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I know we’ve been covering a great deal on Michael Jackson news these past few days, but the news is absolutely saturated with the sad passing of the King Of Pop. Celebrities all over have been sharing their memories — and last night, Corey Feldman dedicated a concert in memory of the late 50-year-old legend.

“I want to not only dedicate this performance to him, because without Michael Jackson, I wouldn’t be performing onstage tonight,” Feldman told the crowd. “He is with us here tonight.”

The former actor turned musician/eco-activist wore a Jackson-style buttoned regal jacket and told the crowd to give 30 seconds of silence in memory of his close friend. His band Truth Movement was performing in Los Angeles at a gig Feldman declared as “off the grid” for its use of alternative fuels onsite to take the place of electricity. The show ran on a bio-diesel generator and fuel powered by L.A.’s @ Power — something the 37-year-old is adamant about attempting to do for all his live concerts.

“I have been a proponent of sustainable energy practices for many years,” commented Feldman, “and can’t think of a better way to create real change in the world than to partner with companies and individuals to bring the Off the Grid Tour to fruition, proving that effective implementation of alternative energy sources can be done.”

Check out Feldman’s official site for his group here.


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  • Artificial Plants

    What a great thing Corey is doing. I think this could bring a lot of awareness to people around the world.

  • herwin

    am i the only one who thinks “bio diesel” isnt eco at all and just means a greater demand for “cultivating” the last of the rainforests for the production of “bio dieselcrops” and a greater competition with traditional foodcrops meaning higher foodprices that especially affects the people in the “poah” countries ?

  • Stimp

    You’re right, Herwin, biodiesel ain’t much of a step up. It’s a strain on resources other than oil. And it even requires oil to produce.

    And Corey Feldman is a pretentious goof with delusions of musical adequacy.

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  • Mary

    Depending on how a region’s electricity is made, biodiesel might create more rather than less greenhouse gas — no? California doesn’t burn much coal.

  • meliko

    I have to admit, that I only want to leave negative comments about Mr. Feldman. However, he was close to M.J. and he is participating in being eco-friendly, so I will hold back on the negativity

    Ok fine. Those poor souls who attended that concert probably didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. I can’t imagine the pain they had to endure from hearing Feldman sing, “He’s bad, really really bad.”