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Sarah Palin made a surprising announcement today that she is resigning as Governor of the state of Alaska. According to the Huffington Post, Palin made a brief statement saying that she will not run for re-election and that her resignation will be effective in a couple of weeks. In perfect form, she refused to answer any questions.

What we’re not certain of (as well as everyone else in the media) is why Palin is ending her term as Governor early instead of waiting until 2010. Speculation is now rampant that she will seek the Republican party presidential nomination for 2012 — granted, if she can’t handle being Governor, what kind of chance does she stand as a President? Good luck with attempting to convince us otherwise.

Ever the nightmare for wildlife conservation in Alaska, the resignation of Palin raises hopes that the state will do away with cruel campaigns such as shooting wolves from airplanes. One thing’s for certain: this unfortunately will not be the last we hear of her. But go ahead and celebrate anyways — it’s a good day for wildlife in Alaska.

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  • carly

    Another nail in the GOP coffin if she is the 2012 nominee. There is a related post at

  • Get Technical

    OMG, what did she do!!! I say secret scandal is about to come out in 3…2…1 hahahaha

  • rick g

    It is remarkable that one of the biggest aspects to the 2008 election was the discussion of the qualification of Sarah Palin to be VP. Yet at the end of the day we ended up with the biggest buffoon on the planet as VP. Go figure.

    “Look, John’s last-minute economic plan does nothing to tackle the No. 1 job facing the middle class, and it happens to be, as Barack says, a three-letter word: jobs. J-O-B-S.” – Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States.

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  • Portland Roots

    I linked to this article in my mini rant on Sarah Palin and her resignation. I am so happy she is gone, hopefully she will keep herself out of politics and raise her family instead.

  • Ron

    More information on “grassroots” supporters gathering across the nation to support Sarah Palin for President in 2012 can be found online at

    Note, the website is in danger of crashing due to the flood of readers and supporters signing up to show their interest in a Palin Candidacy. The GOP establishment had better watch out, Sarah Palin and Ron Paul combined with the power of the internet will remove the stranglehold of GOP special interests and the elites who have brought the party to its knees in defeat in the 2008 elections.

  • william huard

    sara Palin has a reality that is all her own. She is always saying that the people of alaska are most important, a fact that she conveniently ignored as she tricked the state into the aerial wolf program. Her safari club mentality is truly disturbing, as she sits in her gov office with the Grizzly trophy draped over her couch- what a loser

  • Loretta

    Forget Palin/Please give these insurance-whipped Dem Senators a piece of your mind.

    We all need health care! Here’s the link. Click Click Click and write to these lollygaggers to tell them we want a public option or single-payer health care. At the the links are embedded in the names.

    Here are the culprits who are holding up our root canals and mammograms:-)

    It only takes a few minutes, and you will FEEL SO MUCH BETTER AFTERWARD! Sara Palin is trying to distract us from getting healthcare!

    Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-AR)

    Senator Tom Carper (D-DE)

    Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA)

    Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR)

    Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL)

    Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA)

    Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND)

    Senator Max Baucus (D-MT)

    Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)

    These names are reported by The Hill

  • Benito

    She cost McCain the election, her folkyness, accent and winking do not ring true, her intellect is below par (our vivid memory of the last one who delegates and follows because of their lack of intellect), but lets face it with the right type of marketing (vote folky, vote god) it can be sold to US, history tends to repeat itself. God help us!

  • deena

    Does it make a difference if we do not live in their state?

    Surely she’s not going to run for President, right!?

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  • Donna B.

    I hated her retarded outlook on wolves, etc, too, but this much hatred and mockery and scorn, which never ever stops, springs from sexism, I believe.

    Meanwhile, Obama isn’t doing that great on wolves, either, at least in some states. My cartoon for Slate on this:

  • ohnoididnt

    To ‘coin’ Palin’s basketball analogy…it was a ‘turnover’ not a ‘pass’.

    Anyone who supports ‘running’ wolves to exhaustion with helicopters, shooting them and cutting off their front quarters for money… while leaving pups to starve to death is evil.

  • PopsLarry

    If you could pull your head out of that nasty place where you obviously keep it most of the time, and wipe that brown stuff out of your eyes, take a look in a mirror, though your reflection probably won’t be there, you might be shocked to realize you are speaking for the vampires, not the wolves.

    You’re just another blood-sucker hiding behind a politically popular cause to make yourself look legitimate so you can smear productive and moral people who are making a positive difference in the world.

    The only green you represent is the envy sticking out of every pore in your body.

    Shame on you. Have a cup of coffee, smell a rose or two, and see if you can do a little better.


  • Norris Hall

    To say you are quitting half way through your term because you suddenly realize that you are a lame duck governor is about the most bizarre excuse I have ever heard.

    Some Conservative supporters are patting her on the back for her “wise political move so she could better position herself for a presidential run”. That’s like congratulating a general for abandoning his troops in the middle of the battle so he can “spend more time with his family.”
    So, Sarah. Here’s what I usually tell my kids when they get bored with one project and want to move on to something else more exciting. You finish the first job before you go on to the next one.

    A lot of her supporters spent a lot of time and money to put her into office. She’s betrayed all of them.
    Not that Parnell won’t be a good Governor…but then she should have been campaigning for Parnell instead of running herself.

    This is political stupidity.

    Perhaps it’s just as well McCain/Palin ticket went down to defeat.
    Had they won Palin might got tired of playing “VP” , and quit half way through to start working on her next goal…president.

  • Kareen

    The only way the wolfes and other wild life celebrate is when she leaves Alaska and I don’t wish that on the rest of the USA.

  • Rex Brown

    It seems to me that the lines are being drawn between those who believe in decency and good and those that believe in murdering babies and use of four letter words that have to be bleeped out.

    If you want to hug a wolf then run right up there to Alaska and do so! You might want to check into why there is a problem there before you do…

    See you in the campaign (hopefully..) but you better come up with something better than saving the wolves.

  • thunder

    Wolf to Sarah: Fuck yoooooo, whooo hooo!

  • Reaganite Republican

    Palin’s move just puts yet more pressure on Obama to finally get some results, as the soaring rhetoric isn’t hypnotizing the plebes like it used to. This week Helen Thomas, Colin Powell, and Warren Buffet all turned on him. Polls are looking droopy for The One lately.

    Obama’s porkulus program is a train wreck, all it’s done is bump interest rates and tank the dollar. We are being laughed at by bad guys like Tehran, Pyongyang, and Al Qaida who amazingly turned-down Barack’s timid friend-requests.

    Palin could trounce him in 2012, when Americans would vote for the Gipper-in-Heels in droves- while begging for lower taxes, free enterpise, a defense posture with some backbone… an end to the radical, anti-American nightmare we’ve got now.

    Go get ‘em Sarah-

  • Ryan

    Oh common Donna, this had nothing to do with sexism. She was just a flat ditz of a person.

  • Whoever…

    @PopsLarry (=’evil defender’)

    First of all, you are extremely rude and arrogant. Therefore all your ‘arguments’ have no credibility whatsoever.
    From what I read and heard about this palin character, it comes has no surprise that her supporters are rude, intolerant people like yourself!

    “so you can smear productive and moral people who are making a positive difference in the world. ”

    You’re definitely not living in the same planet as the rest of us! She was the most negative factor in the presidential run. She incited violence against Obama on her rallies, for cryin’ out loud…!

    “Moral people”? Don’t you mean “religious fanatics” instead?

    @Rex Brown (=’evil defender’)

    “It seems to me that the lines are being drawn between those who believe in decency and good and those that believe in murdering babies and use of four letter words that have to be bleeped out.”

    “Believe in murdering babies!?”
    Obviously you are a ‘man’. A very frustrated, intolerant and sexist ‘man’! Maybe you would like to live in countries where women are literally the property of men!
    palin – “She does not believe women who are raped and incested and ripped open against their will should have a right to determine whether they have their rapist’s baby or not.”

    @Reaganite Republican (=’evil defender’)

    In spite of everything, the anti-American nightmare, as you call it, ended (at least most of it) with the election of Barack Obama as president. He is restoring the American image abroad. Believe me when I tell you that before he was elected, most of the rest of the world hated the USA and wished you all the worst…
    And let me tell you something: should palin be elected in 2012 (may the gods and goddesses forbid it) you’ll be hated again and then you’ll see what real terrorism means!!!

    And to end my already very long comment, here are some truths about palin, the evil one:

  • VeggieTart

    She’s some kind of arrogant if she thinks quitting as governor midway through her term will better position her for a presidential election more than three years away. If she does, I hope she gets creamed in the primaries: She’s ill-informed, arrogant, nasty, and hides under a folksy facade. It has nothing to do with her gender and everything to do with the fact that our views are diametrically opposed.

  • Benito

    When she accepted the VP nomination, she knew she needed to bring her professional game up to another level, she never did. She knew that her family would get attacked as did Hilary and Chelsea before her (by even her twin maverick brother McCain in 1998), let face it she knew her family affairs would come out. But now she plays the victim card again, a card she played after those comical first extended interviews that we all enjoyed and SNL immortalized. But for the icing on the cake, she quits, because she does not want to be a lame duck governor, because the lawsuits keep coming, because it was the media’s fault, because seeing Russia from her house finally got to her, because is was not fair that Alaskan’s paid her salary while she was running for the VP position, take your pick. So what does she tells us? Dear Mr. President, when things get tough, quit. Dear military men and women, if you are not having fun, quit. Dear son or daughter, if things are not going your way, quit. Sure, I agree when she first was introduced and gave a descent speech, sure the polls went up, but after the extended interviews, they went where they ended, down. She showed her true character, I real hope the book deal, Radio/ TV shows and the speech circuits make up for what her party has lost by her actions.

  • Denise

    I just read an extensive story in this month’s Audubon magazine about the Alaskan wildlife management and it is devastating. She is seriously doing some damage to the “wild” in wilderness up there!

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