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Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson received an unexpected surprise upon visiting Portugal this week for the International Whaling Commission (IWC) Conference: he was arrested.

According to news agencies, a 30-year-old warrant had been issued against Paul Watson for the 1980 ramming by Sea Shepherd of the pirate whaling ship the Sierra. The Australian director of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Jeff Hansen, told ABC News that Mr. Watson was released after four hours of questioning. “Paul had lengthy discussions with the police in northern Portugal and they determined that the warrant had actually expired in 2008 so there was no valid reason for them to hold him,” he said.

Sea Shepherd’s most public campaign to date has been their annual pursuit of the Japanese Whaling fleet, as documented in Animal Planet’s Whale Wars series. Watson said he was surprised by Portugal’s move to arrest him — especially since he’s visited the country time and time again with no problems. “But it was like last year in Chile, I was hassled a bit…,” he said. “Chileans told me it was because Japan had put in a complaint and they wanted to question me about what I was doing at the International Whaling Commission meeting. So I’m not really quite sure if Japan was behind this.”

Thanks to Cid for the tip!

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  • steph

    i’m sure the Japanese had something to do with this….

  • Ariela

    Ridiculous! He’s out there trying to stop the horrific whaling business- he should be praised not arrested! I first read about Whaling Wars on GirlieGirl Army
    and I’ve been following ever since.

  • Whoever…

    As a Portuguese citizen I’m ashamed that this happened in my country…

    However, we as a former whaling country (we abandoned this barbaric practice back in 1981) have no intentions to resume it.

    Since we stopped whaling, no whale was ever hunted again in my country (that I know of).
    Whale watching replaced whaling with great success ever since.

    And if we were able to pull this off (a small country with not many economical resources), there is no excuse for other countries not to do it too!!

    You’re welcome Michael.


  • leorolim

    LOL! WTF??
    I’m Portuguese and I’m stunned by this news.
    All I can think of is that some idiot cop learned how to google or whatever and came up with that warrant :)
    Our justice may be slow, but it doesn’t forget! :D

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  • tara mandarino

    This guy Paul Watson should be arrested. He is nothing more than an immature punk terrorist hiding in his bed or playing on his computer all day while he has these stupid, brainwashed lazy hippies do all the dirty work and take all the risks. They are so desperate to never get jobs and earn their own livings that they feed off stupid, wealthy actors, using whales as an excuse. They put peoples lives in danger to avoid getting jobs and supporting themselves. Do you think Japanese whalers really care about Paul Watson? He put a bullet hole in his own jacket to stage a scene pretending a Japanese fisherman shot him! Ha! At least Paul Watson is smarter than his supporters..

  • Whoever…


    What a rude, violent and very immature comment!!

    “immature punk terrorist hiding in his bed or playing on his computer all day while he has these stupid, brainwashed lazy hippies do all the dirty work and take all the risks.”

    They’re there of their own free will and fighting for what they believe in – something you apparently don’t understand and probably never did in your life!!
    You’re the one comfortably sitting in front of a computer… cowardly trashing people you’ve never met!!

    “They are so desperate to never get jobs and earn their own livings that they feed off stupid, wealthy actors, using whales as an excuse. They put peoples lives in danger to avoid getting jobs and supporting themselves”

    How bitter and frustrated you must be!
    Do you know anything about their lives to claim so vehemently they don’t have jobs?
    Well, if actors are that stupid why is it that they make more money with one film than you’ll ever make in your entire life? Do I sense some jealousy there!?

    “He put a bullet hole in his own jacket to stage a scene pretending a Japanese fisherman shot him! ”

    Where’s the proof to back that up!?

    Please do some research on whaling and its reasons will you?

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  • A Hut

    Tara is obviously hired by the Japanese Whale Poaching industry.

  • Morton Salt

    I think if all of you dislike the japenese whaling maybe you should all get rid if your japenese cars and buy American. I do not think any Americans except maybe Eskimos up in Alaska do any whaling. I think the Japenese have maid this big business with the whaling. It is time for all of you to make a statement and boycott Japanese products. The biggest area is in the auto industry where Japan has made that big business. If the Japanese auto industry sees a big drop in their business they may change.

  • Digger Gooseback

    I love “Whale Wars”. I would never miss a single episode because I want to make sure I don’t miss the eventual episode when the Japanese Navy sinks that terrorist bastard’s ship. I’ll be laughing my ass off all night long. Hip Hip Hooray!

  • vor

    Whoever – tara is correct in everything she said about this ecoterrorist. He’s a publicity whore for himself- if it weren’t whales it would be something else. And your rationization for his actions are those of a fool. Just take out the word whaling ship and replace it with “abortion clinic,” and you will see how fast your argument falls. (oh, and the video evidence is clear – the clown did indeed fake being shot)

  • linda devereux


    • Drake

      Your rite Tere is eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllll!!!!!!! Wanting these gentile giants to die.

  • sabrina pisio


  • nonegiven

    I really don’t know where the Sea Shepard dug up its crew. These people don’t know how to do anything right, take the boat launch clip, it’s SOP to lower a launch into the water BEFORE loading personnel. No wonder the damn thing tipped over. On top of that the “captain” decided the best way to pick up the overboard personnel was to throw the boat in reverse? What!?!?!?!?! Anybody who has served any time on a boat larger than 10 tons knows that trying to maneuver a vessel that size in reverse is an exercise in futility. All he did was put the volunteers lives at risk. Why do people support him?



  • jim

    Watson is a terrorist who deserves to be in prison along with the rest of his mongrels.

    he should save the acting and role playing for when he and his loverboy peter brown are together.

    the man faked being shot.

    the anthrax scare baby powder was probably sent to watson by himself

    the whole show is a fake collaboration with discovery

    how many times can the crew “get lost” in the boat.

    the last time there was a camera man in the boat yet for the 2 hours they were supposedly lost not a single piece of footage from the bosun was shown.

    when they give their explanation for being lost they can clearly be seen to be making something up for watsons pleasure.

    please eliminate this fake program i am done watching it

    these people are nothing more than “false flag” terrorists.

    they will eventually intentially hurt and maim their own members to gain press

  • Amy

    I love whales too. But I think the way Paul Watson and his crew go about getting things done is completely idiotic. I hate the way these extremist groups go way overboard. They may have good intentions, but the way they go about it is not effective. Do they not realize that these Japanese crew members who’s lives they are putting in danger are just trying to make a living and feed their families? How about trying to make change in a positive way??? Like through EDUCATION! Many people who support the whaling industry do not understand why their actions are hurtful in the long run. Stop the violent approach and try a peaceful one.

    Speaking of that, it always amazed me how some people can be such huge hypocrites. Posing as a peace loving hippy, but then taking part in acts of violence all in the name of “saving the animals” or “saving the environment.” Come on people!

  • herwin

    i resent the comment that paul watson is “posing as a peace loving hippy” and a hypocrite ! he isnt ! he is always very clear about sinking poaching whaling ships (he done it and he loves it!)
    the worst thing for the whales is having friends like “Amy” who “love whales, BUT…”
    Paul Watson is a true friend of the whales.:-)

  • Amy

    Watson is a violent eco terrorist who is putting people’s, and whales’, lives in danger. If he is a “true friend of the whales”, he would take a different approach. Below, I explain why Paul Watson is actually harming the whales. I think he cares most about media attention. He always has to be in the spotlight.

    “There’s nothing wrong with terrorism, as long as you win.” -Paul Watson

    Have any of you Sea Shepard supporters ever considered the damage that sinking a ship causes to the environment and all of the marine creatures? Do you realize that sinking a ship causes huge amounts of pollutants to go into the water??? Oil and fuel spills are responsible for killing entire ecosystems. How the hell is covering the surface of the water with oil going to help the whales? They are surface breathers, they have to come to the surface.

    I would like to encourage the Sea Shepard supporters to think things through more thoroughly. Violence is not the answer. Especially when you are hurting the very creatures you are trying to protect.

  • Skeeter

    “Why can’t we be friends? Why can’t we be friends? Why can’t we be friends? Why can’t we be friends?”

    Paul Watson can suck it!

    Don’t sink ships and endanger every living thing around.

    Go burn down the restaurants/processing plants that serve the whale meat, shark fins, and any other endangered creatures. We (people) are just visitors in the ocean. We don’t “live” there. Don’t mess up some other animals home to prove a point. Mess up the cities where the demand for such products is. Kill the demand, then you’ll kill the action to put it in demand. I’d rather see some city burn down than a huge ship spill oil, fuel, and other chemicals in the ocean.

  • http://whalewars tbuse

    To allyou people who critize these men & women who go out in all elements for whales really should go and put your heads back up your asses! If more people did this much or more, the world would be somewhat better. Get it together! If anyone wants to cuss me or talk smack to me-go for it! Get off your asses and try to do some good that focus solely on yourselves. Protect what we have left & shut off the friggin borders!

  • http://whalewars tbuse

    some people make me sick! Shepard, your awesome! Keep up the great work and ignore the dumbasses who do not have a clue because they are too busy worrying about themselves and crap that has no meaning! pssssss on u hatrz

  • Jonas Miller

    I love watching this show for its entertainment factor, but I disagree with the methods used by the Sea Shepherd. The Sea Shepherd is willing to take human lives to save these whales. Sure, if the Sea Shepherd crew wants to risk their lives that is one thing, but the Japanese whalers are probably honest, hard-working citizens trying to make a living for their families. Prop fouling and ramming their boats is aggressive and uncalled for. A disabled ship in those seas is at the mercy of the weather and could easily be sunk. I loved to see the reaction of the crew when the tables were turned on the Sea Shepherd when the Japanese ship threatened to prop foul them. They were acting all holier than thou and spewing about how dangerous prop fouling is. How hypocritical of them. I personally think more progress could be made without all the violent actions, but that is not in Watson’s nature.

    Oh, and I would love to see Animal Planet document both sides of this war. A camera crew on board the Nisshin Maru with subtitles or translator would make the show 10x better. Then the viewer would be able to better see where each side is coming from and how they both feel justified in their actions.

  • tara mandarino

    Hope Paul watson wins the Whale Wars and puts a Stop to Whaling.

    Best Regards!

  • Don Beale

    Just finished watching the whale wars programme and all though I have some agreement to sto whaleing I disagree with the sea shepherd methods.
    I will never again donate to this terroist organisation and I will make shure that my company never again donates and supports a terroist.
    Whale have freinds but paul watson is one freind that is best discarded.
    He should be tried and jailed for several yeard . all of the assits of the organisation are to be conficated.
    Terrosim is bad no matter what the cause.

  • Annette Bryne

    Captain Paul Watson is my hero! He is risking his own life to save the whales from illegal whaling by Japan and other countries who kill whales for money and greed. Sea Shepard and Captain Watson are carrying out a necessary intervention to show the Japanese whalers that the world is watching and care about these magnificent creatures. Because most of us do. Why should anyone or any Nation desire to take an innocent whale’s life? Contrary to earlier posts, there is no “other side” to the story. There is only one answer, STOP KILLING WHALES FOR PROFIT. In fact, I see the Sea Shepards as practicing restraint, while the Japanese Whalers perpetrate terroism, explosive harpoons, to maim and violently kill innocent animals. Paul Watson is an anti-terroist! To those of you who posted negative ideas about Captain Watson and Sea Shepards, you are what we call, Karmically challenged! Captain Watson, you are my hero!

  • Edwin D Gill

    They should have locked him up and thrown away the key. He’s a terrorist. No better than bin Laden. I’d love to see his fat arse water boarded.

  • http://none scott

    whaling is just another way of harvesting food,you nieve people. whales are no differant than cows pigs ,chickens,lobster,shrimp, just another renewable resource.if you eat any meat you have no right to complain about this. i guess you can just use mcdonalds or grocery store as your disconect from reality

    • J

      Excuse me? There happen to be rather a lot more cows than whales in the world. And cows aren’t endangered. Or protected. And the point of a renewable source is that it continues to populate itself so it won’t run out – dead whales rarely reproduce.
      But no, you’re totally right, people should not eat meat and complain. which is why I don’t eat meat. Or fish. Or wear leather. Or, in fact, do anthing which relies upon animals dying.
      And it’s spelt ‘naive’.

  • Bobo

    The Japanese are harvesting whales illegally and the Sea Shephard people are vigilantes. If you defend either of them, you’re an idiot.

  • LRTA

    I must say the shooting seemed staged, on the other hand I think we should kill all of the whalers. I truly mean kill them take away all they have and all they are ever going to have. Sink the ships to the bottom and leave the crew in the water…… I understand this is a “green” site and I am almost sure that I am the only combat vet on this site, I know I know don’t assume, but I have killed….. actually quite a few people mmmmm enemy combatants. So when I say kill the whalers I know exactly what I am saying.

  • christian ives

    Paul Watson has no bussiness being at sea! Time and time again he disreguards the Dutch mandate stating that he cannot throw projectiles from his ship! and when the Japaneese sailors throw things back in retaliation the Watson crew gets in a huff! I hope the the Dutch revoke Watsons flag and let him sail under the flag he should be, the Jolly Roger. Because thats what he is a pirate!

  • Harry

    Season 3 will be a short one, Watsons and his followers will be arrested by the Japanese coast guard.

  • vurbano

    Watson and his crew should be hung as Pirates/terrorists.

  • Annette Bryne

    Watson and his crew will be, and are, honored as heros. They are incredible people and I am now a member of Sea Shepard, wear their logo on my car and sweatshirt, and will donate as much as I can every year. For the whales, I thank you Captain Watson.

  • Brian O

    I’ve read all the posts and I thought I’d educate the uneducated or at least try…There exists an agency called interpol I’ll repeat INTERPOL it stands for international police. That is one agency who could indeed Police/Arrest the Japanese if they are in fact breaking international law so why do we need the Sea shepard doing this at the “Risk” of harming the environment or the “crews” of the ships.
    My family and I are avid outdoorsmen we literaly love the environment and if the whales harvested are endangered then interpol should step in. We are hunters, we kill deer for food aswell as sport. We practice humane kills and we obey all laws and if some geeky fellow came to my deer stand and was trying to hit me with a GLASS bottle filled with or without anything in it, it could kill me or a member of my family… well…I’ll give you two guesses about what I’d do but you really only need one…I’m not gonna hold up a sign that says “I’m leagly killing deer to feed my family” and if that fellow tried to climb up in my stand with me uninvited I’d probably shoot him or at least beat him half to death….People the best television shows live because they got to your emotions that is all this is …TV you have been duped…the laugh is on you!!

  • Mik

    Only a fool would get on a ship captained by paul watson and his crew of inexperienced seafarers. Notice he does not throw anything, he does not get in the smaller boats, he does not get in the helicopter. paul watson stays safely in his cabin. Much like charles manson and jim jones, very good at tricking others into doing the criminal deeds.

  • Amy

    I love Paul and his cause. I donate $100 for ever new episode. The Japanese are the real animals for the slaughter.

  • Eric S

    Paul Watson is a hero. I can’t wait untill I can proudly join Sea Shepard. All of you people have your beliefs and I have mine, it’s no reason to fight over but excuse me for saying this all of you people that hate Paul Watson can burn in Hell because he is trying to save the planet that we all live on. I don’t see you doing anything to help!

  • HR

    The Sea Shepards are complete terrorists. They are willing to do ANYTHING to “win” for their cause. Personally, I don’t like to see any creature killed. I don’t like knowing that thousands of unborn babies are killed every day but if I ran to an abortion clinic and rammed it with my car, or threw acid inside to keep the clinic from operating I would be put in jail and prosecuted to the highest extent. Killing is killing, no matter what it is and it shouldn’t be happening but Paul Watson is only sending a message that people like him are ecoterrorist nuts and he is doing nothing good for his cause, unless he considers making his “people” look like violent psychos.

    Notice how everything goes wrong for these people while they’re throwing glass bottles at other ships and trying to disable their ships? It’s called KARMA. You can’t take the law into your own hands. You can’t sink people’s ships just because you don’t agree with certain things. Do something that will do some good. Stop the violence and cocky bullcrap.

  • RJ

    i love whale wars but not for many of the reasons that you people do. i love to watch every week and see how the sea shepherds will fuck up this week. they are some of the stupidist people i have ever seen on tv. i love the fact that they dedicate their lives to saving whales and they completely suck at their job. the japs are not breaking the law by any means they have a quota and they stick to it because they have to under international law. for all u hippies out there wise up stop smoking weed and realize that these people are doing more harm than good

  • Capt’n Blighe

    PLEASE, let’s all hope that the Japanese Navy finally uses a submarine to take out that terrorist Sea Shepherd ship. KABOOM!

  • Nova Scotia Fred

    I think Whale Wars is Great! I stopped feeling sorry for the whales and I now started cheering for the Japanese whalers. Keep up the good work Capt’n and you’ll change more conservationalists like me, into anit enviromentalists.

  • Carroll Leeds

    I fully support the captain and crew of the Sea Shepard…which is why i put my real name on here.
    In fact i’d absolutely love to join them in fighting the good fight.
    What the Japanese are doing is illegal and immoral and they need to be stopped!
    Carroll Leeds

    • RJ

      i fully hate hippies like u ill put my real name up here its rachel janakowski what the hell difference does it make if u put your name up. their not fighting a good fight they are idiots. and its not illegal dumbass hippies just dont like it so they say its illegal

  • John

    Two questions.

    Why are the Japanese harvesting in a designated sanctuary?

    What research are they doing while on a whale processing ship?

  • Charles T. Tuna

    “Nova Scotia Fred” …That is hysterical because I feel the same way. I was clapping as the research ship was pulling that fat azz whale aboard to chop up into delicious Whale steaks. Go Whalers!

  • wouldn’t u like 2 no

    SCREW all u whale hater

  • Larry

    Way to go Sea sheppard. I am so pleased that SS will be teaming up with Earthrace, the fast attack boat.

    I feel that the Jap Whale Killers must be stopped by any means short of violence.

    I am proud to be a Sea Sheppard supporter.

  • Michael

    As long as there’s a public desire for whale meat and a market for it, there will be whaling ships. You don’t stop whaling by risking lives with a complete disregard for anyone’s safety.

    If you want to stop whaling you get organized, get involved and raise public awareness. Watching this show doesn’t make me hate the whaling fleet, it makes me feel sorry for the people aboard those ships that are trying to feed their family. This show also creates anger amoung the people that are consuming whale meat rather than trying to educate them about an incredible animal.

    Paul Watson blends conservation with a healthy dose of hatred for the Jappanese culture to bring attention to his cause. There’s a cult like mentality on his boat that’s pretty scary to watch.

    There’s so much more the Discovery Channel could be doing to help save the whales than airing this program and feeding Paul Watson’s ego.

  • Whatever

    First I emphatically disagree with the Japanese position on whaling. It’s simply not justifiable.

    However, in the real world, a world Paul Watson doesn’t live in, there are other ways of addressing the problem such as removing the economic incentive. The problem is that Watson is a zealot and completely blinded by unbridled ego and his unwavering, uncompromising position and belief that what he’s doing is right.

    In fact, he probably is technically right but his methods are certainly controversial, to say the least. At the end of the day when Watson stipulates “the whales are our clients” he really has to look in the mirror and say “Am I really helping or am I the actual problem.” Just like a CEO who’s a poor fit – Bob Nardelli at Home Depot (hell, Nardelli in any leadership position, given his character), Watson should really take a different approach.

    However, that’s not going to happen. He’s alienated virtually everyone so he (and his organization) cannot reach out to other organizations for operational help. Let’s go down the list – Greenpeace: nope, he got kicked out. Any oceanic research institute – nope, they want nothing to do with him. Any government agency – nope, they want him in jail for his reckless seamanship, his constant reinterpretation of international maritime law, etc.

    Yes, the whales need to be protected in open water. But Watson isn’t the man to do that job. He’s simply too far gone down the path of being a zealot that he’s easily discounted in circles that actually matter, that could help and that could eventually pressure the right governments and industries to make a significant impact.

    Keep watching Whale Wars. It makes for good television (to a point) and it raises awareness.

    But the Sea Shepards really aren’t doing much except burning up lots of diesel running around looking for Japanese ships. Not very efficient and certainly not a very good use of your charitable dollar. Put it elsewhere.

    • Tim

      Well written, totally agree on this one. I don’t support whale hunting, on the contrary, but the Sea Shepherd needs to know where to draw the line. What they’re doing now is terrorism, nothing else. Also, them making the show doesn’t really improve the objectivity on their fights. Pure propaganda.

      • Victor Martins

        While we are talking economics lots of animals just get killed for no good reason.
        If there are better alternatives to the work they do, just put them at work and prove him wrong. I’m sure he will apreciate if in the end, the animals were saved.

  • Helder Cervantes

    Paul Watson IS THE MAN!!!

    I’m from Porto, Portugal, and was very surprised to discover this piece of news. I mean, arrested? Here??? LMAO!!!!

    I hope you kick some serious jap butt next year. I’m eager to see the earthrace in action.

    Keep at it!!!!

    • Victor Martins

      I’m also from Portugal and I’m ashamed for our fucking gov.
      Paul IS THE MAN :)

  • Sparky Jones

    If you’re operating legally on the open oceans of the world and another ship comes up next to you and starts trowing bottles of acid at your crew and vessel, DON’T YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO SHOOT THOSE PIRATES DEAD? (wink, wink, Japan…get my drift?) America’s Navy did it legally just a few months ago.

  • Ward

    Sparky, the problem is that guns are not allowed in the Antarctic territories, due to the Antarctic Treaty. Hence, the reason neither Japan nor Australia sends their navies to settle the matter. Both countries are signatories to the Antarctic Treaty, so must adhere to its rules.

    Ironically, the treaty pre-dates the ‘whale sanctuary’, and supersedes its rules. Specifically, the ‘absolutely no whale hunting’ rule. The whale sanctuary cannot usurp the original Antarctic Treaty’s provisions, one of which states that countries will not interfere with any scientific research. Yes, I know the Japanese ‘research’ is a sham, but officially it is recognized as research by the IWC, so they are not breaking any international laws. Since Australia set up the sanctuary, the Japanese are only breaking AUSTRALIAN law, which is why they cannot come into any Australian ports.

    The biggest problem out there is that people think that the IWC is supposed to stop whaling altogether. IWC stands for International Whaling Commission, not International ANTI-Whaling Commission. Simply being a member of the commission states that you are fine with the concept of whaling, as long as it is controlled. It doesn’t really matter, though; the IWC is not a government, therefore cannot create laws that Interpol can enforce. The IWC is really more like a club, and countries are not required to join (or stay in). Ask Iceland.

    Because of these things, the Japanese technically are not breaking any international laws or regulations, since the IWC grants them quota permits. I’m not saying that the Japanese are ethically/morally right, just legally secure. They are not poachers, nor are they pirates, and they are not conducting an illegal hunt.

    What they are doing is conducting ‘research’ that is protected by the Antarctic Treaty; research that is built on shaky ground. Invalidate their research grounds, and you can have their permits revoked. Without the permits, they will be unable to harvest anything inside the Antarctic Circle, as only research vessels are allowed there by mandate of the Treaty.

    It seems too easy, but it would certainly work. The Sea Shepherd group waves around the UN Charter like a streetcorner preacher, but it carries little weight. If they got the Antarctic Treaty on their side, they would be able to legally stop the hunt, as the Australian navy would then be able to go in and chase away the ships. Unfortunately, the Sea Shepherds would first have to adopt non-violent methods of diplomacy in order to bring about that change, and I seriously doubt that is going to happen.

  • herwin

    that is very interesting but there are a few points that need correction.
    the research excuse is largely only accepted by the japanese themselves, most other scientists don’t validate that excuse. Since the research excuse is not internationally accepted, the japanese are not legally in the arctic waters killing whales. They are merely tolerated because of their economic powers.

    Sea Shepherd is a classic example of non violence in action, in the true spirit of Gandhi. Rather then inflict injuries on their “enemies” the whalers, they choose to put their own bodies in harms way in order to protect whales.
    Sea Shepherd is supported by the Dalai Lama who recognizes their peaceful efforts for a better planet and protection of life on this planet. Here you can read his support in writing.

    last but not least, i highly doubt if the IWC gives quota to the japanese. It is the japanese themselves who give themselves quota. If i am wrong please put a link with correct information that the IWC gives quota to the japanese.

    the assumption that if Sea Shepherd steps back and eventually the australian navy could “chase the japanese away” is unlikely to happen and everybody knows that.


    Thanks to

    Paul Watson

    Pete Bethune


    11 – The DAY´s victory of whales