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0000007550_20060920144110“I’m the crazy person that for the last 20 years has brought my own bags to the grocery store. I use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies in my house, I use biodegradable doggie bags and I drive a hybrid. I do what I can. If everybody does what they can it will make an enormous difference.”

- Actress Lisa Edelstein discussing her greenery with the Mother Nature Network. How do you go green? Chime in now and share some of your favorite eco tips! 

  • Rose

    She’s also veg–it doesn’t get any greener than that!!!

  • http://n/a Jay59

    That’s great! Lisa is such a great person, loves animals & the environment. Somehow i thought she probably did. I would SO love to meet her, but of course, write to her first! We have alot in common, esp love for animals. That’s my dream, to meet her. Anyone know how to make it happen? I know this isn’t a fan site, but since she’s mentioned, just thought i’d ask! I myself, try to always recycle & do what i can for the environment, but am living on disability, so fixed income doesn’t go very far, so can’t drive a hybrid car. People don’t realize how we should be taking better care of the earth. So many things are going to he** because of man’s negligence & disregard for the world. I hope that it can turn around, but probably not in our lifetime. But every little bit helps, even if just one person recycles, it makes an impact, even tho in a small way. If we all believed it doesn’t matter cause we are only one person, and didn’t try, then, the world would be in a lot worse state. Everyone, do what you can! Thanks for listening!

  • lizy

    she is great does everything she can,i just wish she would do more things in Maine cause we need help being green up here.I am now a vegiterian because of her.