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Well there’s 4 words I never thought I’d use in one sentence: Good, VEG, Denny’s, Rockstar. But yes, it’s true! 

Good Charlotte recently teamed up with Denny’s to contribute a vegetarian burrito using Boca burgers for their new Rockstar Menu — a series of offerings created by some of the world’s most well-known musicians.

For any international readers who perhaps aren’t familiar with the paltry chain “restaurant”, let me try and help you understand. You know that dingy diner down the street that you only go to drunk at three in the morning to order french fries and sober up? This is Denny’s in a nutshell.

On Benji Madden’s twitter page, he says: “Kids when you order this, I want you to imagine that we’re back here, making it for you, with love.” Kinda creepy, but whatever. 

According to Denny’s website, the Boca Burgers they serve DO indeed have dairy in them — so vegans beware! 

Check out the video below and watch Good Charlotte get there VEG on!


  • Ashley

    I thought Benji was vegan?

  • jaxin

    Why would any restaurant use non-vegan Boca burgers? Why not just use the vegan ones and then everyone can eat them? Silliness. *shrug* Guess they don’t get any of my money. :D

  • Tracy

    From the Denny’s ad it looks like Good Charlotte also created burritos with chicken in them. Is this the case?