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Now that she’s stepping down as Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin has lots of time to pursue other, well, pursuits. Like Twitter.

In fact, Palin has been very active on the social media site — especially when it comes to bears. Just yesterday, she posted the following streams of thought:

1st: Great day w/bear management wildlife biologists; much to see in wild territory incl amazing creatures w/mama bears’ gutteral raw instinct to

2nd: protect & provide for her young; She sees danger?She brazenly rises up on strong hind legs, growls Don’t Touch My Cubs & the species survives

3rd: & mama bear doesn’t look 2 anyone else 2 hand her anything; biologists say she works harder than males, is provider/protector for the future

4th: Yes it was another outstanding day in AK seeing things the rest of America should see; applicable life lessons we’re blessed to see firsthand

Sure, America would love to see the things Palin has seen — preferably as something other than couch accessories. Jason Linkins of The Huffington Post did a great job analyzing Palin’s tweets so the rest of us could understand their true subtext; but it’s his parting comments that made me chuckle: “Anyway, in response to all of the attention they have received, all the bears quit their jobs today.” Zing!

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  • Stimp

    Aside from the irony of an avid bear killer going on with wonder about how ‘bears survive, ain’t that great,’ those tweets also give insight into the intellectual maturity and outlook of Caribou Barbie.

    She’s all aw-shucks about the mama bear, and she anthropomorphizes mama bear with “Don’t Touch my Cubs.” Then she praises mama bear for not seeking government handouts.

    It’s a simplistic view of nature combined with a simple-minded rugged individualism. It’s like the Tweets are from a 10-year-old raised at an Idaho survivalist compound.

  • don miguelo

    Anchorage Daily News, last May:

    …Seems like just yesterday she was trashing polar bears, now this! Wow if only I could be that stupefying combo of Obvious and Disingenuous. (I realize this ecorazzi article is about Grizzly Bears, I think, but still).

    C’mon doesn’t she know we can see her idiot forest thru the PR trees?

  • smalltowngirl

    Sarah Palin is intimidating to liberal people because she is strong and down to earth and liberal people, especially men, have a femininity about them that’s inherent in liberal ideals. That’s why Ms. Palin is so hated by the left. She causes them to stare their weakness in the face. It’s a phenomenon that’s quite obvious when you study the left through the past generations.

  • don miguelo

    Isn’t femininity itself “strong and down to earth”? Why would it be a weakness? Take a 2nd look at your reasoning, as it’s more an attack on a stereotype of men, than any real defense of Palin, IMO.

    I for one am liberal and love strong women: Ani Difranco, Benazir Bhutto, Julia Butterfly Hill, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Grace O’Malley, etc…

    It’s just ignorance in places of power that I don’t like, whichever gender. Also, when people have 2 faces- on one hand they try to get rid of bears, and on the other they pretend they are pro-bear–and then tweet about it for ulterior motives, for instance.

    No, the “phenomenon” that’s obvious here is turning the focus around by attacking the person, not the issue. This isn’t about liberals and conservatives, sexism, or generational thinking–it’s about you not able to defend someone on their contradictary stances. Do you really beleive that she cares about bears?! That this might have ANYTHING to do with deflecting media attention? Please.