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When Greenpeace climbers managed to unfurl a giant banner to the right of Abraham Lincoln’s face on Mt. Rushmore yesterday, we tuned in to see the fruits of their work having absolutely no idea what they went through to get it up there.

A new video is up showing us some behind-the-scenes footage and the rough conditions the participants encountered. At one point, you’ll witness one climber get tossed around the side of the mountain as the winds pick up his side of the banner like a sail. At that point, I guess you just hold on.

We’re also happy to report that all of climbers yesterday have been released from jail. Obviously, there will probably be some stiff fines and community service from this one. Check it out below:

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  • Jason

    Because of this stunt to a monument that means as much as this one does to me, I am staging my own protest. I am going to let my car idle all day today while I am at work. Good job.

  • Andrew


    I actually just finished the book “Mount Rushmore: An Icon Reconsidered” by Jesse Larner. I read that the monument means a lot of things to a lot of people. During my reading of the book I had to reconsider what I believed about the men immortalized on the mountain and the men that did the carving. The Black Hills is my favorite vacation spot and Mt. Rushmore ranks up there as one of the great monuments on earth. However, your “protest” is in bad taste and does nothing to further the greatness of the men of Mt. Rushmore.

  • Whoever…


    Why don’t you go pout somewhere else?

    Leave this issue to the big boys okay!?


  • Erin Raw Foods


    Just make sure you don’t let your car run idle all day in your garage. With you in it. That would be such a tragedy ;)

    cough cough


  • plum ridiculous

    And you call yourselves americans. You people should be ashamed. Demeaning an American Icon like that. There are plenty of other ways to voice your opinion on global warming. Yeah, people do care about it, and you people think your the only ones that do. As a South DAkotan, i am truly irritated. Go protest somewhere else, oH, and tell the poeple in volved to invest in some soup on a rope, cause they will need some for the jail time they are about to spend.

  • Paul

    I agree with Jason. Greenpeace defaced an American icon and so i think i will repay greenpeace by letting my car idle as well.

  • Sonia


    Ditch the patriotic bullshit and look at the bigger picture!

  • Whoever…

    @ plum ridiculous & Paul…

    You’re a disgrace to your country!!!

    You’re the ones who should be ashamed of calling yourselves Americans!

    You’re acting like spoiled children…

    Whether you like Greenpeace’s actions or not is not the issue. They did not harm the monument at all! So, what’s your problem, besides being ignorant!?

    What you should be mad at are American (in this case because you’re American citizens) companies like monsanto, macdonalds, kfc and the likes of them. They’re destroying the planet and are responsible for the horrible death of millions of animals each year… Why don’t you protest against them!? Hypocrites!!!

    You want to leave you car idle all day? Well go for it, but do us all a huge favour – sit inside with the engine running, will you?

  • plum ridiculous


    in case you missed the signs coming into our beautiful state, i believe there is a sign that says ” we south dakotans reject animal activists” blah blah! why cause its a business! and beef is dam good!

    ANyways we were talking about the fact that you people defaced a piece of American History, we werent talking about monsano etc. How bout the next time you want people to hear your voice instead of piss poeple off, go to a state or federal building and hand out flyers, cause in my opinion, THAT WAS JUST PLUM RIDICULOUS!


  • Oceanlover84

    I have to say that it’s amazing how people try and thrust their beliefs on everyone else. If you don’t believe in eating meat don’t eat meat, if you’re against fur then don’t wear fur, it’s all very simple and most importantly it’s about person preferences. Just because someone has different beliefs than yourself doesn’t make them any less “American”. Greenpeace should stage protests at the rivers in India and China, that’s an area that needs some serious attention, more so than here in the U.S.A.

  • plum ridiculous

    you know, in all honesty, i do believe that what you do is your choice. The constitution was built for a reason. But not for this. I can be a little ignorant some days about my beliefs, and for that i apologize, but in my opinion, you spit on the constitution. Yes, you do have the right to free speech, but really, extremes like this and defacing a beautiful piece of hardwork and honor to your country like this. i just dont get it. i love earth just as much as the next, yes, i hunt, and i would not at all call my self a trophy hunter. I hunt because i eat the meat, and i have found use with hides, but thats besides the point, the big picture is here that there are other ways to voice your opinion. thats all.

  • Whoever…

    plum ridiculous…

    “there is a sign that says ” we south dakotans reject animal activists””

    I seriously doubt that’s true. But if it is, then I must assume south dakotans are idiots.
    I don’t know which part of “to your country” – on my comment – you didn’t understand, but I meant I was not an American (and when I read absurd comments such as yours I’m SO glad I’m not).

    I really have no idea about the kind of people who live in South Dakota, but I’m willing to bet you’re the white hill-billy type!! Am I right?

    Regarding defacing monuments, I am surprised you’re so worried about a few faces (with all due respect) sculptured on a rock but you’re not that worried about the destruction of the entire planet – because that’s what Greenpeace (whether you like them – and their actions – or not) were trying to call attention to!

    By the way, were you also outraged when YOUR country illegally and under false pretexts invaded Iraq? Did you protest when YOUR armed forces destroyed monuments and allowed the pillage of Iraq’s National Museum? DID YOU? You know, America’s History compared to Iraq’s, is a joke!!! Where were you when their national monuments were destroyed by your armed forces during the invasion!?


    Well, animals unfortunately aren’t given the right to choose not to be skinned alive so people can wear their fur, to choose not to be killed by horrible and cruel methods so you can eat their meat, to choose not to be tested on so you can use a perfume or a shampoo, to choose not to be abused and humiliated so you can see them perform pathetic tricks in the circus or in a marine park, etc.!!

    You know, real Animal Rights and environmental activists don’t make any money from their actions and protests. There’s bad and good everywhere and I admit that many NGOs are in it for the money, but if you truly want to know why people such as myself genuinely just want to protect animals and the planet in general (humans included), then please go to:

    and watch this documentary.

    I promise you that you’ll understand then, and maybe you’ll begin to see us from a different perspective.

    That is if you want to open your eyes and see the truth!

    You could also take some time and watch ‘Food Inc.’ or read the book ‘Skinny Bitch’ (I never read it – it’s not available in my country – but I hear it’s amazing).

    Finally, the next time you point your finger at someone, especially activists who are only trying to change the world for the better, take a good look at your hand and you’ll see that you have 3 fingers pointing right back at yourself!

    Do keep an open mind in the future and thank you for your time…!


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  • tasty beef

    It is a shame that the defilers did not fall to the bottom of the mountain and break there necks, maybe next time. Hopefully they’ll sit some jail time I won’t do the patriotic thing since there not citizens I guess they wouldn’t get it anyway. Now for the freaks, if you don’t like our country get the hell out and don’t come back. If you want to change things get a job and change you attitude. As far as global warming goes its a joke, does anyone remember acid rain? where did that go ah yeah it ruined the planet did’nt it. Well all you tree huggers and bunny f!#@*ers will grow up someday but hopefully a few of you will be thinned out of the herd by your rediculus stunts.

  • plum ridiculous


  • Whoever…

    You are obviously a very violent person. No surprises there…

    What part of ‘your country’ didn’t you understand?
    I’m NOT American!!

    The USA DOES NOT keep me safe or contributes to my freedom whatsoever.
    I’m European and let me tell you that up until the election of President Obama we were sick and tired of your imperialism!!

    Why do you think so many nations around the globe hate the USA? Who do you think put saddam in power in the first place? Who do you think helped the talibans in the first place in Afghanistan? Who do you think is the main responsible for the dictatorships in Cuba and North Korea? Exactly, the previous governments of your country are. Do you think that by maintaining an embargo on a country it helps its people? Of course not! It only makes the dictators stronger because the population doesn’t know what’s happening outside the country and therefore the people are easier to control and manipulate. While their ‘leaders’ rule the country with an iron fist, the people starve and have no proper health care, not to mention that they don’t have access to education. And so they are cut off from the world.
    These are just a few examples…

    So don’t come here and tell me that America is leading the free world, when in fact your previous governments were the ones who most contributed for many of the dictatorships they themselves accused of being evil! Oh and do you know who is the world’s biggest consumer of oil? The US armed forces are… Interesting isn’t it? Actually your armed forces are the main responsible ones for the destruction of the planet and of true democracy!

    Learn some History and educate yourself before making absurd and ignorant comments.

    Oh and as a coward that you are, I assure you that if I lived in South Dakota you wouldn’t write such things as “COME TO SOUTH DAKOTA, I WILL GIVE YA MY ADDRESS, AND WE CAN SETTLE THIS LIKE MEN IN PERSON” because you wouldn’t have the guts to say those things to my face… But then again, you’re only showing the arrogance of many Americans who think they rule the world and who are the keepers of freedom and democracy!! You know, WW2 has long gone… We don’t have to thank you any more for that.

    Go have a “NICE BIG STEAK ON THE GRILL” and continue to live in your world of illusion!!