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Just an hour ago I was flipping through channels at the gym and happened upon the Rachel Ray Show. I must have flipped at the right moment because just as I tuned in I heard Rachel turn to Rupert Everett and say something like: “Last time you were here I made you a vegetable curry because you were a vegetarian. But I hear you gave that up.”

To which Rupert replied (again, not directly quoting) “I gave up eating meat because I love cows, but I just felt too weak.” He went on to say that he also just really enjoys meat in general. 

Rachel then agreed and said that her grandfather used to say that eating meat was good for the blood. Um…yikes.

So get out that list and cross off Sir Everett. We’ve lost another one!

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  • Whoever…

    Weak-minded, more like it!

    “We’ve lost another one!”

    Good riddance!

    I’ve been a vegetarian for 12 years now and never felt weak. In fact I can endure much more than meat eaters.

    If the guy wanted to give up being a vegetarian, it’s his problem. However, he has no right to make false statements and claim he felt weak because he was a vegetarian!! That’s absolutely false. He is a coward who can’t admit he wasn’t strong enough to be a vegetarian!

    Oh yes, he’s weak all right!!

    “Rachel then agreed and said that her grandfather used to say that eating meat was good for the blood.”

    Okay…!!! WTF!? ‘True Blood’ anyone?


  • Elaine Vigneault

    Sometimes it just takes practice. Some people have to go vegetarian multiple times to get it right.

    So he fell off the wagon, so what? It’s not like we don’t give smokers and alcoholics a second chance to get healthy… we ought to give meat-a-holics a second chance, too.

    • newlywed

      So glad you said that, because you do not know how much ai needed to hear that. I have gone back and forth a few times, usually because I did feel weak. I do a lot of athletic events and so I guess I did not put in the hour to figure out exactly what to eat and when. I am currently working on this, so any good sites or book suggestions would be great.

  • Erin Raw Foods

    He needs to go talk to Jack Lalanne.. Hasn’t eaten meat for what? 80 something of his 90 something years? Yet in his 80’s he still swam the San Francisco bay with tons of boats and chains attached to him.

    C’mon Rupert.. You came out of the closet…. So you can jump back on the vegetarian wagon any time!

    • Caroline

      Vegetarians weak?? Mr Everett probably was eating the ‘wrong vegetarian foods’, that’s what made him feel weak. I’ve been a veggie for over twenty years and as strong as ever! Do weights at the gym 3 times a week, a.o.t.
      I do hope Rupert Everett gets back on the veggie band wagon though; I’m sure he’s strong enough to handle being a veggie!
      Caroline (Germany)

  • Lola Harland

    With ref: to comments of “Whoever Says”
    This unpleasant comment does nothing to
    encourage one to become a vegetarian.
    This person accuses Mr. Everett of being weak minded, cowardly and a liar. This distinguished actor has written a highly acclaimed book, is active in many charitable organizations and gives of his time generously. He was even pictured at Saturday’s Broadway Barks. Surely, he should be permitted to make a statement that he has resumed eating meat.
    I am sorry to say many vegetarians have the same nasty attitude as the commentor.
    I would humbly suggest that a side effect of being vegetarian is being a rude, ill mannered bully.! Probably caused by a protein deficiency!!!!

  • herwin

    “good riddance” … :-( -1
    Elaine + 1

  • krissy

    Sometimes people get sick initially when they first go vegetarian. They need to compensate initially by eating a lot of food. meat is so much heavier than veggies and it takes a shift. after a while you wont need as much to be full. and some people just have no clue what to eat once they make the switch… oh well.

  • herwin

    i resent the comment that “whoever”‘s bullyish behaviour was caused by protein deficiency ! ;-)
    Lola has a good point of course. Sometimes people are too fast and nasty calling famous people liars and hypocrites for being spotted with a burger, while the famous person in question actually never stated that he/she is a veggie. Its all wishfull thinking sometimes of this or that famous person is veggie and then later put somenasty comments that (s)he is a hypocrit.

  • Whoever…

    First of all, the same people (this is not the first time) who accuse me of being rude, extreme or unpleasant are the same ones that write things like:

    “I am sorry to say many vegetarians have the same nasty attitude as the commentor.”


    “would humbly suggest that a side effect of being vegetarian is being a rude, ill mannered bully.! Probably caused by a protein deficiency!!!!”

    Talk about hypocrisy!! At least I am what I am! I don’t hide it…

    Moreover, either I really don’t know how to write in English or many people who come to Ecorazzi truly don’t understand what they read!

    I couldn’t care less that this guy (who I never heard of before – there’s a world besides the USA, you know?) stopped being a vegetarian (yes he was a vegetarian – “Last time you were here I made you a vegetable curry because you were a vegetarian.”).
    My issue is that he stated that he felt too weak because of being a vegetarian.

    Now, it’s false statements like that one that actually discourage people from becoming vegetarians. That’s what upset me!

    And thus my comment and I reiterate what I wrote before: he is being a coward for not admitting he just wasn’t strong enough to be a vegetarian.

    And please do not put words ‘in my mouth’ by writing that I called him a liar, which I never did!!!

    Just because I’m a vegetarian, it doesn’t mean I’m a spineless person!

    Non-veg*ans and non-environmentalists have this false image of veg*ans and environmentalists being these calm hippies who accept everything without putting up a fight!

    Well, news flash, we are very peaceful people but if we have to fight for the environment or animal rights, WE WILL DO IT FIERCELY!

    Are we clear now!?

  • herwin

    wow, chill out. there is nothing to fight about on this topic, and honestly it looks more like just being nasty mean with a lame “i am what i am” excuse.
    The guy fall of the wagon, give him (and others who read this forum and might have similar dificulties in stopping eating meat) a break and a change to jump on the veggie wagon again.

  • Michael DuDell

    Herwin, you go in that corner. Whoever, you stand in that one.
    You’re both on a 5 minute timeout.

    Place nice or I’ll make you hug it out.

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  • VeggieTart

    Well, his grandfather probably lived in an era when the meat industry was strongly pushing its propaganda.

    What’s good for the blood is good old vampires’ bane, what most people call GARLIC. But onions and other allicin vegetables will also help.

  • Erin Raw Foods

    Whoever ;)

    You know I always stick up for ya, but the thing is; he might have just given up meat, not eaten properly and could have definitely been left feeling weak. I’m not stickin up for ole Rupert (barely know the bloke myself) but I’m just sayin’ lots of people don’t eat properly when eating vegetarian. Let’s remember that eating twinkies or candy all day can be vegetarian.

    He might not have been consuming a proper healthy balanced vegetarian (or vegan) diet. He could have eaten bread all day (lots do this initially) since they don’t know what to eat when giving up meat.

    I think his “weakness” was two fold. He probably ate a diet that wasn’t balanced and full of fresh organic veggies etc AND he probably couldn’t handle givin’ up the beef ;)

    I have ten times more energy being veg and encourage others to at least try it.

    Do wheat grass and all greens for ten days (and maybe a few nuts) oh and some green juices and smoothies. You might find yourself a bit hungry the first day and a little weak (you’re detoxing) but in a few days you’ll be so full of ENERGY and getting the toxins out you will be BOUNCING off the walls. First time I did this I bitched the first day but after that………omg it was the best I have ever felt… and I mean EVER!


  • Whoever…


    I know you do and I really appreciate it ;)

    If this guy (apparently a public figure – who isn’t one these days?) had said he gave it up because he didn’t follow a proper vegetarian diet and thus felt weak, I wouldn’t even have commented on this post!

    However, what he said was that being a vegetarian made him weak and that I do not accept. That’s what pissed me off!

    If meat eaters have an unbalanced diet they also become weak, but I don’t see anyone give up being a meat eater because (s)he is feeling weak…
    That was my point, that’s all.

    It’s these kinds of statements (especially coming from public figures) that keep many people away from vegetarianism or veganism!

    You know, during all the time I have been a vegetarian (now almost 100% vegan) – approximately 12 years – I’ve always had to justify myself because of the choice I had made. I had to constantly explain to people why I had chosen this path and they kind of judged me for being a vegetarian… They always questioned me somehow as if I was doing something wrong. Most people saw this attitude of mine as an extremist one! I got so sick and tired of it that I began hiding I was a vegetarian, almost ashamed of it!! It’s ridiculous but it’s true! One day I just said: “F***! Enough! I’m not doing anything wrong. If anyone is doing something wrong are meat eaters.” And from that point on, I proudly assumed myself as a vegetarian! You could say I came out of the veg closet :)
    I also began to snap at people at the first sign they were ready to question (=judge) me because of my diet.

    That’s one reason why I react more harshly when the veg*an diet is ‘attacked’!

    Another reason that explains why I snap at certain people here on Ecorazzi is that I hate it when they accuse me of being rude, arrogant or unpleasant, and also when they actually insult me – cowardly safe behind their computer screens; something I’m sure they wouldn’t have the guts to do in my face -, when they themselves do just that as well! This has happened many times before. That’s one of the reasons why I stopped signing my comments with my real name and also why I stopped coming to Ecorazzi for several months.

    I later on came back under ‘Whoever’ but I’m getting a little bit tired again of the number of people who just come here not to share their thoughts and opinions or have a healthy debate, but instead to insult and point fingers at veg*ans, environmentalists and activists. These people are the same people who rudely insult us with a lot of hatred – the ones I now call ‘evil defenders’! :)

    Finally, I sometimes snap, indirectly because of my direct involvement in Animal Rights activism and my volunteer work at the local animal shelter.
    You have no idea the number of animals (including kittens and puppies) WHO are abandoned at the entrance of the shelter. Most of them, although abused, are the sweetest creatures I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. They are just ‘angels’! I cannot say the same about the monsters who abandon them (sometimes in the cruellest of manners – we have a camera that registers everything). Unfortunately in my country abusing animals isn’t a crime!!!

    So, from all my experience with animals and people, I prefer animals. Actually, the more people I know and the more I know people, the more respect and admiration I have for animals!
    Therefore, if I ever have to choose between animals and the environment and humans, I definitely choose the first two.

    Call me an extremist, an animal lover, or a tree-hugger, and I will reply: “Yes I am, proudly!!!!”


    • newlywed

      I just wanted you to know that I do not think you are rude, though I do hope you don’t have to stress yourself out too much snapping and defending yourself, because living in the south and trying to defend even the slightest variance of the southern cooking menu is really stressful for me at times, so I get it. Just try to hand around a good support group that you can run to celebrate your love of animals, eating meat-free, etc. Happy to know ya.:)

  • Libertarian Girl

    Seems he’s crazy with his comments here, and crazy with some other comments as well:

    Methinks Rupert has gone off his rocker for a bit.

  • Ashley

    You know, half of the people in my family are vegetarians and the other half eat everything (meat, veggies, fruits, dairy, etc). The vegetarians in my family eat a variety of vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, etc. They limit their consumption of sweets and junk food. However, they get sick very often, are physically weak (I have to always open jars for them), lack energy and have premature wrinkling. Everyone else in my family don’t start getting wrinkles until their 60s, are strong, have great complexions and are energetic.