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twilight“Other than Bare Essentials and Physicians Formula, I like this new brand Stripped, it has this vegan mineral veil, and I love it. Everything is vegan, even their brushes. Because I don’t like to use any animal products, it’s really hard to find out what is or isn’t. It’s really easy with Stripped because all of their brushes and all their makeup and lipgloss and everything is vegan.”

- Twilight Star Christian Serratos discussing her beauty regimen on Serratos makes a point to never use products that were tested on animals or that contain animal products, and we think that’s neat! What’s your favorite cruelty-free beauty product? Chime in and share your secrets!

  • hil

    When I looked it up I found the product line under the spelling Stript.

  • RAIN

    Nice one more welcome to the family!

  • VeggieTart

    Zuzu Luxe is all vegan, and Urban Decay has lots of vegan options. I also have some BWC stuff.

    I do love my Stript lip pencils, but they are expensive!