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Stephen Baldwin Quits NBC Show After Botfly Larvae Get Under His Skin

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baldwinI warned you Stephen Baldwin!

For my entry in NBC’s contest to send a blogger to Costa Rica to visit the set of their latest reality TV show I’m A Celebrity…Now Get Me Out Of Here!, I wrote about the nasty creatures one can experience while there.

“Pick up any brochure on Costa Rica and I’m pretty sure the last things you’ll see are instructions for removing Botfly larvae from your skin. If you did, they would probably be in very small print and offer such helpful advice as ‘placing raw meat on your arm to coax the young out” and/or ‘using the tree sap of the matatorsalo’ to kill the parasite.”

Unfortunately, Stephen Baldwin — one of the celebrity contestants on the show — now knows what that feels like.

The actor quit the series yesterday after saying he was bitten over 125 by the Botflies — with some of them laying their eggs underneath his skin. Speaking on blogtalkradio, Baldwin said: “I suffered in the first eight days of production, while in the jungle, over 125 insect bites on my body… I had about thirty on my left leg… 25 or 30 on each arm, kind of all over and two of them, much to my surprise, became quite lumpy initially.

“Within about 72 hours they were these half dollar-sized lumps under my skin that were probably about an inch thick and were situations where they just weren’t a reaction that were the same as the others – 123 so to speak. I did get to take some time with the medic who explained that in his opinion at that point he didn’t think that it was the ‘implantation of insect larvae into my flesh’, but that – oh gosh – that’s what it could be… So they tested these things and sure enough, Stevie B was ‘pregnant.'”

And therein lies perhaps the most interesting thing you’ve ever read about Stephen Baldwin.

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  • McAllister Pulswaithe

    Maybe they were Shaw Bots!

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