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As many of you know by now, our favorite green stork recently brought Ecorazzi a new kid brother! is the new little guy and jam-packed with all the latest news, product info and recipes that your plant-loving heart could possible desire. 

This week on the site we’ve launched a new video challenge that you all are going to love! Here’e the deal: 

My friend Mike Yeshion and I have known each since we just a year old and although we have a lot in common, one thing that’s drastically different is our diet. He’s meat and potatoes. I’m more like tofu and quinoa.

A few nights ago, Mike and I were sitting at the bar (OK, tofu, quinoa and tequila) and he rather pompously said, “Dude, I could totally be vegan if I wanted to.” And that was that. Within minutes I had convinced Mike to prove it to me and the world by going vegan for 30 days and documenting the whole thing on VEGdaily. He agreed.

So starting July 1st, Mike Yeshion will go vegan and each Friday will unveil a new video updating the world on his progress. Sound like something you’re into? Watch the video below and then scoot on over to to learn more!

  • krissy

    Its very hard for a meat and potatoes person to go vegan because those first few weeks can really break you. People need to remember atleast initially to eat a lot. its not like meat where it says in your stomach for days… and then there seems to always be mass vomiting. but that can be just getting all the crap out.

  • Sally

    Only you can make “balls to the wall” sound like pro journalism, Mike!

  • Michael Parrish DuDell

    S- Ha! Why thank you!!