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Teen star Selena Gomez may not be the greenest girl on the block, but at least she’s trying to get better!

“What’s really bad about me is I leave the lights on everywhere I go,” she recently told the Mother Nature Network, adding that she’s trying to improve the habit with self-reminders via post-it notes.

Wait a tick! Wasting paper to remind yourself to be more environmentally-aware? I’m not so sure about that method, Selena!

The casts of Disney shows are also involved in the Friends for Change environmental campaign. And Gomez shared some on-set green techniques. “We have double-sided scripts and we recycle them. We don’t use [plastic] water bottles,” Gomez reports. “We’re doing our best — we’re trying. Every little thing counts.”

What do YOU think is the most important thing young people can do to go green? Chime in a share your thoughts!

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  • L

    Best way that I can think of is to become vegan/vegetarian. Doing so makes a direct impact on the environment, and not only is it ecologically practical, but ethical as well.

  • joseliz

    i think that they are a good way to inspire the teens and children! the best method to reduce the contamination is recycle!

  • Michael M

    Protest against the government and polluters is the main way for change !

  • herwin

    the best way is going veggie, no doubt about that.

  • Carrie

    recycling probably isn’t the BEST method. personally, i think it is more of a band-aid to the problem- and a loose band-aid at that. teaching kids to reduce overall consumption (whether via their food habits or in any other aspect of their life) is better than teaching them that they can use whatever they want because eventually it will made into something else (especially because, in most cases things that go into the recycling bin end up in the landfill anyway)

  • Whoever…

    I don’t think there’s ONE thing that’s the most important thing in order for one to go green.

    I believe going green is a sum of different little things – reducing waste (not buying unnecessary products or buying those with the least packaging, etc.), reusing (by using our imagination we can do it and save money – for instance I use big water bottles to make vases for plants, etc.), recycling everything, saving electricity (by buying energy efficient appliances and light bulbs, etc.) and water (not washing the car every week, not leaving the water running while brushing the teeth or shampooing, etc.), walking more and driving less, protecting plants and animals, planting trees and composting (for those who have gardens), going veg*an (or at least reducing the consumption of animals), buying local products (food for instance), ‘nagging’ other people until they change their habits as well…

    I don’t know… there are so many things one can do!
    Little by little and without realizing it, after a while one becomes GREEN!!


  • Ariela

    Definitely become vegan or vegetarian and become members of groups that promote veganism/ eco living plus read blogs that promote those same ideals. GirlieGirl Army is a great one!

  • Kelsey


  • Conscious Cow

    Compost! 27 billion tons of trash are put in US landfills each year, and the biodegradable stuff (food, grass clippings, paper…) gets mummified. That’s why landfills become big mountains that become new parks or neighborhoods with contaminated water and cancer ridden residents. COMPOST!

  • pamela Bucklinger

    you can recycle, drive less, turn out lights, etc but even all together it doesn’t come close to the impact that you would have by not eating meat. if you aren’t ready to go veggie at least eat less (especially beef). better for you and the planet!

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  • loveselena

    im sorry but how will being a vegan/ vegetarian help the environment again?

    i understand maybe recycling food waste but not eating meat is hardly going to reduce pollution and other more important problems!?!

    and how will it encourage other people too? i love selena but her becoming veggie would not make me think ‘oh i think i’ll do it too coz i wanna be just like her’

    seriously i agree with selena, the small things she does do count especially if more and more people had healthy habbits like she does!


  • kompletely kool

    i guess that it really depends on saving water & electricity. going vegetarian also helps, but it’s not enough! the cup of destruction is brimming and youngsters need to change the scenario. public awareness is must which is more noticed when influential people take part in it…..
    so, way to go selena!

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