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“It’s ok to just give up meat for one day, it doesn’t make you a vegetarian if you hate vegetarians, it doesn’t make you a cranky, hemp wearing pot smoker. It’s alright, it’s allowed – it doesn’t make you a kind of the person you don’t want to be. It just means you are doing something positive.”

“If everyone gave it up on a Monday it would be more effective than everyone stopping driving their car on a Monday. We are not perfect. It’s so important to get that across because it’s like oh, those bloody Maccas, talking again about not killing cows! It is boring. But the reality is, I like to think I am trying to do my little bit. I will turn off a light when I leave a room; I will turn off a socket if I don’t want to be using the socket. And those are tiny little things.”

– Stella McCartney speaking with the UK Telegraph on her family’s new campaign to get people to go meat-free one day a week.

UK Telegraph via Vegetarian Star

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  • Stimp

    Damn! I was thinking hemp-wearing pot smoker might be just the right lifestyle shift for me. Now I find out it’s not that easy.

  • Rachelle

    As a cranky, hemp wearing pot smoker,,,I’m deeply offended. LOLOL! Kidding. I’m not cranky at all. LOL!

  • VeggieTart

    I am cranky, but I don’t touch drugs except for caffeine and acetaminophen (for migraines).

  • Antonio

    She sounds too apologetic, this not the way to convince people to turn away from animal exploitation.

  • Get Technical

    I am cranky. Should I start smoking something to feel better?

  • herwin

    most cranky hemp wearing pot smokers i know are not vegetarian at all. why putting down vegetarians in order to promote a meatles monday ? (which is a very positive action but if talking about “killing cows” is a taboo for a meatless monday,this brilliant meatless monday looses some of its core value) indeed it sounds a bit apologetic.

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  • kathryn

    I don’t eat meat 6 days a week and only eat it on Monday because this quote of hers was my introduction to Meat Free Mondays and it ticked me off.
    You don’t have to be a hemp wearing pot-smoker, but you can be a spoiled rich brat