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Actress Spencer Grammar (Kelsey’s daughter) has one big rule when it comes to dating: you gotta be down with the earth!

As recently reported, Grammar calls herself “crazy” about water conservation. The actress says: 

“I grew up in California where there’s always a drought, so you can’t have the faucet on. When anybody comes over and they’re brushing their teeth, I’m like, ‘Turn off the faucet.’ You can’t leave the shower on to let it heat up. That’s unacceptable. I just get really upset. It causes a lot of arguments, actually, especially if I’m dating someone. It’s not a deal breaker, but it definitely becomes a source of anxiety.”

No word yet on if grammar rocks the herbivore lifestyle, but we’re sure she’ll want to once she learns it takes 5,214 gallons of water to produce 1 POUND of beef (compare that to 23 gallons for one pound of lettuce and 25 gallons for one pound of wheat). Talk about a water-waster! 

What are your dating rules? Do you only hold hands with fellow environmentalists? Chime in and let us know!

As always, thanks to Erin for the tip! 

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  • Mark C

    Now tell me that the everything-green movement is not religion. This reminds me of the vegan-sexuals I read about in New Zealand who only sleep with non-meat eaters. The whole eco-religion has become a whose who of one flew over the cuckoos nest!

  • Dave M


  • Whoever…

    “Now tell me that the everything-green
    movement is not religion”


    You guys must be very frustrated and needy when it comes to women!
    You must drool over any and every woman that looks at you or something…
    I mean, don’t you care about the personality of a woman when you’re dating her?
    And if you’re involved with someone right now, doesn’t her personality and what she likes and dislikes matter to you?

    Have you ever heard of incompatibility of personalities?
    If one person for instance loves watching TV and staying home, and another hates it and loves going out to parties instead, do you think a relationship between them would work? Of course not! So what’s the difference between that and the fact that Spencer wants her partner to be eco-conscious?

    “This reminds me of the vegan-sexuals I read about in New Zealand who only sleep with non-meat eaters”

    Ever heard about veg*ans’ sexual performance? If you had ever been with a veg*an woman, you would understand :)

  • Roxane

    My current boyfriend of one year wasn’t aware at all of being green, he didn’t care much, ate tons of meat all the time and basically, didn’t give a hoot. Until he started going out with me, die hard vegetarian. He now eats meat once a week, helped me plant a garden and is very concerned about the environment.

    I was never really concerned about finding a green boyfriend, but should this relationship end, I’d definitely be more choosy about who I go out with!

  • what_the . . .

    Dating a vegan is tough, I am not going into details. She’s finicky and culturally insensitive at times.
    I did changed my diet for a time being. Till things gone down hill.
    I can imagine that the female sex are finicky about those who are not green aka eco-friendly.
    rather than going on a date with a woman who I don’t know. I would spend my time playing pooltable, table tennis, reading, hiking and cooking.
    But I still have a habit of rationing drinking water. whereas tap water taste somewhat funky, kinda zingy after taste.
    I’m a firm believer that everyone has the right to do their thing, long as its amicable.
    Typically people, women are violent breed, firing a 12 gauge shotgun at you (that one jammed fortunately), throwing an axe at you, using a baseball bat, utility knife, whacking you with a rusty pipe, trying to run you over with a truck.
    Oh yeah attempt to poke you with a screw driver.
    In basic term I stay away from women, just ignoring women. even though I am not violent man or a wuss. But thank God for duct tape, it sure saved my butt a few times before. And a simple tool to detain a violent shmoe without harming that person. and calling forth the long flappy arm of the law.
    I never leave home without it.
    Again, I have no problems with people. Long as they do their thing, and I do my thing. I think that there won’t be any problems.
    But then again I haven’t seen any non-violent women.