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When we first heard the rumors that Sea Shepherd might acquire add the sleek, biodiesel-fueled powerboat called Earthrace to their efforts — we wanted to believe. But seriously, would it be possible? Could an anti-whaling organization land something out of a James Bond movie to further their cause?


Outside the International Whaling Commission meeting in Portugal, Sea Shepherd announced plans for their sixth campaign against Japanese commercial whaling in the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary – Operation Waltzing Matilda. They also revealed the incredible news that the Earthrace will be joining the SS Steve Irwin in this new operation. And yes, it will change from its current silver to the Sea Shepherd’s striking black.

“It looks like a spaceship. It can do 40 knots and dive under waves completely. We’ll be using it to intercept and block harpoons,” said Captain Paul Watson, who earlier this week was arrested (And later released) after entering Portugal. He added that the organization was outfitting the vessel with half a tonne of Kevlar to toughen it against the ice. “It has the endurance to go half way round the world on a tank of fuel,” he said. “They won’t get away from me.”

The Steve Irwin will also be receiving some love in the form of $500,000 in repairs and additions. Its buckled hull plates have been repaired (after clashes earlier this year with the Japanese), and  a powerful water cannon has been added on the bow to match the whalers’.

Finally, the organization confirmed that the Animal Planet television crew will be back to film season three of the popular show Whale Wars. “We are taking the most powerful anti-whaling weapon at our disposal: a film crew,” said Laurens de Groot, a Sea Shepherd Netherlands Director. “The cameras are more powerful than cannons and our ammunition is the naked truth about illegal whaling. We intend to keep the focus on Japanese crimes and we intend to sink the Japanese whaling fleet – economically.”

via IndyBay and The Brisbane Times

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  • taylor

    i hope it’s still around when i join the sea shepherds.

  • herwin

    i love to see it painted black witha skull. i think the whalers will be completely freaked out..



  • steph


    Can’t wait, so glad that SS is getting so much support!

  • Patrick

    When I first heard they might be getting the boat, I thought “Naw, nice idea but it’ll never happen.” Glad to see my pessimism proven wrong. CAN’T WAIT FOR SEASON 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sini

    WOO HOO!!! This will kick ass for the whales. Love it.

  • Erin Raw Foods

    Great news thanks Michael! :)

    Cannot wait


  • Amanda

    Fan bloody tastic. What a coup. I hope you put a serious dent in the Japanese whale kill and that they go home with no dead whales on board their ship at the end of the season. wonderful, if not for passion like you guys have what would this world be?

    Oh and the Earthrace is pretty cute too!!

  • Whoever…

    HA, HA, HA, HA *evil laugh”…

    Whaling industry, you’re screwed! Your days are over!

    With this powerboat, there is no way whalers can get away. It will all be captured on video…

    This will definitely be the beginning of the end of whaling :]

    “We intend to keep the focus on Japanese crimes and we intend to sink the Japanese whaling fleet – economically.””

    I have a feeling they will be able to actually pull it off this time!


  • Old_Salt

    The Sea Shepherds, especially the first mate, Peter Brown, have shown their level of seamanship to be extremely poor. From navigation mistakes that put them into deadly ice, to botched dinghy launching attempts that put poorly-trained crew at risk of death, they have shown that they don’t have the skills to sail the Southern Ocean.

    They will sink this new ship.

  • Pandonodrim

    Re: Old_Salt

    Remember, “Whale Wars” is a reality television show – they will edit the show to be as “dramatic” as possible.

    The facts speak for themselves: in over 30 years of operations SSCS has never had a single serious injury or death in any of their operations.

    Every year they’ve gone down since 2006 they have found the Japanese and saved whales. The last three years they kept the Japanese from achieving at least half their quota – that’s quite successful.

    In the past 4 years in the Southern Ocean, the Japanese have had their mother ship catch fire and have to be towed/escorted back to Japan. They had 1 crew member die in that fire, and they lost another crew member the next year to who knows what? (Note that none of these incidents were, in any way, the fault of Sea Shepherd.)

    To recap:
    SSCS – 30 years, 0 deaths
    Japanese – 4 years, 2 deaths

    Who doesn’t “have the skills to sail the Southern Ocean” again? Take your hate and fear somewhere else.

  • Bev Bailey

    Just a quick clarification. Sea Shepherd haven’t ‘acquired’ Earthrace. The world record holding, biofuel boat is still owned by skipper, Pete Bethune.

    Following the successful breaking of the round the world speed record last year, the boat has been touring around Australia and its home country of New Zealand.

    Now, however, Pete has decided to continue using Earthrace to benefit the environment and the planet – only this time instead of raising awareness of renewable fuels, he will be raising hell against the Japanese whaling fleet.

    Glad that’s all sorted out then!

  • Michael Andre d’Estries

    Thanks, Bev — I’ve updated the post to reflect that a bit better.

  • Jorgen


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  • William Mark Clarke

    I would like to propose that the new ship of the fleet be called the Jacques-Yves Cousteau. This would be a great tribute to a man we all know who taught the world about her oceans.

  • Daniel Everett

    That sounds like a great name, however, lets also consider christening it the “S.S. We’re gonna F you up”…..900+ whale quota, & 100 million sharks killed every year, are you kidding me what the F*$k is wrong with these people?!? So many people don’t even give a crap, or don’t even realize, that’s tragic. Let’s all pull together and do our best before all thats left is Jellyfish to dominate the oceans. You think i’m kidding……

  • dominique serafini

    so now the technologie is on the sideof the whales after be used to destroy human and nature thats a good sign ,i spent 20 years with the cousreau team diving sailing and writing books for the kids finally someting start to change ,,,and cousteau didnt work for nothing thank you paul watson

  • Rod Burgoyne

    Great news about Earthrace joining up and the cheques in the mail Paul , the Japanese have been raping our oceans for years and it has to stop.

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  • Steven Adams

    Nice I can not wait for next season, all the need now is a way to track the whale fleet. I say shoot some type of tracking device at the whale ship before it leaves for the south seas that way they know where it is. Or have some one follow it from japan.

  • Mike

    The Sea Shepherd fleet seems more of a threat to themselves then to any whaling operations.

  • Corey

    I cant wait to read about how this ship sinks next season! Should be a good read!

  • mike sheld

    the sooner the sea shapard crew is arrested for there crimes on the high sea the better for us all who are trying to end whaleing peaceably.and i will remind the owners of the new ship those harpons are armed with explosive heads kevlar will not protect you from that and its cold inn the water around the antartic sea

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  • RRR

    Gahh.. the SS aren’t going to stop till they kill someone.

  • Kathy

    Finally!!! Good job, I hope that you guys can now stop the whaling fleet. We need to do all we can to stop the Japanese from killing.

  • patti

    I’ve enjoyed watching the past two seasons. Ques. … why not have more retired professional navy crew? They would still be working for free, yet
    all might work a bit smoother? Not in charge, just crew w/experience.
    Wish crew the best.

  • derek

    Regards comments by Mike. Mike are you Japanese because the comments you make seem stupid in light of reading the other blogs. The Japs kill 2 crew members, multiple work place injuries (three crew had to be taken away last year to get medical attention), several fires onboard their ships. Plus one Jap boat damaged its prop. The people responsible for all the poor seamanship were the Japs themselve. Sounds like you are so angry that you want the Japs to hurt the sea shepherd crew. Number Japs hurt by sea shepherd zero, number of sea shepherd crew hurt zero. Were do you get off Mike?

  • herwin

    derek, on japanese forums that are discussing animal rights topics like animal testing, i have seen many of these same vicous hateful comments. you might well be right that “Mike” is japanese.

  • Rich Schwerdtfeger

    Paul, This is my first season watching whale wars. Thank you to all that you do to protect the whales. I only hope that some day my grandchildren will see them too.

  • Mukhtar


    Nishin Maru, your days are NUMBERED, MUAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH

  • Mukhtar

    Ok, i was reading about the MV Steve Erwin. Did you know it had a 40mm cannon when it was made. That would be useful, wonder why paul took it off lol

  • Dave

    “Nishin Maru, your days are NUMBERED, MUAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH”

    Kind of doubt it. This’ll be like throwing tin cans at a Panzer.

    Can’t wait for the next season of Fail Wars…

  • http://yahoo matt hagel

    i have been on this boat 2 years ago it docked at hilton head il. sc this is one cool boat i wish them luck byby matt in sc usa

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  • Djole

    You know, each year Japs are getting more and more prepared. By that escalation of conflict really comes that high to justify series title.
    Maybe next season we will finaly see some wreckage on bottom of ocean. Not that i justify murder, but just wondering which law protecting animals? Human law? Did anyone asked animals? Bah, lets earn some huge money, screw the whales and rest of animals. You know that line from Matrix is completely right. Human is acting like a virus. Only question remains is when everything is exploited from Earth, where humanity will migrate?
    So i really hope see Nishin Maru on the bottom of the ocean one way or another.
    Sorry human rights committees, call me whatever you like, but in this situation id rather see whales living than Nishin Maru crew…

  • Richard Simon

    I say boycott ALL Japanese goods until they stop whaling.
    An economic boycott, one that really hurts them, will get them to stop.
    After all, what is more important to them then almighty money.

  • Fuzzy

    Well, if the “Earthrace” superboat runs out of gas, they can always call over to the Japanese whalers and ask them for a cup of whale blubber to fill their tank with “bio-fuel.”

    LOL, a clown boat with a clown crew!

  • marcdups

    Fuzzy, you are an azz, go get some fries at MC donalds and help the cause, MORON

  • Stuart

    I doubt the earthrace boat will run out of gas, I think it has a range of about 8000 miles on a tank of gas, it will outlast the other boats, and they might be adding more capacity on the refit it is undergoing right now.

  • Eric

    Did someone in 2009 actually have the call to write “the Japs” in the comments at ecorazzi?

    Thanks for reminding me what little hope our species has…

  • Stephany

    I’m excited that the Sea Shepherds are upping their game! I think they do so much good, I support them totally.

  • Rachel

    Oh! Shepherds of the seas unite

    With Earthrace and its might

    Go,give those Japs a hell of a fright

    And save those whales into the night
    Like me at sixty I’ll put up a fight
    By doing something I know is right.
    Proud to be Kiwi

  • frank detank

    i think the steve erwins needs big elastic sling shots to get the acid to the deck of enemy ships.

  • Mary E.

    Thank you Paul Watson for your lifelong
    efforts to stop the inhumane whaling by
    the Japanese fleet. I pray for you and
    your crew every night. Revelations 7:3 says, “Hurt Not the Earth Neither Sea Nor
    Trees”. I truly believe you are doing God’s work on the high seas. If God be on your side, who can defeat you? As to Mike Sheld’s comments, I say you should go back to school, read the Bible and learn how to spell. You spelled Shepherd incorrectly, you ignorant fool!
    Go Earthrace Superboat, and kick some ass on the high seas!!! YES, YES, my prayers have been answered.

  • Mary E.

    I anxiously await the next season of Sea Shepherd’s. Last night’s (Aug. 14) episode of Sea Shepherd upset me so much I could not sleep. Watching that beautiful creature get harpooned and then shot several times while it bleed to death in the water made my stomach turn and angered me. There are plenty of fish in the sea to eat so why do you continue to kill mammals?

  • Anonymous

    I find it ironic that the Sea Shepherds protest the killing of whales, yet they acquire a ship for their fleet that runs on a biodiesel fuel that uses animal fat.

  • eugenia

    I fully support the Sea Shepherd organization. You must always react in a language your foe understands. I would like to see the “research” papers the murders of so many whales have produced. What kind of “research” is being done? Why are the individuals who fight for our very survival always demonized??

  • George Simmons

    I hope the Japanese bring an old ww2 battleship and put both of the sea shepherds boats on the bottom of the ocean.

  • George Simmons

    Mary E..Maybe you should read your bible more. The bible says to call no man a fool..You sure didn’t mind calling Mike Sheld one.

  • George Simmons

    For all of you that love Paul Watson so much, and Mary E who believes Watson is doing gods work. Go to and check out the lies that this man has told and how many human lives he has put in very serious danger. NO this man is not doing gods work, he is a self centered arrogant idiot that cares more about his ego than any whale or you.

  • Rene

    Frank Detank I agree with you 100%.A big sling shot to deliver the buteric acid right to those bastards.Japanese people go eat more rice and drink green tea and then choke.

  • Whoever…

    You may not agree with the methods of Sea Shepherd (I personally believe they should hire some ‘alleged’ Somalian pirates – -, attack the whalers, get the crew out of the whaling ships, remove all polluting materials off the ships and just sink them), but the truth is that the excuse used by the Japanese for whaling is nothing but a bunch of bullshit.

    Here are some real facts:

  • Linda Carel

    Why are there all these haters on the board, wishing for Sea Shepherd to not succeed?? Watch the Cove, check your pulse,
    and then we’ll talk. Sea Shepherd are HEROS, the fact that they go out there and brave the Sea’s with their limited Seamanship, some of them, makes them braver.

    You holier than thou people…if you criticize Sea Shepherd, this means you support the Japanese fisherman illegally shooting Pregnant mother whales with spear guns that explode inside of them…in an area named a Sanctuary by the IWC, which Japan refuses to abide by. Why would they, it serves them to refuse to recognize this sanctuary….the fish are so plentiful when they come to what they think is their safe haven to give birth to their calves. Sea Shepherd – those of us with functioning brain cells applaud your good work.
    Paul, you are more of a man than anyone who snivels that your tactics are not up to their standards. Love you all.

    • A Japanese Whaler

      I’m all for stopping whaling, but these spotlight-whoring, whiny, useless idiots they call a crew onboard the Steve Irwin are complete fucking morons. Their stupidity is making the whalers look good, and they are not succeeding in their mission at all simply because of their incompetence.

      These fucking clowns are going to get themselves killed, and no one is going to care.

      • Linda Carel

        Ok then. Why don’t you buy a boat, get a crew and brave the ocean to save innocent endangered creatures from getting slaughtered. Didn’t think so.

      • Kenji

        These people are volunteers. They organization is funded through donations. I can’t help but wonder how you would do if you were thrown into a completley new and dangerous situation. I’d be curious to know what you’ve done to further conservation? These people are putting themselves at risk thanklessly. Your ignorance is a little sad and part of the problem. I for one will care should someone be injured on a campaign, but will respect and appreciate that they stepped up.

      • wentosea

        I fully support ending the whaling, but it is true that the type of persons crewing for these expeditions are truly unsuitable for the task. What is needed is tough, hard nosed sailors. Not whiny, no-knowledge kids. The constant discipline and procedural problems (i.e.forgetting the radio, forgetting to put the batteries in the radio) might be cute at a rally on the quad, but will get people killed and only detracts from the war effort.

    • Tom

      That is so bunk. That is like when Pres. Bush said that if you buy pot you are supporting Terrorism. I dont think killing whales is good. Though I’m not going to support a group of people who are more concerned with camera time than actually getting stuff done. They (sea shepards) do more damage to people who are trying to solve this problem with diplomatic approach. Ramming ships and throwing stink bombs doesnt stop whaling, as you all saw on the last couple episodes. It may delay it an hour…maybe. Grant they are doing more than I am doing I just dont think its the right way to handle it.

      • Kenji

        Camera time, really>? I would speculate that the camera’s on board make a cramped life on a ship more difficult.But people who may never have had an interest are being exposed to something that cannot be ignored. If that’s what it take then keep the camera’s rolling! If someone was about to shoot your dog with a harpoon would you be so patient? Would you wait for the police to be called etc etc. The moratorium on commercial whaling was implemented in 1986, and yet whale meat is sold on the open market to this day(“research” meat). I know diplomacy moves slowly but it is nearly 2010, enough is enough!I would love to know the “right” way to put a stop to this. Sorry for sounding snippy but it needs to stop. I respect people taking action. (Knowing Sea Sheperd never intends to hurt anyone)

      • Simmo

        First of all, diplomacy has never solved any problem, wars did. Unfortunately thats one thing humans didn’t evolve out of from monkeys, “you want something, you fight for it”. Secondly, with wars, terrorism, global warming, air pollution and etc going on in the world right now, nobody gives a rat’s a$$ about whales nor any other endangered animal. So, do I support Sea Shepherds? in a way. Instead of using stink bombs, as we know from last season was not successful, they should have invested money into LRAD and blast the guys operating harpoon boats… or get a friggin water cannon and blast them. They need better teamwork, communication and gear when trying to jam the propellers. They looked like f..n teenage turkeys on last show, one after another unsucessful attempt. But instead, they spent $500K of donation money on a stupid speed boat, really? And if you guys dont know, it pretty much got destroyed today, so much for that. I admire these guys, their goal and their time, putting themselves in danger on a daily basis, but bottom line it can be done better. And the last thing im going to say, though they are after a great cause, there are many MANY more organizations, bigger and smaller that dont get any kind of TV time, recognition and very little donation money – seems a bit unfair. You’ll never see a show dedicated to organization trying to save sharks, why? because its not as sweet and calm of an animal as whale. bs.

    • Delina

      This is AMAZING news. AMAZINGGGGG! I am so happy I could scream and jump and shout and hug a random stranger. I can’t wait to see Season 3 with all the very interesting things that will come with it… if the film crew goes on Earthrace AND the Steve Irwin, we are going to have a very entertaining year!

      What the Japanese are doing is illegal. They are criminals, and at least Paul Watson is out there trying to stop them. Anyone who is against whaling but thinks Paul isn’t accomplishing anything good by doing what he is doing needs to check their facts: Last campaign the whalers were short on their quota by 305 whales, because they were chased all over the ocean by the Steve Irwin. That, to me, is a big and well deserved measure of success.

    • Andy Cook

      You are so right, these guys and girls are fighting a great cause, its such a shame that there are so many ignorant people out there. They deserve a huge amount of respect for having the courage and commitment. Hopefully now so many more people are getting to see the illegal and disgusting actions of the japanese, stopping whaling for good may be a real possibility. We owe a great deal to Paul Watson and the crew of the Sea Shepherd.

      • Darius

        Great cause? From what – watching this tv show? Illegal? Who are we talking about here? Have any of you ever met Paul Watson, or worked with his organization? Didn’t think so. If you’re so concerned about laws being violated, then you should turn the spotlight on his corrupt organization….if you suckers only really knew…..

  • http://google dominick

    Does anyone know if they are taking the Farley Mowat as well? I mean 2 ships is better but if they have 3 they will really kick ass lol

  • Bronwyn Nichols

    I thought the Allies won WW2. To the victor goes the spoils of war. Japan signed a post war treaty. Raping our southern waters is an aggressive act against our sovereignity and a breach of this treaty. So much for the mythical Japanese “honour”. You cant believe anything they say. Anyone checked the “size” of the Japanese naval “police force” lately? Seems like a lot of boats to me… If we won the war then how come Japan just goes on killing and exploiting, whilst believing they actually have the right to do so unchecked. Enforcement through confiscation and heavy fining for illegal whaling and fishing Law must be enforced, not just talked about. The UN Security Council need to get off their well paid ass and do what they are being paid to do, instead of tip toeing around diplomacy. I wish the Earthrace every success in her conquest of the Japanese invaders. (Navy crew is not a bad idea actually guys…)

  • Jody

    Wow, this is great news for whales and bad news for whalers! I can’t wait to see how much this improves their success at intervention during the next whaling season. I wish I was in a position to be out there with them. I applaud everyone who has the dedication and generosity to support their efforts and wish them all the best.

  • Rick Crouse

    I wish that the Sea shepherd would quite playing so nice. They need to get some people with sea experience to run their ops. Its good telivision to show softly crying, doe-eyed girls but when the same girls almost kill people from their lack of experience, I gotta wonder.
    Explosive charges on the rudder to disable the processing ship. what about an LRAD for the sea shepherds and for gods sake get a ship with ICE rating… one other thing, you know that the ships have to refeul… attack the refeuling ships

  • LE

    Just finished watching last episode of WW. Wow, I cannot believe they have the audacity to investigate Paul. If they are going to investigate Paul, well they also need to investigate the japanese and their allegations that its all in the name of research. Where are the documents and exactly how many whales do you need to kill each year for this research. Hey Paul maybe you should claim that the ramming of the boat was also reaseach. You are researching to see how many times you can hit a japanese harpoon boat before it sinks :)

  • TheBad

    What I don’t understand is why no one is worried about the whales that the Eskimos kill every year.

    • Mary E.

      I believe that the Eskimos are only allowed to kill one whale per village each year. I also found out that the Norwegians also do whaling. To what extent, I do not know. It’s strange
      that you never hear anything about Norway’s whaling industry.
      I do think it is inhumane to kill intelligent mammals and in such a brutal way. There are plenty of fish in the sea so why
      kill mammals?

      I do hope that next season Sea Shepard will be more successful
      in preventing the slaughter of whales. With the new equipment
      (water cannon and speedboat) they will be better equipped to stop the brutal killing of whales.

      • Fred

        Well actualy the Olavsen family had a large whaling operation in the 90’s i don’t know if they are still doing it but i wouldn’t be suprised. O.R.C.A Force (Sea Shepherd’s lad attack force) sank one of the ships. All of this was in Watson’s Book “Ocean Warrior”

      • Kenji

        I appreciate what you had to say here, but i wanted to add while there are fish in the sea. “Plenty” is a bit of an overstatment. Paul Watson always says the sea is the wild west. If we are not careful we will over fish to the worlds detriment. For anyone who hasn’t seen it check out this video on ocean acidification, every body of water is in trouble.

  • SS

    So glad he got investigated. He’s doing illegal tactics. Hope the Steve Irwin sinks!!!!

    • ww

      First off anyone who wishes a ship to sink should burn in hell, secondly the Steve Irwin is one of the greatest ships of our time is fighting a war against one of the greatest evils of all time.

    • J Terblans

      Suzuki Sikaki, go kiss your emperor’s….. and leave those who would love to protect the world whales!

  • Brian

    I just started watching this season and I have to tell you to see the edition of this new boat is awesome. I been thinking all season how they need more speed to compete and defeat the whalers. They won’t stand a chance next season. I was also wondering why can’t they use pepper ball guns or paint ball guns to fire at the whalers? After all they are non-lethal. I hate the whalers grrrrr

  • Brian

    RE: SS

    Your an idiot and I hope someone sinks you dumb azz!!!

  • john t


  • Jake

    I hope Paul chokes on a piece of tofu and dies. I love watching whale wars just to watch stupid hippies make asses of themselves. These people contribute nothing to the world. Go get real JOBS!!!

  • sub4luv

    japs research claims “The stated objectives are to determine the population structure and feeding habits of several whale species, including endangered fin and sei whales, in order to “manage” stocks.”….then why is it on the season 2 they were throwing away whale intestines, dont they need that intestines if they want to find out what whales really eat????

  • Kettil

    This is gonna be so awesome! both the Earthrace boat and that Animal Planet is filming a season 3 on the vessel!

    After working in the coast guard a while i would love to be a crewmember on a Sea Shepherd vessel sometime.

  • Rik

    My only issue is yes they need some kind of slingshot in the inflatables to fire the butter bombs up on the factory ship and they need to carry more supplies , have a floating gas station somewhere down there at least with the new boat it wont take them so long to find them and chase em around and with an extra high speed boat on board they can harass the whalers with ease now since the Earthrace will be able to slide along the water ignoring the water cannon and probly those dang LRADS the japanese are using military grade deterants I think Paul is within his rights to defend himself if it was me Id do different tactics but how they do their job is great no injuries or deaths….also remember folks Greenpeace got a boat BLOWN up for their efforts

  • naomi

    Kick ass.

  • naomi


  • Shelly

    George S – What exactly is God’s work? Would that be linking to a website full of lies and hiding behind the “word of God”? You are exactly what is wrong with society. GO SEA SHEPHERD! YOU ARE AWESOME and THANK YOU for everything you are doing!

  • Shelly

    Oh and Jake – thank you for posting such ridiculous nonsense. You are supporting the cause just by being you.

  • John P

    I think it’s great that SS makes public announcements of their new assets. This will allow the Japanese fleet to be better prepared and know exactly what to expect. Way to go…

    What are they going to do with that new ship? Sink the Japanese fleet? Right…

    This is a good show. Some whales are saved, but in the long run, this is just forcing the Japanese fleet to be better equipped and invest more in their whaling activities, making them ultimately better at it. What doesn’t kill them makes them stronger… I do not think the SS have what it takes to take them down and they are NOT helping the diplomatic efforts to make it stop. I mean, if a criminal takes a hostage and tortures him, you want to stop him. It’s natural. But if all you can do is hinder him or hurt him, you are making things worse and your acts are dangerous and selfish (you want to satisfy your own sense of justice).

    I love their enthusiasm, but this is more like a boy scouts operation than a professional, focused operation. I have to say, regrettably, that I hope the SS are stopped before one of the kids gets killed.

    I also am greatly saddened, appalled and ashamed by the racist comments directed towards our Japanese brethrens I read here… This shows great ignorance and intolerance in this context (I’m all for humour and politically incorrect shows, but in the right context). North Americans and Europeans are condoning a LOT of outrageous activities as well, I do not think Japan is a particularly bad; actually, environmentally, they are World Leaders. So I ask that you please refrain from attacking the Japanese people so blindly, at least refer to the Japanese Whaling Fleet specifically when making comments.

    My 2 cents…

  • Kaley

    This makes me sooooooo excited!!! :)

  • Truklodyte

    When I have enough vacation time built up I will join to help take down the illegal whaling fleets.

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  • Mike Ponzillo

    Might I suggest a tactic that we can all participate in. Recently, on the back of one of the whaling ships, they displayed a website; . Since we all like hanging out on the internet, why not flood this website with some protest mail. See what they think about that.

  • Jeremy

    I cannot believe the number of ignorant people in the world, let alone who have posted here. SS and Paul are heroes! I have read through all of the comments against them posted here and they are based on false truths. I am a Wildlife Management major, and heavily involved in the Wildlife Society and I can personally say that NO scientist ANYWHERE on this planet would react the way the Japanese are reacting, period. They are driven solely by economic gain on a loop hole in international law.
    The Sea Shepherds are out there putting their lives on the line to make a difference, and what is more is they are making that difference! Sure some mistakes have been made from time to time but that is to be human!
    The Sea Shepherd organization and its leader Paul Watson, are my heroes. They will continue to have my full support until I too can go out there and make a difference!

    To the crew of the Steve Irwin, Bravo, job well done so far, keep up the good work!

  • Johnny

    I’m going to write an article for the school newspaper. This is awesome.

    What about Kevin Rudd saying “Oh, no, the Australian people don’t endorse this sort of thing”, and I’m sitting at home going “Yeah, we do.”

  • Magaptera Guardian

    As one of Japanese blood I gladly support the Sea Shepherd. And I’m not the only one, my whole family and other friends of other races do to. I am disgusted and ashamed by what Japan is doing. Many people there do not eat Whale anymore, and have lived their whole lives without so much as thinking to kill a Whale or eating the meat. They kill horses too, unfortunately. I have six horses. Whale meat is not only toxic, but the killing is unnessecary, they only want the money, $1,000,000 dollars a Whale. But please, not all of Japan supports this, that should be common knowledge. In all of those who band together to stop this slaughter, ahem, no racist beotches allowed. :3

    Ignorant people don’t count as support, they’re just using this as an excuse to hate on Japan, just like they do for every other race that doesn’t come from where they do, dispite being the same freakin’ species. It’s a pity alot of Humans are bothered by something so little as skin color, you don’t see a Black horse attacking a Chestnut (red horse).

    And don’t blame the Whales for getting themselves killed. If you were in their situation, you would be just as vulnerable and frightened. Given that the Whales’ eyes are on the side of the head, just like horses’ and other prey (more like predator/prey) animals, this allows one to see 180 degrees around their body’s to see what’s behind them. With a massive Whaling ship trailing them, the water gives the illusion both below and above, that it’s this wall in which they have no escape, enhancing the object’s size. They only know to go forward to get away, full of fear and no longer capable of thinking to dive down and remain still not to be seen or turn away, Human behavior is very much the same way when we’re frightened beyond thinking capability.

    Especially driven by the smell of the blood on the deck of the ship of their own kind everytime they surface for air. The smell of blood inspires fear, they KNOW that’s death following them, and thus, Whalers herd them and tire them so they have to surface often for air. Just like us running frantically. Blood inspires fear in us too. It’s natural animal reaction. =/

    Sorry for the long comment, just proving my point. Go Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd!!! Stop these disgraces to Japan and Humanity! : D

  • WhaleWhores

    I can’t wait to see the Japanese haul this bucket up the slipway. They can drag Pauls lard bucket up with it. Peter jarjar bink can take the rest of the sea hippy’s home to Davy Jones locker. All that will remain will be tofu, birkenstocks, and the smell of feet. buhahahaha!!

    Can you say FAILWARS?

  • TylerW

    Let me start by saying I applaud your cause wholeheartedly and truly hope that your show opens the global communities eyes to the brutality occurring in Antarctic waters, yet your naivety and lack of any sensible planing negate your actions and needlessly risk peoples lives. You can’t really believe that a multimillion dollar industry is just going to bow down because you throw a couple glass bottles of buteric acid (which you ran out of) and a rope at them! While I’m sure the Animal Planet’s ratings will benefit when one of you inevitably gets killed, it’s not going to serve the whales or anyone else. I hate to sound overly harsh but none of you belong out in the water. My advice—–go home, come up with a functional game plan and stop risking your lives.

  • http://n/a David Peterson

    Eco-Terrorism is still illegal and hurts any cause that employs it. Their foolishness is profound and shows in each episode of ‘Whale Wars’. Japan will step up their methods for defence as well and soon someone will be seriously hurt or die, besides the whales…

  • Geoff Selvey

    David, you are wrong. The actions of the Sea Sheperd crew are opening the eyes of the people of the world. I haven’t even seen ‘Whale Wars’ but I would hazard a guess and say that probably 99% of the viewers who watch the show are applauding their actions and urging them on. Of those viewers a large number will go on and show their support both finacially and politically. This is already proven when you look at the size of their fleet and kit 4-5yrs ago compared to what they have now. It is the power of the people that will eventually bring a halt to this environmental vandalism and senseless slaughter of the worlds population of marine mamals. Viva La Sea Sheperd ! Keep up the good work !

  • Richard Shetley

    GO GET ‘EM Sea sheps. I support you all the way, always have. The so called “RESEARCH VESSELS” of Japan or doing nothing but feeding the masses who will eat anything and everything. STOP KILLING WHALES…IT’s the LAW!!!!

  • Pieter Nierop

    Paul Watson,

    Salute to you !
    Great idea to let this ship join the Steve Irvin.
    This will bring them down economically.
    If not…. we will think up a next new idea, we can’t let them destroy precious life on eartn.
    And be sure we will keep supporting you.

    Pieter Nierop
    The Netherlands

  • Tailin

    From an entertainment standpoint this ship, along with the new Shepherd upgrades, should certainly help to make things more interesting. What they need to do is utiize their Animal Planet connection and get the Mythbusters to make them some air cannons to lauch the acid rather than trying to toss them.

    It’s great they are trying to do something, since it’s pretty obvious the Japanese are abusing international law. I have to say though that if I was a potential donator, I’d think twice about contributing after seeing the ineffectiveness of their last campaign. Media attention here may be a double edged sword for them.

  • Peter Endisch

    It is great to see SS acquiring this awesome new boat.

    There is much misinformation on these comments.

    First off, Sea Shepherds need to walk a fine line. Paul is not stupid. He knows the pen is mightier then the sword. Whenever possible he uses the pen then the sword. PR is hugely important. If he starts employing more ‘extreme’ tactics, he risks alienating the public from him – and that is not what we need.

    I am a proud supporter of SS and just increased my monthly donations. I am happy to see my money goes really far.

    Remember that the battle on the high seas is dangerous. Any tactic they use against the whalers can be easily turned against them. It is not easy to be aggressive, get results and yet prevent life loss or injury. True, many of the crew are amateurs. But as Paul says, you can’t replace passion…sure, passion and experience is awesome, and those people are valued. But passionate volunteers are an awesome force to reckon with. Don’t forget that the volunteers do get training. They try to cover their bases the best they can.

    As was said before, we waited long enough for the whaling to stop through the diplomatic channels. It has not worked. I hate to say it and although I admire Greenpeace in many ways, they did walk away from their anti-whaling campaigns. Their diplomatic route may or may not work, I don’t know.

    When it comes to issues like whaling, one needs to make regular public passionate about what SS does. Whale Wars have certainly accomplished that and I am pleased to see Animal Planet returning for a third season.

    And all the critics, please try to remove your emotion from your comments and truly, in your hearts reflect on what you are saying. There’s no amount of PR or TV time that would make up for the risk many of thee volunteers are taking just by being on the Steve Irvin in the Antarctic sea. You do not have to agree with what they do, but give them at least the respect and bow to their courage. They are walking the walk, they do what they believe in and for that they should be earning our respect, not our scorn.

    Cheers to all the SS supporters – I hope you’re all walking the walk too and at least supporting SS as many of us do. If we cannot be there, the least we can do is support their campaigns financially.

  • Bryan

    I hope these terrorists who want to sacrifice humankind for the sake of animals will capsize and die. These people are the enemies of civilization and human welfare. Why don’t they commit suicide if they hate mankind so much? Obviously, humans are a blight on the earth to them, who interfere with the survival of animal species. It is only consistent consequence of their evil, human death-worshiping environmentalist philosophy to commit suicide.

  • Frank Beuken

    GO! SEA SHEPHERD! GO out there and stop the whale killers. The whales can’t defend themselves so you have to do this!With any means.
    Good luck!

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  • joe

    To the SEA SHEPHERD I salute you! to the mindless morons who kill intelligent mammals, who think they are just like fish idiots, wish you fail and so the phrase who kills by the sword shall die by the sword, i see that HUNTERS ARE COWARDS BEHIND A VIEWFINDER. is not difficult to see it.

  • gordon

    Have to say with you all the way Paul you are doing the right thing we are not in the dark ages any more there is no need to kill whale’s for meat how they can call it research beat’s me ?
    May be it’s to see how many of us disagree with the killing?

    But would agree with some of the post’s you do need to train crew before hand you can not expect just any one to get into a high powered rib and cope with it or the weather you get down there .
    It must make working the boat very hard for you and crew that know what they are doing

  • Tyran Mc

    You are blatantly killing whales for profit. Do not expect any sympathy or support for your actions, you as individuals working for such an organization should be ashamed of yourselves.
    There is a long tradition of Japanese people consuming whale products but that does not make it justifiable in this modern society.
    Do not be surprised by the anger and revulsion felt by those who wish to preserve our planets oceans instead of raping our natural resources till they are extinguished. Your so-called “research” is unacceptable to most people and unsustainable.
    Your lust for profit blinds you to the injustice of your actions. I hope your organization fails because it deserves nothing but contempt.

    Bansai Steve Erwin & Earthrace.

  • Tyran Mc

    This message board does’nt support Japanese text. Should be possible to enable these messages to be read by those that need to.

  • Tyran Mc

    Sent protest msg with translation to
    Do the same.

  • Max

    Paul Watson may have the right idea in defending whales, but his modus operandi is incompetent and a danger to his crew-WITHOUT taking the ramming/close encounters with whaling ships into consideration.

    If this clown gets onto the old Earthrace boat, people are likely to die from his stupidity before he even gets near a whaler. One should read the Earthrace blog to understand how unsuitable the earthrace boat is to start with.

  • Zack

    This boat has been sunk by the Victorious Japanese Whaling Fleet. I don’t know who was at the helm, my bet that it was the same Douche Bag that captains the “Steve Irwin” scow. Paul Watson is as competent as the Captain of the EXXON VALDEZ. With the crew of social misfits and underachievers that crew to get time off managing their Trust Funds. So they eat a few Whales. There aren’t more important things to worry and do something about? It is like F-Troop on the water. Clowns.

    • Abe

      Watson is not 10% as competent as Capt. Joe Hazelwood. Contrary to popular opinion, Captains are not at the helm 24-7. A 3rd Mates incompetence that the Captain didn’t hire can really bite you in the ass.

      I figured the Sea Shepards were going to run that boat into an iceberg, but this is even better.

    • Abe

      Watson is not 10% as competent as Capt. Joe Hazelwood. Contrary to popular opinion, Captains are not at the helm 24-7. A 3rd Mates incompetence that the Captain didn’t hire can really bite you in the ass.

      I figured the Sea Shepherds were going to run that boat into an iceberg, but this is even better.

  • Good work

    Nice work on crashing the ship into the whaling boat, idiots. The money wasted on that boat could have been used in a better way surely.

  • Mike

    I watched Whale War on Animal Planet and was shocked that the crew of the Sea Shepherd could even raise enough money to field a crew to man that boat. Captain Watson is an idiot, blinded by his PASSION for the whales, he puts his crew and the Japanese in danger by his reckless and naive actions. I am not surprised they managed to sink suck a beautiful ship and you can clearly see the crew revved the engines to put the Earthrace in the path of the Japanese whaling ship. The Sea Shepherd are lucky the Japanese dont just shoot them for their disregard for the sea they are struggling to protect.

  • professional mariner

    I have heard that Paul Watson does not even have a Captain’s license but has people calling him Captain. This would be like someone who is not a doctor having people call him Dr. People who do this are looked down on and ignored, especially by those of us who have had years of training and seatime to get our licenses.

    • zekw

      Where do i start with you people, The crew is volunteers, MIKE,
      Watson has years as a capt., if you watch more than the colliding 2 seconds you may happen to notice that the whalers ram sea shepherd, the forward motion of the Ady Gill was to try to evade, the capt. Peat something was at the helm and, if you know any sea-shepherd history you may note that they are not stupid

  • Fozzy

    The Japanese are engaged in a legal business on the open sea, these half assed pirates and engaging in what amounts to terrorism on the high sea. I’d love to see the Japanese military go out and protect their citizens by sinking this boatload of morons and abandoning the survivors to their own fate.

  • SvenAERTS

    Take good care of her and may she fulfill her purpose … :)
    Former Earthrace Fundraiser

  • Jim

    All you radicals that preach deadly violence against the Japanese ships are completely insane. Whales are not worth going to war over. Are you radicals gonna lead the first charge? Gee harvesting certain whales that are numerous in the sea is not a crime. Its called fishing

  • CPT. MP

    I saw the Earthrace right after it was first commissioned and it was an amazing vessel. I’m glad it got put to use for something as epic as this. Paul Watson’s tactics may seem crazy, destructive, etc. From a Captain’s standpoint, as someone who is supposed to navigate a vessel safely and his main concern is for the safe voyage of the vessel and crew, sure, it’s chaos. But everyone that boards that vessel is aware of the dangers. I’ll also add that Paul Watson undoubtedly has enough sea time and experience to be eligible for a Captain’s License, and his crew is probably more educated than the average crew of most commercial vessels. And his “Passion” is really one of the few drivers left in this world making a difference for our planet. Peaceful protests have not successfully stopped whaling or the clubbing of seals; government and rich organizations have too many private interests to actually make a difference. If more people understood the laws of nature, Paul Watson would have more support because people would realize that by trashing the Earth and the animals who live here, we are committing suicide. Therefore, the extremism is warranted. Go Sea Shephards!