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With Michael Jackson’s untimely and shocking passing yesterday, there are now many questions surrounding his legacy and how it will be preserved. We covered the legendary singer’s Neverland property over the years — especially the natural degradation taking place in his absence. Could this 2,800 acre ranch become a museum to the legendary King of Pop?

One thing is certain: Jackson only retained a small percentage of ownership in the property at the time of his death. The ranch has been in and out of foreclosure proceedings since 2007 — with last minute deals cut all around to protect it from going into auction. According to Wikipedia, on November 11, 2008 Jackson transferred the title to Sycamore Valley Ranch Company LLC — a joint venture between him and Colony Capital LLC. In return, it appears that he was able to sell an unknown proportion of the property right for $35 million — cash the singer desperately needed to pay off additional debts.

In our opinion, it would be wonderful to see the 2,800 acre ranch preserved and turned in a memorial museum/park to Michael Jackson’s music. After all, the singer admitted that many of his “green” songs like “Earth Song” and “Heal The World” — were created to inspire people to live a greener life. In an interview with Ebony magazine, he said, “It’s been described as a runaway train; if we don’t stop it, we’ll never get it (world) back. So we have to fix it, now. That’s what I was trying to do with Earth Song, Heal The World, We Are The World – writing those songs to open up people’s consciousness. I wish people would listen to every word.”

What do you think should become of Neverland?

UPDATE: I found a video montage giving a rare glimpse at the inside of Neverland Ranch — mostly from interviews Jackson gave several years ago. Have a look after the jump!]

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  • junebug

    There are no words to explain the hurt over the loss of MJ or what he brought to my life through his music. Please memoralize the Neverland Ranch…give the fans a place to come and remember him, his life and his music. Sing and dance for the angels Michael!!

  • Cate

    I think that it should be sold and the profits should go to groups for victims of child sexual abuse.

  • NH

    Tom Barrack and Colony Capital, should turn Neverland into a “Graceland”. His memory and music will live on forever and his worldwide fans need a place to mourn.

  • Guy S

    Sell it, pay off the debt’s he had then donate the rest to his estate for his family. It is not a good memory for many. Most people relate it to the molestation crap, he never did it! But let the memories go and sell it, he did not own enough of it to make much anyway and the costs alone to keep it up is unimaginable, donate the animals to the zoo…. G-d love ya MJ, a lot of us did…..

  • Sabrina

    I agree with you junebug and NH. I think it should be like Graceland. There are so many people who love him and would love to come and see him place.

  • Joaquin

    I think that it should be preserved. To remeber one of the greatest artists of our time. He was so kind to others and people tend to forget that.

  • http://ecorrassi Iman Paris

    I tought to be converted into a hospice for children suffering from terminal illnesses as a fitting memorial to Michael as he was such a humanitarian. It was a source of happiness to him in life and it ought to be a source of happiness to many children as they live out the rest of their lives.

  • Michael

    I hope its preserved in Jackson’s memory. Maybe turn it into some sort of amusement park?

  • Lucinda

    I hope that Neverland becomes a museum/monument with the carnival rides and all for people all over the world to flock to….the Graceland of our generation is quite fitting.

  • Donna

    I think it should be kept, as stated above like graceland. Michael Jackson was best well known for all the awesome music, and video he did.

  • Sia Vogel

    Strip it down and sell it for parts. Find good homes for the animals. Return the land to it’s natural state and turn it into a state park and wildlife preserve.

    I do not admire Michael Jackson as a person, even though I admit he was immensely talented. The more I read about him the more it seems that he was a sad, lonely, extremely dysfunctional human being who struggled with addiction, who never recovered from child abuse and who may well have abused others in turn. Neverland is not and never was a happy place. It would be best to change it’s focus as much as possible and to give the land back to children as a park.

    That’s what I think should happen. What will really happy is that some wealthy person buys the land for their own use or some developer puts houses on the property, which will be, frankly, a sad waste of a lovely area.

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  • Aj

    Please convert Neverland Ranch into a Museum of sorts so his fans can come and celebrate the amazing life of Michael Jackson. Just like Graceland… lets turn Neverland Ranch into a Beautiful memorial for the beloved King of Pop. Miss you MJ!

  • Candy

    It will be a great idea to make the Neverland Ranch a Museum and preserve it just the way that the King of Pop left it, because that way we could feel like he is still here with all his fans. We love you MJ forever and we will miss you.

  • Eco Mama

    Is it me or was it just after the “Thriller” album that the freakish Michael (he morphed into a white middle-aged woman!) emerged and manifested itself over the past 25 years, much to the shock and dismay of those of us who liked him the first 10 years of his career…

    Hopefully, his spirit has crossed over and all this whining about his dying will soon pass…

  • chris kirk ( UK )

    Micheal Jackson is a massive loss to the world not to mention his children and family.Neverlands should be opened has a lasting monument to this great man and his music for his millions of fans all over the world to visit,hopefully creating a good income for his children.
    RIP micheal I and many others will alway love you and never forget you.

  • sus

    Been to Graceland and it is a wonderful tribute to Elvis, so Neverland needs to become the tribute to our generation’s “King”. I also agree that the molestation never took place.

  • Greg Glasscock

    I think a museum would be a good option, but tickets would be expensive due to the upkeep for the place. Also something to consider is if their is anything to preserve, or did he already move all his stuff out. Graceland was Elvis’s home at the time of his death. Maybe it’s easier to get the ducks in a row than I am thinking.

    In a perfect world, Neverland’s being the Graceland of the late Boomer’s and Gen X’s would be awesome.

  • roxann june 26,2009 at 4;32

    I think you should keep neverland ranch open for kids and are in our heart.

  • Nikola

    Rest in peace.We love you. Srbija.

  • DJM

    I also beleive it should be restored to it’s former state and kept as a memorial to the music and the man that Michael was. He was indeed a bit strange, and yet he was a genius. I don’t believe he ever had a real childhood, so he continued to live out the childhood he never had until his death. I hope Michael Jackson’s music lives on forever so every generation gets to enjoy the “king of pop”

  • Jesan

    I think it should be preserved. The molestation stuff was never proven beyond a shadow of a doubt and those families would took a pretty hefty settlement of what.. 20 mil? If my child had been molested, I don’t think a dollar sum could ever forgive the deed. Finally, I think when someone is no longer alive, they need to be off-limits to nasty comments. Although he is tied to scandal, folks need to remember the good… hello – he accomplished a few songs too, people!

  • stephen

    Gen x’ers and all generations should be able to visit MJ’s ranch to remember the greatest artist that ever walked the face of the earth.

  • red

    yeah I think it should be preserved for the memory of MJ and I also think it would be good that every people around the world donates any amount of money so that the debt of MJ will be paid if not it should help MJ’s debt .RIP MICHAEL JACKSON.

  • Eric

    I would pay to go see it i hope they turn it into something!!

  • moni02

    They should preserve it, I would love to visit there one day.

  • Barry

    I am so happy to see responses above. One of my firs thoughts once I recovered from the shock of MJ’s passing away, was how do we honour him, his courage, his passion and his commitment to truly heal the world and make a difference. Neverland should be restored to what Michael’s vision was and maintained forever. Michael clearly understood that life is about giving to others. Part of me feels we all betrayed him by not really being there for him. For those who exploited him for your own professional or financial gain, may you have a talk with “The Man in the Mirror” or woman. To be successful is to know that you have made a contribution to society that leaves the world a lot better off than before you arrive. Michael did this and if I have to donate from my own pocket to see Neverland restored to the dream Michael had, Put me at the front of the line. I am enrolled in what Neverland stood for and am committed to seeing it be that for future generations.

  • sizzler89

    hey Eco mama dont you dare disrespect micheal he was the best of the best he was the king of pop. so what he did his little plastic surgery times nd yes what he did was wrong with the child case. im not excusing his actions but people do make mistakes u dont know what that man was going threw i dont know what was going on in his life so how are you gonna straight diss him like that. If i was you id watch my tone on how u speak about him…..oh by the way im sure u did somethings in ur life ur not proud of. who r u 2 judge him?

  • Anthony Worrall

    Neverland should be preserved as a place that is as unique as its former owner.I believe if Michael had a fault it was only naivety…..his heart was definitely in the right place.Many fans will need a place of pilgrimage and Neverland is that ideal place.Maybe including an American centre for alternative technology somewhere on the site.

  • Subha

    I agree totaly make it Graceland and let the future world remember him as he sang
    “one day in your life you remember me somehow”
    We love you MJ may your soul rest in peace at least there will be no body to scandalise you
    love you

  • Jenni

    I think that Neverland should become a museum as Gracelands is. All of his awards etc. should be on display.
    If it’s opened for fans to go and pay homage I would save the money and willingly pay to enter which would obviously go towards running costs.
    Michael fought to keep a stake in the ownership of the property, it was a place he always loved to be!

  • karen cobban

    r.i.p. will not forget you

  • JR

    Michael Jackson is an extraordinary individual. He is a talented artist and his music, videos, his legend will live on.

    He was acquitted of the child molestation charges. Unless I know the facts it is difficult to determine the truth behind the matter, I doubt if we will ever know the truth behind what happened.

    As far as how he invested his money that was his choice. I wouldn’t want anyone telling me how to spend my income.

    Let him rest in peace with a little respect. I find it interesting how a person can do so much good, but you make a poor choice in your life and it far out ways the good one has accomplished.

  • jill snipes

    Neverland needs to be a museum as Graceland is. The world would visit and children could play. We, the world, need this and we owe it to the guy who touched us all!!! Profits can pay the ranch off. Please don’t just let it go…….

  • Litpak3

    MJ was a person like anyone else. While I did not like all the negative publicity he had and a lot of his music was lost on me (I am of the Elvis Generation) I have to say that there are two options that should come of Neverland, and either would benefit all that go there. Either make it another Graceland OR make it a hospice for sick kids — or the third option –do both… MJ was very controversial, but I do belive he had a good heart and was for the most part a good person. Do something to commerate that — stop with the negativity — he is no longer with us — respect the family. R I P MJ



  • Andrew

    Persoally I think Neverland should be Micheals final resting place like Elvis Gracelands Where his family,Friends,And his fans can visit him and the home he created.
    But at the end of the day it is up too The Jackson family as too where Micheal is laid too rest and we must respect their wishes and Micheal,s as well if he made a will… R.I.P.MJ

  • Jeffrey howes

    Michael i will miss you very much i can’t stop crying with the shock of my idol Michael jackson he almost felt like a brother to me he was such a great performer and so talented and gave everything the best he could. I send my respects to his children aswell as his family. It would be great if the neverland ranch was turned into a memorial museum so that we had someone to go and spend time with our idol. I love you very much Michael and your star will be the brightest in the universe never be forgotten live forever and we shall meet agin in the second life.

  • Sirena

    uh, i was going to marry michael jackson one dayyy<3 i’ll miss himmm.

  • Stimp

    Oh, for crying out loud. Neverland is a testament to the ludicrously over-the-top, wasteful lifestyle MJ led, nothing more. Sell it and other MJ properties, pay off his debts, and maybe his kids (who are better off without the guy) will have something left over.

  • Keyonna

    I think they should open up Neverland Ranch and call it Neverland Ranch:Amusement Park and turn the house part of it into a hotel and name it The Michael Jackson Hotel,So that family’s all over can come and enjoy it.

  • Matt

    Please memoralize the Neverland Ranch & open for the public to remember this absolute ledgend.

  • Karen

    MJ should be buried at Neverland Ranch and it turned back into a wonderful place to visit to remember the music he gave to the world. These new owners are stupid to have let the property get run down and tore up the train and tracks. They sold the rides and I understand letting the animals go to new homes to be cared for but they could make millions for themselves, charities and for MJ’s children left behind to make sense of all this. So many good things could come out of making Neverland a place where MJ could be forever remembered and monies given to children’s charities.

  • June0625

    Neverland was Michael and therefore, I also believe it should be his final resting place. I can’t imagine anywhere else that he’s rather be. It should be preserved in his memory as Graceland is for Elvis. A place where people can gather to reflect and honor all of his musical and humanitarian contributions. Proceeds could pay off his debts, sustain the property and perhaps help provide a fund for his children and his charities.

  • Aaron

    i think the ranch should become a place were family and friends can go and have fun and look at teh ranch and remember michael jackson

  • Aaron

    i think the ranch should become a place were family and friends can go and have fun and look at the ranch and remember michael jackson
    I think that Neverland should become a museum as Gracelands is. All of his awards etc. should be on display.
    If it’s opened for fans to go and pay homage I would save the money and willingly pay to enter which would obviously go towards running costs.
    Michael fought to keep a stake in the ownership of the property, it was a place he always loved to be!

  • girl

    oh god, most of you are pathetic. I can guarantee that half of the people on here saying that michael jackson was so legendary and that they love him, where the ones that hated the poor man when he was being accused of molestation. It’s disgusting that it took up until the poor man’s death for people to realize that he was a great, good hearted man. People need to stop being jealous and give the guy a break. He probably would still be alive if people weren’t so pathetic. rip michael. you were amazing<3

  • Helen



    stimp- it must be a great life being able to walk around with ones heart and mind closed. It must be fabulous to have the ability to believe all the hype and drama that is thrown in ones face, and wonderful to believe all of the nasty, vindictive, money-greedy souls that have no qualms in ruining another obviously vulnerable life in order to make a quick dollar. How easy my life would be to be that naive and arrogant. I just hope those ‘sharks’ never come after you. I never have and never will believe those abuse accusations. I, for one am unable to take lies for facts. It makes a miserable, unfullfilling life at times. But hey, at least I can have a clear conscience. I think his Neverland ranch should be like a museum for fans. And i also believe MJ did the right thing by covering his childrens faces with masks- save them from the disgusting press and money hungry sharks out there, and inevitably save them from the depressing, lost life he must have had.
    God bless Michael Jackson- something tells me that God finally realised this innocent, vulnerable soul had finally endured enough for one life time. RIP MJ

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  • Rachel

    I wish the Jackson family would seriously consider getting together with the Colony people and think about laying Michael to rest at Neverland. He loved that place and the only reason he left was because of the molestation issue.
    It would be most fitting for his fans and especially children to go and visit him.
    I hope this would be considered by his family.
    I have been to Graceland, it does not hold a candle to what could be done with Neverland.
    There are so many people who love Michael Jackson, Neverland is big enough for every venue, a theatre, the house is probably big enough for a museum to hold all of his memorabilia.
    I hope that you know who to pass these wishes along to the people who could make this happen.
    Thank you Michael Jackson for your contributions to all of man kind, you are a gift that will live forever.
    We love you.
    Rachel and family

  • samba

    girl- i totally agree with you. the media and the general public who believe it make me sick. and it also makes me sick when they turn around and then say ‘oh poor guy- he was innocent’ well where on earth was everyone when he was being accused? too busy being sheep! Another star which i saw similarities between with the ‘fall from grace’, though admittedly to a mucher greater extent was Britney Spears. And the same thing is happening now- she hhas ‘proven’ herself and so ppl love her again, well where were they when that idiot guy was pulling her strings and preying on her vulnerability?! I’m glad she didnt have to die before ppl turned their views around. Although they were predicting ‘when will she commit suicide!’ sick. and its sick that poor Michael had to endure such a sh!tty life bcuz ppl couldnt open their hearts and minds (until its far too late) and realise what a great guy he was and stop following money hungry sharks and the media- why couldnt people have compassion back then!? I can guarantee his ending would have not come this soon…it was so sad- not only because we have lost one of the greatest performers, dancers and musicians of all time, not only because we have also lost a genuinly loving, caring, compassionate soul who genuinely tried to ‘change the world’, but also because the human race can be absolutely disgusting and this has just amplified it more so for me. Why is it, when someone is a little uncoventional and vulnerable, people have to prey on that? then you get the idiots who claim to be ‘unconventional’ but are really just sheep themselves conforming to the unconventional side. why is it when someone is truely unconventional and vulnerable and genuine, that the human race (majority it seems) feels the need to turn on them in an attempt to tear every single shred of self respect and dignity they have.

  • magicmax

    Neverland Ranch should become a Graceland/mini-Disneyland experience. Maybe the 33 room mansion should become a hotel or bed & breakfast with an adjoining museum of Michael’s extensive memorabilia. The grounds,rides and zoo should be restored. People will definitely want to see this and to leave it in shambles is a terrible waste. Regardless of what you think of Michael with his bizarre Howard Hughes tendencies and possible/probable sexual abberations he was a brilliant artist with music that spanned decades of our lives.

  • miss nana

    I think they should keep neverland and let the fans come and visit leave whateva he left in there so the fans can actually see the thing he loved and had fix the outside back up to how it was bring back his animals let the world come and go it also gives his kids a place to go and remember where they first lived at, also give half or the same amont of money michael jackson would have got if he was still living. I also think his family should have a say in what happens to neverland considering he still owned part of neverland. Rest In Peace michael you be always and truely missed u lived a wonderful life your music will live on for years.

  • Josh

    Preserve Neverland!!! Michael Jackson is my hero and is an inspiration to us all. God bless u Michael and thank you for all the good that u brought to the world!

  • UCSB Alumna

    Michael Jackson’s resting place should be Never Land…Furthermore, it should be a place which preserves his legacy; particularly his message to the world: love.

    Globally we should all care about our mother earth, our children, and the kindness of the human spirit! Michael Jackson life long dedication to these causes was evident…let him rest in peace…preserving his legacy at Never Land would bring an abundance of joy to countless of people, for ages to come. “Love survives so we can Rock Forever” Michael Jackson…love you forever!

  • Tariq Shinedima

    Retain the name of the park, changing its name will change its initial purpose. Turn the park into a museum its the only memorabilia of michael jackson that future generation can witness. I do not support the idea of selling it, because i believe that it is his intellectual property and he has rights over it which i think should be passed onto his estate’s executor. Why do people still want to associate michael jackson with child and sexual abuse if he was never convicted, by a court of law, with any of these crimes? I hope that whatever decisions will be made in regard to the park, will be in the interest of justice and preserving michael jackson’s trademark.

  • Frank Mayor

    Please and please, I beg on whom ever Michael must have motgaged the Neverland Ranch to, to please help us and the entire World to leave the Neverland Ranch to Him {Michael Jackson} Please I indulge your consience, no matter the amount that Michael is owning you, please kindly do it for him, and for the memory of Michael Jackson, I’m weeping as am wrinting this message, I never met him {Michael} before but I was dreaming to meet him one day, but now he is late, you can leave the Ranch for him, so that I could be releaved of this pain of his death, when I see the Ranch, please I beg you all, even American Government could do that for us.

  • DenZa

    I agree that Michael Jackson’s body need to be embalmed/preserved for the world to see and turn Neverland ranch into museum.

  • shawty

    I think the wonderful Never Land should be made into and memorial/museum for the great memory of Micheal Jackson. (:

  • Mr C.F. Bouvier

    If need be? I’ll buy neverland from Colony park/Neverland valley ranch inc. The owners’ I will restore it in every detail to what it once was…for Michael’ his children’ family’ and his fans sake. my offer to buy is $30 million cash! Firm. and No this is not a joke! please contact Mr C.F. bouvier @ Bank of Oklahoma for more info.

  • michelle

    please save neverland ranch

  • Music Monk

    I agree that Neverland Ranch should be Michael’s final resting place and memorial, as Graceland is for Elvis. I hope the Jacksons are smart enough to do this. My concern is that Joe is setting himself as the decision maker on all things concerning to Michael which gives me a very bad feeling. Never trusted nor liked Joe.

  • Stimp

    Samba: Go on living in denial about Michael Jackson, you naive fool.
    P.S. – Ponder the words of William Strunk: “Vigorous writing is concise.”

  • angel2002

    I think they should turn it in to a mueseum and MJ’s resting place and open it to the public for all of his fans too enjoy!

  • MJ FAN

    it should be left to his children (his blood line)

  • alecia

    i think they should keep Neverland,and turn it into a park where people can still ride the rides.but turn the House into a museum,where people can pay to go inside and look around so that they can have memories about michael jackson.I DONT THINK THEY SHOULD SELL.they should keep.

  • sean

    Don’t you think it would be appropriate to credit the photographer for the photo you used?

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  • amy elizabeth

    I think it should be like “Graceland” a museum and kind of a memorial to him that people can come and see, he at least deserves that, because he was the King of Pop!

  • tony

    i hope the jacksons buy back Neverland.

  • samba

    stimp- I dont care for the words of other people. I don’t need to write anything concise if I choose not to. I am not here to be a ‘writer’, my priorities in life are not to be ‘hailed’ the perfect writer by some angry, insensitive and insecure individual. I write my own rules and don’t need to live up to anybody’s expectations or ‘words’. My point is to sick up for vulnerable people, in this case, one who cannot speak for himself. I think your words are harsh and your reply just proves to me more so that you are insecure and the ‘naive’ one with the closed mind. Particularly with your name calling and the fact that you have to cite someone elses words to try and bring me down! But that’s OK. At least I’m not the one missing out os so many wonderful things in life. There is a definate difference between naivity and being realistic. There are many child abusers who I will never stick up for. But i refuse to believe the cruel allegations of money greedy sharks.

    He protected his children- in a line up anybody would be able to point out Angelina’s kids, madonna’s kids and any other young stars. No body could have pointed out MJ’s kids- until a few weeks ago. Therefore they were able to have ‘normal’ lives without being hounded by the press

  • Kenneth Lau Persen

    Like any other legend the fans wich are to carry on the legacy and keep the King op Pop alive in our hearts the only right thing to do is turn Neverland into a museum the way they did with Graceland. Fans should be able to keep the magic alive by visiting the estate that was Michaels home for so many years. A place he loved and cherished even in the very end despite not living there

  • jessica


  • chas

    What’s all the fuss about. Pull Neverland down and build houses on it. Jackson escaped by making pay offs. You don’t pay $18 million dollars if it is just a rumour. To compare him to Elvis is a laugh. As an entertainer, Sammy Davis Jr. was streets ahead of Jackson

  • Greg Glasscock

    I believe Michael had his happiest days at the Neverland Ranch, and was basically run out of the place by a parasitic Press, or the Diane Dimonds/Nancy Grace’e of the world and also the self inflicted pressures from being so naive. He didn’t live for very long after leaving the grounds which gave him his first taste of freedom from his father among others.

    Now with a memorial coming through, I see this idea heading in the museum direction. It only makes sense financially, and that is what will dictate the decision even if the rights to do it were sold to another group. As far as an overall visiting experience, it has much more potential than the much smaller Grounds of Graceland.

    I see the public funeral being located at Neverland increasing the odds of this happening. If there is a huger turnout, there will be $ signs in people’s eyes.

  • Lisa

    Here in Australia the effects of Michael’s passing have been great. The world needs a place to lay tribute to a very talented man. Without Neverland where to people go to lat tributes and to take in who he was and what he meant. Everyone has mentioned Graceland and they are right, handled the right way, Neverland can be a reflection of what Michael wanted and an insight in to a shy and scarred man. If handled properly it can be self sufficient and run as a business, hopefully with some of the % going to Michael’s childrenfor the future. We all associated Neverlands with Michael, he was its Peter Pan and to many of us a man we admred but would never understand.

  • Scott Knight

    I feel that the ranch should be as Michael loved it. Preserved as a memorial for people all over the world to see his legacy. As everybody is saying it is the grace land of today.

  • Deborah

    Please do not put Michael Jackson’s body in Gary Indiana. Please have him in Neverland where he could be a kid and had happy memories!!

  • monique c

    okay it was nvr proven that MICHAEL JACKSON molested any children if u that he did its slander so stop it! it may or may not be true. idk but we cant deny his amazing talent as a performer n his love for a change! i luv michael but i really disbelieve that he should be buried at neverland ranch. yes it was his safe haven from the public(becuz he was sooo adored)but he was a lonely man there. trapped in his kingdom. plus with all the the molestation accusations that place was tainted for mj! thats a big part of y he left! have some respect n bury him in a proper place instead of expoilting him to get definite cash! michael jacksons music inspires me like nething ive ever experienced and its weird but i feel like i noe him. yes he had his problems but wut do u expect. his dad hurt him physically n emotionally, he couldnt walk outside w out being mobbed and his skin illness must have taken a tole on his life come on(even tho i think hes hott light skin or dark before and after the plastic surgery)but we have to see that he did why more good for this world then bad. wut have u done?!

  • sally

    hey MJ fan!

    you sy it should be left to his bloodline? his kids?

    there not his! he didnt even donate the egg or sperm! no one knows who they really belong to you idiot.

  • Brent

    What a sick person he was! Open it up to the children? Please, look what he did to some young children! Tear it down, re develop it into something that does not represent a freak like him!

  • Walsumhof

    Neverland should be preserved without doubt. Pretty sure someone would still make money with this anyway.

    Still I feel very sorry what happened to him regarding child abuse thing since I just heard this kid admitted he was forced by his father and now pressed charges against him.. what a world…

  • anonomoose

    I think that it would be cool to see if they would open it up

  • marle24

    Eco mama and Stimp – you are compassionless humans. Whenever anyone dies, whether it be someone known and famous or just an average Joe, common decency dictates that we simply wish for them to rest in peace. No one wants to hear your irrelevant and quite disrespectful rants. And by the way Stimp, you’re an idiot for mis-quoting the words of William Strunk…that proved to me that you are an uneducated fool!


    people please he was a freak. a kid toucher and half a junkie. get over it because if the table was turned would he feel bad for you or your family??

  • Stephie

    I believe Neverland should be restored to the original way Michael had it built. Complete with rides and zoo. The Ranch was very much a part of who Michael Jackson was. He was a kid at heart. An adult who was never allowed to be a kid when he was one and wanted children everywhere to have what he didn’t and he wanted to share it with them.

    There also was mention above of how making the ranch a place for cancer or terminally ill children was a good idea. I agree with that as well, however, I think that only part of the mansion should be used for that and those children would be allowed use of the park during their stay there. It would allow them a way to enjoy whats left of their life the best way possible. Perhaps the area used could be a wing that was not used much by Michael. This would allow the most utilized portion to be made into a museum. The money raised from the park and museum could be used to care for the children and to maintain the grounds.

  • gloria monroy

    i dont want to they sell it i want to go!!! please dont sell it it looks fun =(

  • Matt

    KEEP IT OPEN!!!!

  • susan goodrich

    its terrible that they had to put sex offender ads under the video.

  • Debbie Wagner

    a place for the fans to go to and remember Michael as he was happiest would be great, They did it for Elvis with Graceland, Neverland Ranch for Michael.

  • Bernie

    I always loved Michael Jackson growing up in the 80’s. I don’t know what happened but i forgot about him for the past 20yrs and was never important.. Now that he’s passed, i’m back into his music again and wondering so much about his life, why? Not sure. curiosity from media. I never knew much about Neverland until now. This place seemed amazing! If it would be restored and open I would sure fly from the other side of the county to see it. I’m sure many from around the world would too after hearing how his music is now selling out everywhere in the world. REOPEN IT!!!! They’d make a killing!!! EVERYONE WOULD COME! Continue to have the 50 concerts but as a memmorial! everyone would still go!! think of of money!!!

  • Oromia

    I am so shocked when i heard the shocking news. I never imagined in my mind that The King will leave us so soon. My God will rest him in peace. Michael is gone but his legacy will stay forever, He is in everyones heart and will always be remembered. Never-land is a very memorable place that should always exist and be a place where we should visit to remember michael.

  • Katie

    I just saw a segment on the news about neverland ranch, and had to research it. They took everything out of his house (furniture, pictures, rides etc.) They even showed a part where mj said “its not a home anymore, its a house”. Thats terrible. I think they should put everythig back the way it was, and make the house a museum, and make the rides included in an amusement park.

  • Cd from Thailand

    Miss U MJ.

  • Carmen

    My love for Micheal Jackson is and was unconditional, his death has affected my famliy and me dearly. i feel that someone very special has been taken from me. Micheal’s final resting place should be a Neverland that was his home just as Graceland was Elvis Presly.
    The King of Pop was very much loved and he will be missed.
    Neverland should be keep as a memorial place, where his loyal fans can go vist from time to time.

  • James

    He admitted to sleeping with boys in his bed. He is a pedofile.

  • CA

    MJis not a famous because of debts. He did not live in Neverland Ranch.
    The ranch must sell because of his debts.
    He is envious of Elvis Presley’s fate when MJ’s face has changed to look like Elvis. He should be a black when he was born.
    No museum or attractive place noghting because of debts and criminal records and plus fake pills with many different doctors.

  • Eco Mama

    Stimp is absolutely correct. And since this is an Enviro-centric website, was MJ and “anyone’s” list of eco-celebrities? Why is he on Ecorazzi at all?!

    He was one of the most wasteful and greedy celebrities the world has ever seen!!! He was renting that monstrosity off of Sunset Blvd. for $100,000 a MONTH! So much for sharing the wealth with the less fortunate.

    Neverland has been abandoned and is run down. SELL IT AND PAY OF HIS MILLIONS IN DEBTS. The last thing the people living in wine country near Neverland (City of Los Olivos) want are the droves of MJ fans visiting their nice area. GET OVER IT PEOPLE…HE IS GONE!

  • MaMiami

    We need to respect Michael’s wishes. Everyone needs to remember that Michael said that he would NEVER return to NEVERLAND because he felt it was “tainted” by all of the police who raided the place during the child molestation scandal. In addition, Michael no longer owned or controlled Neverland: he had sold all or most of his interest in Neverland to another company. That company has already sold off most of the tangible assets of Neverland and plans to resell it as Sycamore Ranch. Let’s respect Michael’s wishes, as well as his family, who probably don’t have the liquid assets at this time to do anything more than they are doing — they’ve all been in financial straits for some time.

  • Jim Ruolph

    He was a pervert and a child molester.

  • bobby

    I have cryed for days and am heartbroke. I am different being a manly gay that has been made fun of alot in my lifetime for standing wrong or talking to high. I am not rich but try to give all i can to help people amd am still made fun of. i think Neverland should be made so everyone can enjoy, i use to live in Solvang and would drive by just to stand at the gates even tho you cannot see anything from the road/ I love those pictures. Rest in Pease Dear King.

  • Dre

    I think that Neverland Ranch should be made into a musuem, momument, or an amusement park or something like that. This will give people a chance to go view where and how he lived. You don’t understand how many peolpe would go and visit. Michael Jackson is loved by many. When i say many i mean he is even loved in other crountry. He is an icon, and his music is unexplanable. If Neverland Ranch is turned into a museum ect. that would make Michael proud. That is what he would want.

    R.I.P. Michael Jackson

  • Shayshay

    uhmm i really dont knoee what should happen to the ranch i dont really think they should open the ranch to fans because people dont knoee how to take care of things there would be trash everywhere people throwing up because of the rides on his grounds . He would be devasted in away. even though it sounds like fun you gotta look at other things like that.

  • Shayshay

    r.i.p micheal jackson Dang* I feel like i lost more than an ickon i feel like i lost my bestfriend all over again. Tuhh i cant be mad at god though it was his time to even though i think He was Gone To soon. &i sit and wonder if there really is a so called ” God&Heaven” if there is how come noones ever seen it. God has me wondering a lot of things & if there is really a heaven and i make it up there i have a lot of questions to ask god. &) while im asking them ima be standing right next to micheal jackson & My grandfatherr. Used to be scared of dieing Now Im not since micheal died. Who kneww i liked him so much ? tuhh idontevenknoee myself i started after he died . Too late ! i’ll say.Well yeah i ? Yhu guys &) miss you mucho tell god ilove him and give him the biggest kiss ever dont forget to get one for your self too. -shayshay

  • Shayshay

    @ Jim Ruolph : uhm nobodyn really knoees that for shore except for him and god and i dont think you should be on this page giving up putdowns espically when he has past away truely i dont think he did anything to those children. Maybe they lied to get money who knows? like i said if you wanna talk negative and things that happened in the past This page is for yhu.! &) im reachable aim shayshaybanksta

  • Kimberly

    I know in my heart that Neverland Ranch should be turned in to a memorial place for all of Michael’s fans to come and pay our respect and it should be a place that he had always dreamed it would be for the underprivlaged kids to enjoy being a kid and doing things they other wise wouldn’t have had the chance to do. I know it would cost some to keep it up,but it could also have vollenteers,public donations and contributions to help restore it to it’s original state that it was before Michael left the Ranch. If he wasn’t put through the scandle of the molstation charges he would have still been at Neverland and all the animals would still be there and I feel that he may still be with us Physially. If people would not have done what they did for his money and acuse him of hurting any child he would have been just fine and none of this would be happening.
    I never did beieve that he could or would hurt any humanbeing. He had to much love in his heart and he knew what it felt like to not have that love growing up so stop and think, you are trying to make sure that people feel the love you never had growing up, would you hurt the people that showed you love and accepted you for who you truly are? I don’t think so. Michael you were and always will be a GOD send, your love and music will live on forever, If I lived in Cali, I would donate my time to help fix up Neverland to it’s Original state the way Michael would have wanted it because I don’t have the funds to donate anythingelse but my time. I also feel that all the charities that he donated to should so their thanks and donate a little back to get his estate out of debt,for his family. Let the family move back to Neverland and open it the way Michael want it. Those that bad talk Michael need to zip their mouths and show him the RESPECT that he deserves.
    We Love you MJ and I would love for you to Rest In Pease at Neverland where you were at your Happiest. I know the family will make sure that his children know what a gret man their daddy was and always will be, Mr. Jackson I hope you reconsider laying your son to rest at Neverland because I know, your family knows and the whole world knows that is where he truly wants to be. We the Fans are begging you, make this happen for Michael!!!!!! If you truly love your son Mr. Joseph Jackson you will do everything in your power to have MJ laid to rest at Neverland Ranch. GOD BLESS you MJ, Your Children,and the whole Jackson Family

  • Rob

    For all of you saying that “I agree that the molestation never happened” quit sounding like idiots, you have no way of knowing what happened. You are pathetic.

  • Debra Parkhouse – SA

    Other than Elvis Presley and Freddie Mercury. Michael Jackson will be a great loss to the music industry and to all his family,friends and fans.

    Regardless of what people think of him, enviouse of Elvis? a child molester? There are three sides to every story, im afraid, his side the other persons side and the truth and no one is ever going to know the truth of the matter, or what who Michael Jackson really was or was trying to create.

    Society and the mediocrity of today can keep guessing and making accusations the man is dead leave him alone. The ones left have to live with the guilt, i think that is hard enough. Don’t you?

    We have all come to believe that Michael Jackson’s children are his? Are they? If they are his blood or not they are alive and well they loved and respected their father was the King of pop altho they have radiculouse names. They have to go on therfore if anyone has half a brain in ther head …………

    NEVERLAND – should be turned into a museum and theme park, to generate an income to support his children and future granchildren as well as to fund the place and keep Michael Jackons memory alive. Put the right people in place to over see the running of the place.

    Once all the living legends are gone what does the future generation have.

  • SoonerBorn

    How and why are people giving mj so much love all of a sudden? I know he was tremedously popular back in the day and did a lot for African Americans in mainstream music while advancing a new line of music. I also know he lived a lonely tragic life, in which he may have done things that only a handful of people know the truth about. He did admit to sleeping with young boys and has anyone seen the locks on his bedroom door at the ranch? Like elvis, he was a polarizing figure, yet Jackson was much a stranger person. The whole Jackson family is just bizarre though. They should make it like graceland in my opion…I’m 18 though. Still young and dumb..

  • manda

    I dont really know. all of his fans would absolutely love it if it was preserved exactly the way he left it but after all the accusations about him (which again never happened) he said himself he was never moving back in there it is no longer a happy place for him i think at the end of the day his three children should have the right to decide what happens to it they are they ones that new micheal the best they are apart of him and would know what he would want to happen to it even though they are young they will no the right thing to do. love you always micheal and hope to visit ur ranch one day.

  • les

    I think Neverland should be turned into a memorial site – one that anyone can visit to remember the king of pop!

  • Emmie Varga

    I think Neverland should either be restored to its former glory and continue on as the wonderous and spiritual retreat for the children Michael loved and always wanted to help, or it should be turned into a children’s hospital , with all the rides and amusements restored. I think MJ would love that. Rest in peace, Michael…. you will never be forgotten for the amazing, gentle soul that you still are. xxoox

  • Radhika


  • Kara

    I believe that Neverland Ranch would be most beneficial if it was made into a memorial. It was his home, his legacy and it is a reminder of his accomplishments. He was an amazing talent with a beautiful heart, and Neverland Ranch is a remembrance of how truly great he was.
    Rip Michael Jackson, Gentle soul, amazing person and more importantly a friend to those who need. <3

  • karen Shoulders

    As a friend of celebrity people will make nonsense to be known. I dreamed of meeting the Jacksons as a child, but I also know what it is to tired lies. I suffer from an anxiety disorder due to worrying. So sleepness nights, there are many. Being desperate to take narcotics to rest is not unusual for this disorder. Having money makes it easier. I’m still tryin to sleep, so don’t be so quick to judge why he needed assitance just to rest. I’m sorry he took such a harsh way to ease the pain, but I understand. Its the worst feeling in the world. Maybe people with our diagnosis will know how far not to go.

  • Adrian


  • Rinny

    Dear Michael Jackson,

    You are the real Peter Pan in our real life, you bring us lot’s of happiness, care, and Love. You will be in our hearts forever and ever. You are not alone.

    Now, you can fly to every where you want to. You are always be our Peter Pan…
    really miss you…

    Peter Pan is our guardian…

    We all miss you…
    We Love you.

  • Rinny

    I wanted to send 1000pcs of wishing paper crane to Neverland to Michael Jackson…
    It’s all my wishes and regards, all folded by myself.

    But I don’t know the address and location.

    PLEASE…! if you could help or can provide me the address of Neverland.

    Many thanks..!

  • HK

    Yes Michael was a bit strange in the things he did, and I feel like some of Neverland needs to be sold to at least help with the debts Michael incurred, and the main parts need to be restored and made to a memorial of sorts for Jackson, Like a modern Graceland.

  • holly

    r.i.p jacko if peoplesay he is a pedo they r chattin shit he was an innocent man who just liked childeren rip m.j king of pop xx

  • Louise Clayton

    We have created this petition to Make Never Land into an memorial amusement park , Help us make his dream come true , by signing our petition !

    R.I.P Michael .

  • margie

    please make the neverland ranch his memorial home. Neverland Ranch is Michael Jackson!!! Millions of fans would love that… we love you Michael!!! and thank you very much for touching our lives… The world is grieving for your loss… but can we question the will of God?

    Long Live the King of Pop!!!!
    No one can ever replace you ….

    with Love and prayers ….

  • Gail says on July 6th, 2009

    Michael Jackson deserves his rightful place in history, and the memorialization of Neverland, the ranch that he created, needs to be dedicated to the efforts that he contributed to the healing of humanity’s unhumanity to mankind. Please remember, Michael was acquitted of the molestation charges. Please, let’s move on and let go.

  • brittany motts

    michael was like the best he so much talent and he could awe the crowd with his outstanding dance moves and awesome vocals and as a michael fan i would like to say he may be gone but he is always here he has touched the haerts of many generations and i know kids who are like 3 and 4 years old who can tell you so much about him so like i said he i and always will be the king of pop and he has an amazing gift that will never be forgot.

    Rest In Peace Micheal We Will Miss You Deeply

  • Doris Gardner

    First of all let me just say: This man that everybody has so much to say about is still and always will be a child of God.. So now you have people that are on the outside looking in that need to clean up there on mess first. I could preach but I’am not going to just wanna say do the right thing and let NeverLand be a place to remember the King of Pop. we can talk, lie,preach,and even try to judge but TRUTH Noone has a Heaven r Hell to put him in but JESUS himself……………

  • Arvid

    I think its nice that the neverland is open to all kids and fans to remember him.
    Please give the fans a place to come and remember him.

    all of michael song and video is nice.
    He will always be the king of pop.

    Rest In Peace Micheal

  • Cathy Viviano

    Neverland should be auctioned off along with the “rides” at Neverland. Money from the auction will go to the Jackson family and the “alleged” victims of Michael Jackson (split 50/50).


  • http://nil Lovey

    Michael said: he was not going to return to Neverland because it’s already tainted. I truly believe that The Jackson Family Trust can really make a difference here, by way of extending Michael’s meaning from within the grounds of Neverland…allowing people to touch on their memories and to heal away the hurt just like Michael had done. I also believe that Michael would want it this way becaused he demonstrated that, and Neverland was his:main point, his heart and soul, his place of recovery and field of creation…something made posible for every child to gain a delightful eperience and share their story for a life-time. Michael’s vision must not be forgotten, therefore…breathe life into it and keep it alive in his name’s sake. God bless the family to consider a name change, to: ForeverLand. I am sure this will give a new birth meaning for restoration and recovery purposes where Mrs. Katherine Jackson will have full enfluence of how things should run smoothly and as best as she knows fit. Further more, no matter what age, there’s a child in everyone and ‘ForeverLand’ would be a fuller extension of Michael’s dream to continue making that difference. Thank you, Jermaine for speaking your heart with Larry. Your interview points were perceived loud and clear. I believe you were blessed to remain behind and finish off the next exciting chapter of your life and bring forth a profound existance with your love and light to the world. Arohanui, Lovey Hoet. Te Awamutu, New Zealand.

  • colin

    i would like to see it preserved and turned into a museum. he was the king of pop and will always be one of the most famous americans ever to live. i think it should nearly even be considered as a national heritage site and state run.

  • sean

    Rest In Peace Michael Jackson, I know Allah is blessing you, I will hope to see you in heaven, thats where you belong! and F**k Brent

  • Forrie

    Michael Jackson had to live his life which he wanted to live. He was not suppossed to be what anybody wanted him to be. He was tourchered, and subjected to all sorts of ridicule while he was alive most of which had no clear evidence. Why should someone continue to talk nonsense about him now that he is dead. PLEASE LET HIS SOUL REST IN ETERNAL PEACE. The Neverland can be turned into a recreation centre where kids and people from around the world would share memories and experiences.I will always love you Michael. You were the best.


  • David

    Bring back Neverland, let it live again.. Let our Era remember our King..

  • Mike

    Regarding the charges of child molestation:
    Michael Jackson died innocent. We are all innocent until proven guilty. Michael was never found guilty, although he was once found “not guilty”.
    To me, it’s obvious that the two parties that brought him up un charges knew he was vulnerable, and wanted to profit.
    Those 2 parties, if they had any kind of conscience, could straighten this whole thing out by coming forward to the press.

  • Susan

    I’m not sure Neverland is the answer everyone here seeks. I think the Jackson’s if they are in a financial bind should sell it and put the profits in a trust for the 3 children. His up coming concert was to give his childern a secure life and see him sing on stage. His memorial for everyone should be through his music and videos. Not a place where he did not live in his last days that brought him such sorrow for accusations about him that may or may not have been true. Keep him in your heart. You want to talk to him, look up and sing a song.

  • http://nil Lovey

    Morena Koutou(Good morning everyone!) Moonwalk your way from where ever you are in support of Jermaine’s request – for the renuturing of ‘Neverland’ and to bring back what was to its original state with having Michael plugged in for the redevelopment of tirorangatirotanga(all in one love, one faith, one mind, one spirit and in unity, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Have fun watching the following:

  • Jillian

    Rest In Peace Michael. May God bless you.
    My heart aches to know that my idol is no more. Till date i cannot seem to accept his loss. I love you MJ.

    i would like to see it preserved and turned into a museum. And for sure i will visit there to feel the presence of Michael. He was the king of pop and will always be one.

  • http://Dede Gerry Schaffer

    I read all these comments with nothing less than amazement. WHY does this strange, obviously emotionally scarred man deserve more publicity at his death than so many others who lived quietly and without scandal? No, we don’t know if he actually did molest those little boys and we probably never will. All you odd people out there can continue saying, “I know he was innocent”, but the truth of the matter is-only the little boys know the truth now, and they aren’t talking. The man is dead-don’t try to make him appear to be a saint. Don’t talk about what a wonderful father he was (how many children walk around wearing masks) until you see the results of the children’s upbringing. Let him rest in peace and stop worshiping him, for Heaven’s sake!

  • Jumpie

    Just turn it into a museum with an amusement park called Michael Jackson’s Neverland Place. Profits go the hungry children, cancer children, those in need (like people in need of shelter, keep up and DEBT. It’s should be a landmark for his fans to look at his honors and accomplishments. I think he would like that, celebrating his talent and helping others all at the same time. That’s my dose of input for all who care about this topic. Michael Jackson’s talent will live forever in our hearts. He’s life was cut too short!PEACE-MICHAEL JACKSON. A fan.

  • Erick

    Michael was more than just a icon. All he wanted to do is try to and change the world, by giving a helping hand, donating money and trying to help the poor. Why is it that the good must die young, John Lennon also die and all he wanted was peace in the world juat like Michael. Please you guys should turn Neverland Ranch into a memeorial park to remember Michael for the good he did and to remember him for being the greatest person of all.

  • shanna

    I think they should turn it into a museum in honor of his great success.. sleep in heavenly peace MJ we miss you..

  • brenda lee roberson

    . I think it should be like Graceland. There are so many people who love him and would love to come and see him right thing to for micheal jackson , he has done a alote for the world , and he should keep his ranch , and have a place were ever one can come and see him for ever ,and it will be nice to have for his kids to com and see dad at his happy place, and his mother ,and dad , brothers ,and sisters can come see the peter pan place for micheal jackson that call never land it should be keep in micheal jackson family and mom, and dad, brothers and sister , kids . need this for they dad

  • Stanley Awudu

    Imagine a Restored and well preserved Neverland, with the Love and Good Memories of MJ in it!!! Know wat it means ? People and Fans will fly from all over the world FOR THIS ENTIRE LIFE to visit it and remember the Greatest Entertainer Ever , of all times. with enough Revenue being Generated to run the Ranch , Pay his Debt and Take care of the Many Different Foundations he cared about . If he realy has to be remembered , LET THIS PLACE BE TURNED INTO A NATIONAL MUSEUM lET HIS BODY BE BURRIED THERE TOO, FOR PPL TO COME, SEE AND MARVEL AT THE PLACE WHERE ONCE LIVE AND NOW LIES THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER OF ALL TIME AND WHO WILL FOREVER BE THE KING OF ENTERTAINMENT

  • R.I.P. MJ

    Michaels passing is a great loss. he was truly the best performer on earth. and i think his music and dancing and last but not least Michael Jackson him self should be remembered by opening Neverland to the public and make it a musium full of michaels memories. we love you Michael. you will be missed. xoxoxo

  • joanna parnis from malta

    neverland was micheal jacksons dream, he loved it, and was happy there, it was his look what happened after the ignorent stupid people, without a heart, for the sake of money, who ruined a nice mans life,who showed them his love and care, you shoul be ashamed of yourselves, i wouldnt put my head on the pillow in the night and sleep, dont u have any regrets ,u mean people who did this to him,now u can stuck ur money, u will never be in peace in your life u ignorant people.I dont know what micheal really wished, iknow his family knows better, i hope michael will be happy with the choice they will make, i know for us will be nice if neverland stays, but we have to pleace him from heaven. i love u michael ur always in my heart and in my prayers xxxx

  • Jen

    I think Neverland would be great but he himself said after all the crap with the court stuff he did not want to ever be there again, so why should he be laid to rest there? I really am not sure where, but not his home town. He should be laid to rest where most of his family is. forgert about joe…. sorry… but i believe some of his reasons for being the way he was, was because of his father, his younger years. anyways, I am sure you seen your daughter, she was brave and she loves and miss’s you deeply. rip michael. your music will live on and we will all rememeber you. at least the ones that are not so neg about you…

  • soha khairat

    micheal jackson was and is a great man and he was the best danser , song and the best father in the word i hoped that he was my father and every child father and some people hate him because of his look but he did all this for us for has people that they love him and he always bring his best and great in this danser and song and some people where gilles from him then they made layes like he was 2taking children in never land but i know and every body who loves him know that is a lay and when i was young i hated micheal jackson because of his look but now i love him more than you think and i am happy for that and people then that i am american no i am an egyption girl .
    micheal jackson did care about the menoy and in his will he wirtters that 40% for his children 40% his mother and 20% for the poor people .
    and now we don’t know how micheal jackson or any person is inportant exsapt when GOD take him away from there familys and firends and people .
    and plz keep never land and open it like in the old day when micheal was living there with his family and his people to i hope one day when i get married i priomes i will tell my children and my grand children about micheal jackson and some day i want then to go and see never land like i did see her plz ,
    i give all my saport for his children and his family .
    i hope michael rest in pcs .

  • Dlunita

    I think neverland should become a museum wher ppl come to bring ther children to remeber michael and his music. i thinkthat would be the best idea for some one to do!!!! i love you michael?

  • MG

    RIP Michael Jackson! Boy oh boy some of you idiots need to get a life. How in the hell does anyone know for sure he was guilty of doing anything?? Fact is WE DONT AND NEVER WILL! The man was never found guilty of molesting anyones child, fact is those worthless parents sold out their children for money. Had my child been molested I wouldn’t care if it was Prince William regardless of fame rest assured their sick ass would be rotting away in jail! No amount of money could ever help those children overcome the trauma of being sexually abused except for knowing the person was paying the ultimate price of rotting in jail. How could any parent settle out of court and watch someone who supposedly hurt their child walk around , travel, shop and so on and be ok with that? Fact is if it were true no good parent would be ok with that.. Personally, all Michael Jackson was guilty of is having a heart and helping unfortunate children\families and in the end pay the ultimate price of being made a laughing stock in the media. For heaven sake people he has been recongnized for donating to the most charities and a variety of other things…if he was guilty people we will never know only himself , those children and god- we will NEVER know for cetain. Of course it would not be right for anyone to take away your right to have your beliefs… But remember its not you’re right to to be inhumane either. God is Michaels only judge and god is also his only jury… His convictions of wrong doing or his praises will come from our lord almighty… Its not you’re place to cast those stones or convict.. And my last subject is regarding those three beautiful children- who gives a shit if they are his biological children or not!!!! He has raised them, loved them and been their parent from day one- he is their dad in every meaning of the word!Let them grow up and honor the man they have loved without all the constant ridicule… Michael Jackson is the king of pop and his legacy will live way beyond all the idiots commenting on here on his guilt. He was a human being that had choices just as you and I and just because he had surgeries doesn’t make him a freak… That was HIS choice who the hell are you to ridicule him for a choice he was born to make… People we all have choices and so did Michael Jackson. Just because he was a publice figure does not make him uncapable of living life and making his own decisions. He is a legend and always will be! RIP and god bless him and those beautiful children. Lord knows with all the negative souls that have nothing better to do than to be hateful they will need many blessings to grow up normal.

  • MG

    Oh and I failed to mention in my previous post regarding my thought on neverland.. I would love nothing more than to have a place to honor Michael’s success… However, I do not belive Neverland is the place to do that. He left and never returned after the proceding in 2003 and I believe that is the wrong place to hold such monument in his name. He mentioned that Neverland was no longer a home it was just a house. a house In which left many hurtful memories of the accusations made against him. I don’t believe that the heart and love he built neverland with was the same and just don’t feel that it is something he would want… Too much pain on those grounds to be able to honor him in the ways he should be honored. Hopefully his children with the help of others close to him will be able to decide where to hold a place to honor the king of pop someday. As a huge Fan I hope my daughter and I as well as many of those just like me will have somewhere to pay tribute to a man that gave his entire life to fill our ears with the sound of his vocal talent, our eyes with the incredible dance moves that we all tried to emulate and most of all filled our souls with lyrics that touched our hearts forever! No one can ever stand in his shoes and no one will ever touch the radio waves as he did….

  • may

    think neverland should be kept like grace land. just like to say to those nasty people on here if my child was abused by michael jackson i would not except no amount of money i would make sure he went down. money making racket to me true he should not have settled with money i dont think he done it his dad got a lot of answering to do i love you micheal you was the best and always will you will be missed xxx

    • jeff

      Well there is a lot of information on about what will happen to the ranch and the latest news

  • Ari

    I believe that it should be preserved for one of the main reasons Michael designed it for: to bring happiness to underprivileged children. I believe that is what he would have wanted.

    • jenn

      i totaly agree withh you!!

  • Li

    You guys should read this before taking your conclusions over Michael’s guilt/ innocense! And please stop judging him or any other person.

  • Margo Bereska

    God bless you micheal, and we know you are. Alow his soul to be free everyone as it is, who cares about negative debates. Neverland should become what it was supossed to be, a haven for Children. God knows the world needs it! A place for unwanted children to grow up, like an orphanage but better, and made for kids of this new age. A place where sick kids come to heal, learn and grow in a magical world instead of a world kids shouldn’t know, instead of recreating the judgemental picky one, lets teach them to live in spirit and give them love, life lessons and make possitive change like Micheal did!! Love to the children!! He always had good intentions and we dont know the truth. (which I am sure cancel the rumors) his soul is pure and free now. Hes still around working magic! do doubt. Keep the love alive and help the world , and the children. Peace, love and light.

  • Loriann Holt

    I Believe Nverland should be made into a museum. It should be used to honor Michaels memory. He was loved along with his music. I believe he was innocent and everyone should shut up about it and let the man rest in peace. Let his kids mourn without having to hear everyone dragging up the past. I think those kids families just wanted money and should be hung for what they did to him. He just wanted a better world for humanity.

  • lateisha s. murray

    This is to the children of Michael Jackson. May the good lord be with you all at all times and to keep you safe. May God be a blessing to all of the family members. Please do not harm the children in no kind of way by saying saying thing about Michael Jackson, its in the pass. Let,s give the children some good thing about there father not the bad thing which nobody knows weather it was the truth or not. We should let the kids have a good life not see the side where only bad thing sells.

  • Gloria

    There are no words to explain the hurt over the loss of Michael Jackson. Please memoralize the Neverland Ranch…give the fans a place to come and remember him, his life and his music. Sing and dance for the angels Michael!!
    You will live on in everyones heart!!!

  • jeff

    This website has loads of information on Neverland

  • cheryl

    Would Michael want to be there? After all He did say that He didn’t want to live there anymore……I hope you have found the peace you needed Michael a wonderful inspiration to all, but grously misunderstood human being…..somehow this seems like HIStory repeating itself….just over 2000 years ago? just a thought ..

  • Lauren Faerber

    Please save NeverLand Ranch, so many of his newly fans could come from all over the world, please turn it into an amusement park, or something. Just don’t destroy Michael’s beautiful property.

    – Lauren.

  • http://hotmail jemila

    mj is so awsome he is truly a popstar and we will always love him and my cosin well not my cosin my ant stepmother boyfrind is mj cosin but mj is nothing to me i wish he was but hes not and when i hear a song like heal the world we are the world i cry. if you go to youube and put michael jackson home moveis you can see hes home movies. all of them i love you mj and i hope never land ranch become a museam and amustment park but people don’t trash it.oh mj is so cute when he is shy or embaress. we and pepole belive that the docter killed him if he did pepole will hate him mabye his mom to our his hole family well i what to become famous to im a good dancer and singer e-mail me for and adittion. bye

    • Susan

      Get an education and learn how to spell.


    LEAVE NEVERLAND RANCH IN LOS OLIVOS! Everyone in the local area except a few rich snobs in Los Olivos WANT Neverland Ranch to open. They think they can play GOD and keep the ranch closed to the public. They harass people and NO ONE here likes them! They have shot down countless new businesses and job creations. They have already made their money and don’t care about stimulating the local economy that desperately need jobs. Why do they need SOOO much privacy when the ranches are miles apart from one another? It’s because they are making and selling drugs and filming erotic animal movies and engaging in other acts of depravity on their ranches. If they want to live in the middle of no where and not be bothered they need to dismantle THEIR OWN ranches and move them to Alaska! Moving the ranch to Vegas, which is a giant pit of debauchery and sleeze, is not suited for Neverland and will only subject families to prostitutes, drunks and other scumbags. Contact and tell these snobs to back off for good! THE LOCALS WANT NEVERLAND RANCH TO BE OPENED TO THE PUBLIC IN LOS OLIVOS!

  • http://none mjluver0909

    mj will live on forever so I think we should honour the greatest man who ever walked the besides god and make it into a museum so all people can see what a great man he was and always will be!
    luv yah mj r.i.p

  • Martine

    We fans, can buy the ranch!
    If every fan world wide pays a small amount, say 10 euros, then we probably have enough to buy and conserve it!

    My idea is to change it to a place for people to go to who are fed up with live and look for the magic, live can be. Learn that everything is possible, believe the impossible! Michael did!

    • Destiny

      I would sooo do that!!! You really should tell that plain to the world, so many people love MJ and his Neverland so much that they would pay $10 or less to help pay for it so people could come and visit it.

    • Lori

      I agree! Good idea!

    • Stephanie

      Ya but why would you want to change it. It’s perfect! The Never Land Valley Ranch is perfect!!!

  • vanessa j

    i am a die hard fan of mj. i dont care if he killd anyone and tank god was never capable of hurting any1 u haters and envious crappys. none of u can ahieve wat he did even if u lived 4ever.neverland shuld be preservd 4 his fans and generate income 4 kids upkeep.

  • Niki

    Neverland should be a joyfull place. It should be restored to Michael’s imagination (as it was) and doors should be open for people who want to feel the magic. Especially children. It should be an amusement park. Where people can celebrate him… And where children , who he loved so much, can be children.

  • kevin

    they need to keep his up cause that will bring members to people about mj

  • Adrien

    I think everybody who is calling Michael a child molestor needs to shut there mouths and get there facts straight the charges were droped because some fake lie’n money hungry people wanted to see him fail and it didnt happen hahahaha thats what you get how could you take his kindness for granted i think that his NeverLand Ranch should be a monument of Michael to Micheal it was his world, his get away, his Everything and personaly i think that its rude and disrespectful to change something that the KING OF POP made not only for him but for others as well it was his dream made into a Reality and nobody should mess with that…. let him rest in peace and let his fans cherish and adore what he wanted them to for so long let his legacy live on not only for him but for his children family and fans….its a momorial that holds love peace resect and hard work that he has accomplished for the world…. Celebrate his life his spirit will always be here

  • Karen Blackwell

    It needs to be reopened so that fans can pay their respects just like Elvis. We certainly will never be able to visit MJ at his burial site. Alot of fans will never be able to get to one of the tours that may be planned in certain cities

  • jack

    Michael Jackson was a gret man and i would like to see neverland turned into a retreat for sick kids,

  • Jessica

    I think it should be preserved and turned into something for children without completely destroying the community around it like a amusement park would. That is why I support the Neverland Hope Fund and the community around Neverland and their “Never!” group.

  • Courtney

    it would be a good idea to turn it into a museum, theme park and ampitheater, as has been suggested here already. i don’t believe that this would conflict in any way with michael jackson’s feelings toward the place. yes, he no longer viewed it as his home, but there had to be a reason he fought to keep a portion of the property over the last few years. a museum would be a great tribute to him, with a large portion of the proceeds going to charities.

    the only reason i can see NOT doing this, would be the fact that the santa ynez valley area is very tranquil, and an amusement park plum in the middle of it would no doubt change the atmosphere immensely.

  • Euxucina Girton

    I feel that it was and is MichealJacksons and it should be for his Children that had good times with there dad.for it was lies that made all this happen so from evil should come good.thats my prayer..and made his fams could all send even $5.00 each it could happen .God Bless us all keep praying for his family

  • leslie

    What should become of Neverland, the creative brainchild and almost 20 yr. home of the world’s biggest and greatest entertainer?? It should most DEFINATELY be turned into a place, much like Graceland, to honor, commemorate and memorialize Michael Jackson. The Jackson family (excluding Jermaine), deprived Michael’s millions of fans around the world from having a place to to mourn & pay their respects, to feel his spirit. As we all know, Graceland is where Elvis’ fans, 32 yrs. after his death, STILL journey to, to pay their respects, & feel somehow closer to him. The same holds true for Princess Diana, who is buried on a little island on her Family’s estate Althorp, which is opened to the public and which also, like Graceland, has a museum on the property featuring Diana’s personal items. These physical places give the people whose lives they touched, somewhere to honor their heroes. Do you really think that Michael, who has been described as profoundly isolated & lonely, would want to be buried in a mausoleum, locked away from the public who loved him, and who he worked so hard to please & bring joy to? He fed off of his fans’ love & support. It was sometimes all he had. He should have been buried at his beautiful ranch in the tranquility & peace of that area, nestled in the love of his fans & the joy & magic he created & shared there. Since he isn’t, we at least owe him, & the millions who were touched by him, a magnificent place of remembrance. From a purely financial standpoint, it should be said that Priscilla Presley was able to turn around Elvis’ sinking estate tremendously with the profits generated by Graceland. Opening Neverland to the public could secure the entire Jackson family’s future & Michael’s legacy, & make so many happy in the process. I hope the Jackson’s don’t screw this one up for everybody.


    as for our family we would love to see it restored for his Children for as per the Family pictures it was a great home were he and his wee happy..It was do to the Lies and bad people what made he and his Family leave it but as per so many time he said its my home and the tree that he wrote so many great song in like we are the world for us we would love to now that its all been restored.So Good cane come out of it..And his Children cane go there any time they want.anyway thats are prayer..

  • Katerina

    I admire Michaal for his music, dance and as well for his charity work that he did around the world constantly. I would be so happy if Michael’s Neverland becomes a memorial museum/park to his honor and all the people that loves him, admires him and always supported him could come to visit this wonderful place and to remember him.

    Where else then in Neverland??? After all Neverland was Michael’s home, his escape from the world, place where everybody should be just happy and keep smiling.

    Michael is so amazing, loving person with a great heart (I don’t like to speak in past about him). He always believed that together we can change the world and make a better place for all of us. His songs, charity works talks about it and shows us that if one person can make a change so imagine the impact on the Earth if we do it together!

    So in my opinion, if it’s not possible to return this beautiful place to his children so please make a memorial museum from Neverland to his honor.

    Thank you and Got bless you all.

  • Logan

    Hi i am logan muraahi age 14 living in new zealand and my dream is to own it and bring the magic back to it becouse it looks like a wast land and michael would love a kid like me eg: happy, fun and act like a 8 year old i am michael jackson biggst fan and i have alway wonted to be he`s son. it would be a great to meet his real son`s and daughter and that is why iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii realy wont neverland the palace of a king.

    thank you from logan muraahi

  • Ashly McCaffity

    Michael J. Jackson, you are the most beautiful man I ever seen in my life. You changed the world you’re sweet,kind, and really caring. I wish I could be your friend. you wanted everyone to be happy and wanted children to be better and I think they should keep Neverland there as good times with your kids. I hope that Prince,Paris,and Blanket are doing alright. I don’t believe those lies they told about you all they want is money$$$. I love you so much and I missed you so much.

  • abdallah moahmmed

    i like the way micheal does in the songs he sing he that best singer in the world he is my friend we have been chat on line everyday and we have been asking each other thing i like him he is the number best in the world he like to watch television will he has been sending me thing and i will reply to him back so he is the one who can take care of my family and now he is gone no one is happy in my country and the day he did his birth day i presented a nice present to him and he told me that i should`nt tell any one other wise we will break our friendship and we wount see any one again so it was a promise to him so i can tell the story he gave me when he was child and we finished school at the same time so when we grew he was the richest in the class and anyday he help me in the work i have doing and now the doctor was his friend so when he was sick we both went to the doctor so he gave him medicene and he went home and i was not happy to so i too fell sick and the time he was going to london to sing and he trained will so now he is now gone What should become of Neverland, the creative brainchild and almost 20 yr. home of the world’s biggest and greatest entertainer?? It should most DEFINATELY be turned into a place, much like Graceland, to honor, commemorate and memorialize Michael Jackson. The Jackson family (excluding Jermaine), deprived Michael’s millions of fans around the world from having a place to to mourn & pay their respects, to feel his spirit. As we all know, Graceland is where Elvis’ fans, 32 yrs. after his death, STILL journey to, to pay their respects, & feel somehow closer to him. The same holds true for Princess Diana, who is buried on a little island on her Family’s estate Althorp, which is opened to the public and which also, like Graceland, has a museum on the property featuring Diana’s personal items. These physical places give the people whose lives they touched, somewhere to honor their heroes. Do you really think that Michael, who has been described as profoundly isolated & lonely, would want to be buried in a mausoleum, locked away from the public who loved him, and who he worked so hard to please & bring joy to? He fed off of his fans’ love & support. It was sometimes all he had. He should have been buried at his beautiful ranch in the tranquility & peace of that area, nestled in the love of his fans & the joy & magic he created & shared there. Since he isn’t, we at least owe him, & the millions who were touched by him, a magnificent place of remembrance. From a purely financial standpoint, it should be said that Priscilla Presley was able to turn around Elvis’ sinking estate tremendously with the profits generated by Graceland. Opening Neverland to the public could secure the entire Jackson family’s future & Michael’s legacy, & make so many happy in the process. I hope the Jackson’s don’t screw this one up for for our family we would love to see it restored for his Children for as per the Family pictures it was a great home were he and his wee happy..It was do to the Lies and bad people what made he and his Family leave it but as per so many time he said its my home and the tree that he wrote so many great song in like we are the world for us we would love to now that its all been restored.So Good cane come out of it..And his Children cane go there any time they want.anyway thats are prayer..


  • manal mj lover

    i think neverland should become some thing like grace land and would inspire and also make one feel closer to him,people who jugdes him and his family have no right no one liks it if you were jugdd your self so dont do it other people treat people how u will be treated.the stupid meadia ruined a decnt man life.L WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.THE ONE AND ONLY MICHAEL JACKSON!!!:]

  • elliamo

    I would really like to see neverland open to us his fans. I never got to meet Micheal, I think how much I would love to visit his home that he built. We his fans could feel a closeness to him if they would open the house. It would be the most decent thing for us to do, just like they did it for the fans of Elvis. I am never going to give up on this idea and I hope Jermaine his brother does not give up on this idea. He gets it no one else gets it. I love Micheal Jackson and miss him so much. His music meant the world to me and my sister and brother. I first heard his music when I was a little girl, I fell in love with his music. When I moved on my own and got my independence my brother and sister and I would go dancing and one of the things I remember is belly gene playing on this big screen at Marlyn’s back street in Pasadena. My sister and brother would enter contest’s dancing like Micheal Jackson and wining. He stayed in our heart until this day.I miss him so much. Knowing I will never get to see or meet him makes me so sad. I hope one day they will open the home he built to his fans. Thank you one of his biggest fan.


    Je pense que micheal aurait voulut que l’on garde neverland intacte pour les famille défovariser. Si je le peux je voudrai visiter neverland
    MICHEAL Je t’aime tu me manque


    They are trying to change the name of Neverland..please! It will always be NEVERLAND!

  • Vilphy

    The neverlandranch should be kept as memorial for Michael Jackson.And jacksons dream was to bring as many as children to the ranch so that they enjoy and express their happiness and joy.Jackson wants to always put a smile on childrens face with everything he has.that’s why he spent most of his money on children,trying to make them happy and be like them.i would say neverland should be open for children again.

  • jeff

    I hope they do open it up as a museum

  • Lori

    I think Neverland should remain as Michael intended for it to be – a place for children to enjoy. I also think part of it should be a museum for the king of pop. It was his sanctuary, his place of peace with the beautiful sounds of children and and just happiness and joy. I think that would make him very happy.

  • Elizabeth

    I am so upset by Jermaine Jackson’s constant plugs to re-open Neverland and to move Michael Jackson’s remains there. Forget the wishes of the townspeople for or against the theme park. Jermaine, a few townspeople, and many of Michael’s fans surely do not view the place the same way that Michael did himself by 2005. I can just imagine the nightmares that this place caused Michael to have, even after he fled it. I still have them from time to time. Please consider:

    I was Michael Jackson’s closest neighbor when he lived at Neverland Ranch from 1992-1994. I will never forget the first dawn when I woke up to hear the terrible pleas from a child, “Please don’t, please, please don’t!” It was about 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning and I lept out of bed and ran out the door of my cabin and down the drive, thinking that a young child was in danger. (I lived in the cabin that is across the street from the Neverland gate and is on the grounds of a private school that is Neverland’s only neighbor.) It turned out to be a nut case with a megaphone, playing a tape recording, that really had nothing to do with Michael and the pending court case, as loud as he could at the gates of Michael’s estate. He or one of his friends continued to torment Michael with megaphone-blasted recordings that year (1993) until, I think, someone must have called the police and must have convinced the
    person(s) that they’d be arrested for harassment. It was an awful time. That recording haunted me, and I’m sure that it did Michael as well. Wasn’t he so uncomfortable sleeping at this place that he not only fled it but also sold it? In other words, he did not want to remain there.

    This is a case of “mother knows best.” Katherine Jackson has repeatedly said that Michael moved from the Neverland Ranch because, in the end, it held too many bad memories for him. She has tried to convince Jermaine that Michael should not be moved back there. Jermaine should listen to his mother. Based on my limited experience, I agree with her. This scene, and those awful times, should never be revisited … for his legendary brother’s sake. Jermaine said on the Larry King show that other people try to turn Neverland into a negative place; this statement simply does not acknowledge the fact that his own brother felt the negative vibe and negative associations at this spot.

    Michael, RIP, is surrounded by other great entertainers and humanitarians now. We should all respect his mother’s burial decision. She knew him best.

    • lina

      I agree with you, Jermain Jackson should leave Michael in peace. Jermain and family are taking advantage of Micheal cause he is not here.

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  • Jaqui Ayres

    To anyone who cares at all about Michael, SOMETHING should be done at Neverland. Fans really have no where to go to be near him. Gary,is no good as he did not live their for years. His family wouldnt want fans at their Encio home. Neverland is the answer and fans would contribute to go there to keep it in honour of him.
    Why is it so difficult…….he was after all the most famous person on the planet.

  • vanessa

    I think that neverland should be open to all fans…why not anyway? It’s just sitting there doing nothing. It’s what michael would’ve wanted anyway.

  • MjxxJackson

    Well actually i am a huge M.j fan and even i can admit Elivis was the ”King” michael was the ”King Of pop” Michael is elvis’s follower

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  • MjIloveu

    I’m a huge fan of MJ and I think this should be a museum and all of the things inside it is MJ’S things ….Too bad some bitch people sold some of the things that he own! I miss MJ! He’s a good man.. I love u so much MJ!Your our angel!

  • Jack

    i love u michael and up till today as i post this michael, i will love u till i dis and that is it.

  • David Alvarez

    Umm….. Bunch of dummies and press and media I’m gonna buy the ranch MJ’s house and pay off his debts. So u can all thank me.

  • http://neverland david

    i think they should burn it beause it would bring to much memories of what he did to that little boy and i would be scared to live there i do not like michael jackson what so ever he is not even so much not like he is real he is fake!!!

  • Terry Tognazini

    Bulldoze it, and let the pigs roam…