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Sarah McLachlan appeared on Canadian television yesterday sporting a PETA anti-seal hunt shirt and expressing her anger over the practice.

The 41-year-old singer was in Ottawa performing a concert in celebration of Canada Day when CTV News caught up with her for a quick interview. “The commercial sealing industry in Canada is perverse and sick,” she told the reporter.” They club these seals as early as 12 days old, and half the time they hook them and they drag them across the ice. … It’s archaic, and it’s horrible, and I want it to stop.”

Check out the rest of the great interview here.

via PETA blog

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  • VeggieTart

    Oh, she’s the coolest, and now I have another reason to really like her. But I could not help but be amused by her Americanism–”Can I plead the Fifth?”–when asked a tricky question.

  • Livin Veg

    I love Sarah McLachlan! And I adore her tee. And her music.

  • Newfie2

    Well, good for you Sarah. You made it to the top. Must be real nice way up there, or is it way down there…in the USA. Have you forgotten where you came from or the fact that there are people who depend on getting their hands dirty and bloody to feed their families? I’m sure it must be nice to have the “not needing to want feeling”. There are men, women and children who depend on the seafood industry, including the seal hunt. Unfortunately they can’t buy your CD’s anymore, they are preoccupied with other concerns, like finding money to buy food.

    • Love_Newfie

      I totally agree with you. I have read so much about this seal hunt, & everything I’ve ready so far is false. There are people who depend on the seal hunt, and I have who does depend on it. When I read that she was against it I couldn’t believe it. It’s not just going on in Newfoundland, but also in Nova Scotia, where she is from.

  • Shari

    Many celebrities look for opportunities to get their mugs on television or in the newspapers. Self-serving organizations and celebrities who are pseudo experts, should come together with the seal hunters and community leaders to brainstorm solutions rather than protesting. The Inuit and hunters from Newfoundland depend on the seal hunt to put food on the table. The Inuit can’t grow food because the land is so barren. They eat fish, seals, whales, caribou, hares, foxes, seaweed, berries, vetch, and sorrel leaves, and in the winter they eat fat/blubber for survival. The Inuit use animal blood to make soup and drink the ice and snow when it melts. So please, we don’t need protests, we need solutions.

  • doreen rosanen

    Right now I’m having my breakfast lunch of
    steamed potato, yam broccholi, whole grain
    bread with peanut butter, and one egg, few
    raisen, nuts, and seeds. For about eight-
    een years I have been caring for animals
    that would otherwise be abused by horrible
    humans, and I have never been sick in these
    eighteen years. Why, perhaps because Iam
    humble, not eating hardly any meat, and
    not having time to worry about myself.I
    just pray to the Creator to give me strength to care for these animals, and
    pray that the human race will change
    their habits and ways of thinking for the
    better. Humans must limit their population because it’s humans that tend
    to destroy – look at our world full of
    sick minded people. People limit your
    population and think with common sense,
    reasoning, compassion, empathy and
    wisdom…… what a beautiful world we
    would have with animals and humans
    living in peace. There will never be
    happiness and peace so long as human
    population increases-remember common
    sense and reasoning.

  • herwin

    damn, so she is just trying to get her “mug” on the television,that low eco bitch !!
    Shari is hilarious and obnoxious by abusing the Inuit who never ever have been a target by protesters but the sadistic canadian sealkillers who try to make a buck by killing seals just for their fur. no sobbing stories about “putting food on the table” please. These cpeople are thugs and lowlifes, no better then criminals and should be send to jail for inhumane and unnecesary extreme animal cruelty.
    This isnt at all about Inuit who hunt seals and live of them. Its so disrespectful and such a last straw to try to use these people and group them together with these white sadistic newfoundlander sealkillers. how lowe you can get, miss Shari.

  • Whoever…


    “there are people who depend on getting their hands dirty and bloody to feed their families? [...] There are men, women and children who depend on the seafood industry, including the seal hunt.”

    What an absurd argument!

    According to that line of reasoning, then the nazi concentration camps shouldn’t have been closed because all the guards were going to lose their jobs (as someone very well put it in another post here on Ecorazzi).

    But let’s not stop there: what about drug dealers? They also need to feed their families, therefore it’s okay for them to continue to sell drugs!
    What about Afghanistan? Do you know that it’s the world’s top producer of heroin? And do you know that the ones responsible for this ‘production’ are small farmers who need to make money to feed themselves and their families? So let them keep doing it! So what if tons of drugs get in the USA and other countries every year and kill thousands of people? Hey, the Afghan farmers need to feed their families as well!!
    But let’s continue: what about oil companies? Hey, let them drill everywhere they wish! After all, they create thousands of jobs. What about logging companies? Let them just cut down as many trees as they desire!
    And what about factory farms, fur farms, cosmetic animal testing… and so on?

    Do you see a pattern here!?

    Just because an industry provides jobs or supports numerous families, it doesn’t mean it must be protected and perpetuated indefinitely. There are always alternatives.
    If something is plain wrong and hurts others (humans and non-humans) and the environment, it must be stopped as quickly as possible.

    It’s people like you (who from now on I will call ‘evil defenders’), who are always defending ‘evil’ companies and industries, that are in the way of the evolution of mankind!!

    So don’t come here whining about those ‘fishermen’ and their families. If they were intelligent evolved people, they would have started thinking of another way to make money long ago!


    No one is protesting against the Inuit…! So I’m not even getting into that!

    “Self-serving organizations and celebrities who are pseudo experts, should come together with the seal hunters and community leaders to brainstorm solutions rather than protesting.”

    Do you want solutions?

    Well, my country for instance used to be a whaling country. This industry was based at two groups of islands we have in the Atlantic ocean. After we ended whaling we started developing tourism, in particular whale watching. It’s now a successful industry (more than whaling) and we also have a university in one of those islands dedicated especially to marine research.

    The problem with ‘your’ seal hunters is that they don’t want solutions. They want to cling to practices that no longer make sense in the 21st century!

    Tell me something, have you ever seen how they club seals to death?
    Maybe you should watch a video of it first, before being an ‘evil defender’ and sticking up for those sadistic people!!

  • Shari
  • Maryanne

    Shari just needs to drop it. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Shari

    Oh yes, I know what I’m talking about because my ancestors were seal hunters and depended on it to put food on the table. It’s people who have not lived it that don’t know what they’re talking about.

  • Shari
  • IceClass

    Sarah hasn’t written anything new worth hearing in years.

    Protesting a perfectly sustainable and humane harvest of a fundamentally renewable resource is just plain stupid but at least it gets her face in the press.

    I stand with the sealers!