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Bruno Movies Exposes Celebrity PR Charity Airheads

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bruno movie

Reviews for Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film BRUNO (the follow-up of sorts to his 2006 hit BORAT) are popping up and one of the more interesting scenes appears to be when the flamboyantly gay character attempts to get involved with some charities

Apparently, Bruno wants to become a celebrity and decides to interview some PR consultants who advise Hollywood stars on ways to boost their image through charity work. From a Bloomberg review,

In America, Bruno has encounters with B-list entertainers, redneck hunters, bloodthirsty fight fans and a couple of airhead PR consultants who advise celebrities on how to boost their public images by supporting charities. (One of the flacks mispronounces Darfur and indicates that global warming is no longer buzz-worthy.)

Obviously, there probably aren’t many out there surprised to learn that some celebrities are in the charity game for the publicity. I just can’t believe that some would hire others to advise them on the ways to do this for maximum gain. Actually, what the hell am I talking about? This is Hollywood. Anything goes — no matter how shallow the circumstances.

Bruno hits theaters this weekend. In the meantime, we’ll see if we can dig up this clip somewhere.

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  • Stacey

    Omg dumbest airheads ever… Couldn’t figure out anything for charity and was also stuttering. Idiots!!

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