually, what is preferred if the coal profit were removed? It seems that it is OK to create jobs, but the fact that some entrepreneur makes a profit gives rise to a problem for some.”

And there you have it. For more information on mountaintop removal, check out

Photo credit: Rainforest Action Network

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  • Erin Raw Foods

    Wow, it’s been years now (before it was kewl) that she’s been supporting such causes, living in a green solar house, driving eco cars.. This chick is great. AND she still looks great. I love Daryl Hannah. I remember when I was 18 in New York City walking to an agent’s office and she was on the street listening to a man talking to her telling her stories. She was smiling and listening intently and very politely. The man happened to be homeless and I could smell him as I walked by. But she just listened and gave him her time and was so gracious.

    Now THAT is a cool woman. I only wish I’d taken the time to stop and tell her how great she is.


  • No Bullroar

    It’s about time someone stepped up the pace in behalf of planet earth.
    Demonstrations like this need to be replicated on a massive level if what could be the deadly long term effects of coal fired power plants are to be avoided.
    Coal fired power plants represent but one manifestation of today’s insane capitalism, a form of economics that must come to an end before it brings about humanity’s premature extinction.
    Capitalism is no longer viable because its chief mantra is infinite and perpetual growth. The consequences of this mantra were not apparent when population was low, but given the rapacity of today’s level–coupled with the fact that earth has limited resources–means that the human race is signing its own death warrant.
    In other words, you can either have capitalism or you can have a sustainable planet, but you can’t have both.

  • David Cohen

    She sat with me for several hours, and I am homeless. You just dont get that, She is priceless. I just wish I could remember clearly what happened because I had a seizure, but I know She kissed my cheek. What I can recall is very special.

  • steph

    The woman is the best <333

  • sheryl, washington dc

    There are a lot more comments now on the Gazette story and they largely support the activists.


  • Whoever…

    “one Massey supporter was arrested and charged with battery during a brief confrontation with protesters. ”

    What a clear indication of the level of evolution of both parties.

    On one side we have people who are fighting for a better, sustainable future for all of us; on the oner side we have people who are afraid of change and want to cling to the past no matter the consequences…

    Are people that stupid? Didn’t this worldwide (alleged) financial crisis teach them anything? And they call themselves an intelligent and superior species? Money and power is all that matters to big corporations and powerful entrepreneurs… If they could, they would enslave their employees to make more profit.
    And I don’t have a shred of doubt that Massey Energy would fire many of its employees if that could save the company a few bucks…

    I can understand that these people are trying to save their jobs but there are always alternative methods that respect nature. We don’t have to destroy nature in order to have a nice lifestyle!

    Haven’t people figured out yet that it’s nature that provides us with all we need to survive? It’s about time money, power and greed stop being the most important things in this world…

    Oh and of course, Daryl Hannah is a true gutsy LADY! She’s not one bit afraid to stand up for what she believes it’s right!


  • krissy

    they did a study recently and the states that allow this coal mining spend like 400% more in health care costs than are earned from having the mines in the first place. These workers are so desperate for a job that theyll fight to poison themselves and their families. The world is sad.

  • kellyjones

    i read rfk jr was supposed to be involved too
    it is the most awesome statement when these people use more than their names to stand for cause!
    thanks to all involved!!

  • Brenda

    As a life long resident of WV I would like to thank Daryl Hannah for taking the time to travel to WV in her effort to help draw attention to the human in-justices occuring within our state.

    We have been fighting this battle for a long time, but it is very difficult when your main resources are limited to each other.

    We need more notable people to follow her lead and help expose the harm.

    thank you again

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  • sam

    It is nice to see super stars come to WV to draw attention to the devastation caused by MTR.Nice to have people visit. Nice to see non violence.
    Truth is not all of the environmentalists are peaceful either.
    So, instead of troubling miners who have a job, why not bother your own statesman? Demonizing the miner is scapegoating.
    Be very greatful you have a home, a job, and money to eat whatever you wish. Be greatful your parents paid for your education or loans or grants from taxes on wages paid for it.Be greatful your parents decided you were worth the sacrfice to be born and were not selfish to think you would add to the destruction of the world. Be greatful coal was there to be used in the steel mills to build the buildings you had to endure…Be greatful that some people are actually humble enough to work in the coal mines and not leave WV to take your job. Be greatful that you still have hope.
    What is quite beautiful is this.No compassion for other people leads to closed minds.
    You take responsibility for ending someone’s job but you are not bringing food to food pantries in WV.You are not helping to roof homes so insulation won’t get wet in poor people’s homes.Show me the green entrepenuers in WV. If you all put your money into a co op green energy company in WV, maybe the miner would not respond in fear?
    I think the miner may look simple to everyone, but they are not always the fools.Jumping on a drag line will make someone a martyr if they get hurt, but all that publicity makes locals close their ears and eyes because a lot do not like MTR.They need jobs. Underground you all do not like because of CO2.So, WV really does not have a lot. Blame the government.Blame everyone you like. Call it greed but what is the difference between Massey’s greed or Google’s greed.No one is permitted to make money.Yet it is ok for stars to make money.They donate to charity..What about private companies? But someone has decided to come down to earth now to judge everyone’s behavior? When did divinity enter into the green movement? Nothing is black or white,so unless you really care about the earth, you will care about people first.Why? Because someone has to work and pay taxes to pay for all the changes to take place in energy legislation and we have baby boomers who will tax the health care system and social security and since making babies is a green no no, you have fewer young people working to pay for all the services the aging will need.SO, maybe it is best to start the euthanasia practices on the baby boomers? See how silly it can get if all of it is connected with pure ideology?
    West Virginia needs your help.Not in small mindedness and ridicule of the miner, but in good, bright, exciting ways to provide inexpensive alternatives.Maybe buy property and build innovative green retirement villas? You all need to put the energy into that.Let people learn from you and befriend you.Ridiculing people goes no where.

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  • christian econ

    It always amazed me to see people put themselves on the line when they could just be enjoying the selfish pursuits of their fame and wealth. Thank you Daryl Hannah and the others who use what they have to move us in a more evolved and conscious direction. That stands in stark contrast to those who merely seek profit regardless of the cost to those doing the work, their families, and the environment.