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For all those jacked into the non-stop revolving door of gossip that is the White House vegetable garden, chew on this!

The latest dirt is that the White House kitchen is getting ready to contribute to next year’s garden by installing three compost bins on site. The South Lawn veggie plot has done so well this year (resulting in ridiculous conspiracy theories) thanks to the soil used in the beds. U.S. News says that one of the secret ingredients was a shipment of compost from New York celebrity chef Dan Barber.

Obviously, having compost trucked in every spring isn’t the most efficient method of fertilizing a garden, so it’s great to see the White House taking the necessary steps to make it locally. This is yet another positive green move that Americans can find inspiration in to try at home. Organic matter accounts for almost 30% of household trash — and it’s a waste to throw it into the landfill. According to Sierra Club Green Home, of the 31 million tons of food waste Americans throw away each year, only 3% is recycled!

So, rock on Obama household! We hope to see compost bins flying off the shelves and Kathie Lee Gifford building one on The Today Show. Now, how about some worm bins?

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  • deena

    Fantastic! That’s something I really need to do too.

  • sfgreenscene

    Recycling and composting is not that hard. We’ve been doing it for years. Today the mayor signed a new law that REQUIRES recycling AND composting. Why send all that good stuff to landfills where it will never break down and will be forever unused? Instead, reuse, repurpose, recycle, realize we can be part of the solution.

  • Caroline

    Yay for the Obamas! Now that is leadership at it’s finest :)

  • Whoever…

    I just hope they keep the compost bins very well closed, otherwise there will be flies everywhere… and since president Obama’s new favourite sport is killing flies, then he wouldn’t have much free time to deal with all the issues he has on his hands right now!

    He would be running around the White House swatting flies…

    :) :)

  • Fallopia Tuba

    It’s not difficult to keep a compost bucket closed; I’ve been doing it for well over ten years, and it’s in my kitchen.

    I’m all for the worm-bins idea; I bet the rich soil they started the vegetable garden on was made of worm castings. And that’s not hard to do either.

  • Amanda Blue

    I love composting! We’re trying to get a composting system instated at my school next year.

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  • Pat McGuire

    Yaay! That is something I can really get behind. It is teaching your daughters and all of us good stewardship. Keep up the good (and progressive) work, Obamas.

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