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A little more than a week after being arrested for civil disobedience during a mountaintop removal protest in West Virginia, Daryl Hannah is telling her side of the story in a new article for the Huffington Post. She writes: “Why would I fly across the country on my own dime knowing I would most likely end up in jail in one of the poorest parts of America? Well, have you ever heard of MTR? Don’t feel bad, my friends are intelligent, well-read and informed people, but most of them had never heard of MTR (Mountain Top Removal) either.”

Hannah goes on to explain her position on the destructive practice — including the respect she has for the miners that depend on the work for their livelihood. She also includes some letters that she’s received since her arrest for citizens of West Virginia deeply effected by MTR. “I am sorry you were arrested but I thank you for standing up for what is right,” writes one woman. “We need to work on sustainable communities here in the mountains so that coal miners will have opportunities for jobs not so dangerous.”

The actress then rails against the fallacy that is “clean coal” technology saying: “Let me make one thing clear… there is no such thing as clean coal!!! ‘Clean coal’ is the industry’s attempt to “clean up” its dirty image — the industry’s greenwash buzzword. It is not a new type of coal. ‘Clean coal’ methods only move pollutants from one waste stream to another. Coal is a dirty business!”

Check out the full article — including pictures — over on HuffPo. To see a video of Hannah getting arrested, jump here.

Photo credit: Rainforest Action Network

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  • Stimp


    She has become more and more attractive over the years.

  • RemyC

    Green celebrities need to put fighting coal plants and mountain removal, or nuclear power plants, in context with the knowledge that a large portion of the electricity we produce goes to lighting. Everywhere they go they should carry a LED bulb in their pocket, show it to the media! If we spent $50 billion on installing LEDs we wouldn’t need $50 loan guarantees! We’d probably be able to produce all the electricity we need with renewables.

  • Whoever…

    I watched a documentary tonight about solar power where it was said that if the USA built concentrated solar plants on 10% of the federal land of the state of Nevada, it would be enough to supply energy to the entire country…

    If this is true and if solar power was combined with all the other renewable energies throughout the territory, it is fair to claim that the USA could ‘easily’ power the entire country with renewable energies alone.

    And if you were to do that, many countries would follow, numerous green jobs would be created around the world and we would be on the right path to build a sustainable future for all of us!

    So tell me, what does it take for people to finally open their eyes and do the right thing for a change?